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About Dan Boulger

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm currently writing my bio. Many comedians do not admit to writing there own bio's. They just write it as if someone else wrote it so that they can have a chance to refer to themselves in the 3rd person. I started doing standup in late 2004 when I was a freshman in College. I don't remember the exact date I only remember that the Patriots lost to the Bengals that day. For the next couple of years I did shows around Boston. Then in 2006 I won Boston Comedy Festival. Then I dropped out of school the next day. I remember I had some crap paper due. I went up to the professor and said "hey I won a comedy festival over the weekend and I've been drunk for about three days." There may be some college students reading this. If you ever need an extension give that excuse a shot. After that I've appeared on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, The BBC, and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.