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About Becky Pedigo

After years of entertaining crowds with her dry wit and conversational style, Becky's career has risen to a level that has enabled her to move into her car. But don't let this fancy lifestyle intimidate you, nothing makes Becky happier that driving seventeen hours to battle a drunk heckler from behind chicken wire. Well, except when she performed at the "Just for Laughs Festival" in Montreal...that was pretty cool. Also doing "Premium Blend" on Comedy Central didn't suck. Becky has traveled abroad with the USO to entertain the Armed Services, and has worked in almost every state in the Union (including Alaska and Hawaii), driving through blizzards, floods and pestilence just to bring a smile to the face of someone willing to meet the two-drink minimum. Venues all across the country are happy to have her return because, she is a girl and everybody's got a quota.