Abbi and Ilana have a hard enough time getting by in New York without dealing with all the s**t that goes wrong in their apartments.

Extended Scene - The Staring Contest


Ilana and Jaime square off against an exterminator in an attempt get him to to bring down his price.

A Beautiful Railroad-Style Apartment


An eccentric broker named Pam tries to sell Abbi on an apartment that's missing at least one key feature.

The Wrong Remote


Ilana finally returns a missing remote to her old cable provider only to discover that her troubles are far from over.

Can't Flush. Wanna Die.


Stuck in her bathroom with an uncooperative toilet while her hot neighbor Jeremy sits in her living room, Abbi turns to Ilana to dispose of her poop and save the day.

Deleted Scene - Loft Bed - Uncensored


Pam the broker shows the girls an apartment where getting out of the loft bed is surprisingly difficult.

Creepy Locksmith


Locked out of Ilana's apartment and desperate for a place to shower and change, the girls resort to the unthinkable: calling a super lecherous locksmith.