Played by Hannibal Buress, Ilana's f**k buddy Lincoln is a man of many talents, including dancing, dentistry and pasta-making. Just don't call him her boyfriend.

Latin-American Cheers


Lincoln asks Jaime what he should wear to his naturalization ceremony, and the two prank each other.

Morgan's Unraveling


In the back of the box truck they've rented to get to a wedding on time, Abbi's old friend Morgan reveals some troubling information about her relationship with her brother.

Dr. Rottweiler, M.D.


When Trey catches Abbi in a lie, Ilana and Lincoln act fast to come up with a convincing cover story.

Lincoln the Jokester


Lincoln agrees to fix Ilana's busted veneer, but not before getting in some quality dental humor.

Garbage Bagels


Abbi comes to terms with the fact that the "gallery" where her art is being displayed is really a sandwich shop, and Ilana finally finds her keys.

Lincoln's Dentistry Rules


After Lincoln replaces Ilana's veneer, she uses an unconventional method to pay him back -- and she tries to get Abbi involved, too.

A Manly, Handcrafted Axe


The girls speculate about what's in the package Abbi has agreed to accept for her hot neighbor, and Lincoln renames Ilana's newly acquired dogs.

Lincoln Prepares for Business


Abbi receives emotional support from Ilana as Lincoln gets ready to take out her wisdom teeth.

Boat Sex


While searching for a place to have sex aboard a party boat, Ilana and Lincoln discover that all the good spots have already been claimed.