From bonus clips to behind-the-scenes footage, dive into everything that didn’t make it to TV.

Behind the Scenes - In the Bathroom


Abbi and Ilana dance their hearts out, and John Gemberling struggles to fit into a sexy new outfit.

Deleted Scene - Talking Hypotheticals with Nicole - Uncensored


Ilana interrupts Nicole's workday to share her thoughts on what it would be like to have a penis and balls.

Deleted Scene - Loft Bed - Uncensored


Pam the broker shows the girls an apartment where getting out of the loft bed is surprisingly difficult.

Abbi Gets Competitive Outtakes


Abbi's ugly side comes out in full force during the Soulstice Games.

Deleted Scene - Teaching the Boys a Lesson - Uncensored


While posing as RAs, Abbi and Ilana make a mess of an NYU boys' dorm room.

Extended Scene - Jam Bands


The girls compare jam bands real and imaginary while going through the stuff in Abbi's childhood room.

Behind the Scenes - The Broken Bike Chain


Life meets art when the Broad City crew is unable to take off Ilana's bike chain.

Deleted Scene - Abbi's Heroic Moment - Uncensored


Abbi rescues Ilana from a fancy restaurant after her throat closes up from a shellfish allergy.

Ilana Glazer

Deleted Scene - Terrible Improv


The girls witness an improv performance from a group whose approach is at once juvenile, offensive and confusing.

Deleted Scene - Abbi's Fine-Dining Jacket


Abbi fends off two restaurant employees who are trying to force her to put on a formal jacket.

Extended - Ilana Trains Abbi


Ilana drills Abbi on all of her signature catchphrases so that she convincingly slip into her shoes.

Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson

Behind the Scenes - The #BC3 Boxing Shoot


Abbi and Ilana climb into the ring for the Broad City Season 3 promo shoot.

Abbi's Big Entrance Outtakes


Abbi tries out a few different dramatic entrances in her Ilana disguise.

Deleted Scene - Bullying Benny - Uncensored


Abbi and Ilana get revenge on Bevers's friend Benny by stealing his camera and running off.

Negotiating with Garol Outtake


Garol struggles to keep her story straight while talking to Abbi.

Deleted Scene - Passing for an Undergrad


Abbi worries that she's too old to convince an NYU security guard that she's an undergrad, but Ilana quickly reassures her.

Blood, Sweat and Farts Outtakes


Ilana and Chris Gethard try to make it through her big firing scene without cracking up.

Extended Scene - Romancing the Jeep


Ilana takes an intimate approach to fixing a dead battery in Abbi's dad's car.

Deleted Scene - Abbi's Bathroom Defense - Uncensored


Abbi makes it clear to a woman in a club bathroom that she isn't responsible for the mess in one of the stalls.

Extended - Abbi and Ilana's Jam Session


Abbi and Ilana rock out in the style of what Ilana thinks Phish sounds like.

Extended Scene - The Staring Contest


Ilana and Jaime square off against an exterminator in an attempt get him to to bring down his price.

Todd Loses It Outtakes - Uncensored


Todd and Nicole exchange words not appropriate for the workplace.

Extended Scene - Yes, Bitch


Abbi and Ilana make the most of their evening after sneaking their way into a private party at a club.

Extended Scene - Tragedy in the Background


While Abbi and Ilana brainstorm business ideas, a terrible series of events unfolds behind them.

Extended - The Interrogation


Abbi and Ilana try to defend their poor choices to the Israeli security forces.

Extended Scene - White Girl Dreads


Abbi and Ilana debate whether Abbi's high school dreadlocks were white girl dreads or just dreads.

Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson

Extended - Alone Time with Bevers


Bevers assures Abbi that he'll be spending plenty of time in her room while she's away.

Deleted Scene - An Anniversary Celebration


Ilana and Eliot tag along with their parents while they update their will on their wedding anniversary.

Deleted Scene - Bevers Makes It Work


Bevers gives Abbi fashion advice, and she begrudgingly opens up to him about her date with Trey.

Deleted Scene - Ilana the Catcaller


Ilana's parents offer her advice on the right way to woo a man.