Menergy Crisis

  • Season 5, Ep 4
  • 02/04/2015

Blake declares war on Adam and Ders after they kick him out of their new band.

- Ha-fruit-ken!

- Ooh, that was a good toss.

Whoa!- Whoo!

- Nice.- Oh, man, that's cool.

What else is cool is the factthat if I want to, like,

rerecord a track or, like,add some kind of special effect,

you can do it on your phonevia Bluetooth.

- What the...Okay.

What is this?

Sound like Duran Duranhit the skins

with Michael Bivinsand birthed a jam.

Who is this?

- I don't like youand how you speak.

- It's us, believe it or not.It's our new band, Menergy.

Cool sound, huh?Pretty original?

- What?- Yeah.

- This is taking me backto high school right now.

Right, Bill?

- Buckle up, fellas,

because the best partis about to come.

My part.Listen to this verse.

I've got some great lyrics.

Ders and Adam:♪ Like I trust you

- I'm supposed to beright here, I think.

Is this the bridge,or is this my part?

- No, I actually thinkthis might be, um...

[door clicks]- Where you at?

- All right,listen up, everybody.

I have some good news.- What, did you mute it?

- 'Cause Jillian was so frugalwith all of our office supplies,

we have a little--well, actually,

a pretty big budget surplus.

- Erasable pens saveon Wite-Out.

You guys all readthat article I sent, right?

- Mm-mm.- No.

- The one I wrote?

- Nobody read that, Jillian.- That's great.

- All right,so if we don't spend it,

corporate's gonna slashnext year's budget,

so I've decided I'm gonnathrow us a little office party.

Now, if you haveany suggestions,

please let me know.

But one thing is for damn sure.

We're getting a pancake station.



- Alice, can we geta Velcro wall?

I've always wanted to feel

what it would be liketo be held and supported.

By Velcro.

- And we definitely need to getone of them hammer slammers.

It's just like--it's really unique.

You just need, like,really awesome talent

to be holding you up,

which is why we havethese puppets.

- Karl, that is why you aremy only real friend, all right?

Because you don't turnyour back on me ever.

Fricking wolf pack for life,bro.

- Dude. Swee!

- I wish you were my dadsometimes.

I really do.- Yeah.

- I wish you didn't livein a van.

It's always hot.I'm hot right now.

- Yeah, sorry.The AC is busted.

- Here, I'm gonna just drinksome of this juice.

What is this?Is this homemade?

[gags]- Oh, no! No!

- Oh, my God, what is--what is that?

- [gagging]

That's a homemadesuper stink bomb, dude.

- What?

- That's filled with so muchnasty stuff, man.

Like raw poop, human poop,raccoon poop,

my poop, Velveeta cheese,

and fermented Grumpy GrapeSqueezit.

- I thought it was kombucha.- No.

- Oh, Karl, why?Why?

- Dude, I make 'em,and I sell it to bad kids.

- Oh, I get that.You're expanding your portfolio.

You're getting very wisein your old age.

Allow me and my friendsto give you a round of applause.

[puppet hands clacking]- Oh, my God.

- The human genius, you guys.Here he is.

- That's awesome.

- You got to be kidding me.

He thinks he can replace uswith some puppets?

- You've got to be kidding me.

- All right, let's go.- Okay.

- No, this way, dude.

Alice is gonna have tocancel the mixer.

- It's actually not a mixer,Blake.

If anything, it's likea office party or a brunch

with activities, and why wouldAlice cancel it?

- Okay, well,here's one pitch why.

- He's got a pitch.- Okay, what is it?

- [normal voice]No, it--that--

it's a pun, okay?

Just look atthe pitching machine, man.

- What do you mean, it's--- All right, hit it.

[grapefruit spatters]- [shouts]

My eyes!

Who put fruitin the ball return?

- There he is.- [laughing]

- Blake, what's up, man?

What's your end game?

- There is no end game, Adam.

All right?

[whispering]Now stick around.

[laughing]- Stick around.

Make sure to stick around.- Stick around.

- Hold me in your arms,Mother Velcro!

[air hissing]- The Velcro wall.

- Velcro wall.- What's happening?

Oh, God. Help. Help!

It's deflating!- Jillian?

- [shouts indistinctly]

Oh, dear God,it's swallowing me whole.

- Jillian, I know it's hard, butyou have to work with me here.

- [screams]- Alice, you really got to--

[Velcro ripping]- What is that? Is that my skin?

- No, it's Velcro.- [screaming]

- Stop screaming in my ear!

- [yells]

- Oh, my panties are out.

- Okay, that was kind ofanti-climactic.

- Come on.- All right.

- Hey, you see this?

- Still got "teriyoki"on my fingers.

- [gasps]- What the--

- It's Blake. He's here.

[cell phone jingling]

You're on speakerphone.- [laughing]

- What's up? Adam's here.- It's Adam and Ders.

And listen up, okay?

It's Menergy's big day,and you are ruining it,

because you're freakingour crowd out.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Ders.

Am I sapping all the Menergy

from you guys?

Oh, I hope you havethe "skremph" to play the gig.

Otherwise,it's really gonna stink.

- Who says stupid stufflike "skremph?"

- I'm like Thor's uncleup in here.


Damn it!

- No! No!

[dramatic music]

- Drop the hammer!

- Got it!- Nice.

- Oh! I've always wantedto hold a hammer like this.

- That was close.- That was cool, right?

- [grunts]- [shushing]

Showtime.- Yeah.

- Sit tight, you bizznatch.

- Hello, TelAmericorp

and any other offices out therethat can hear us.

We are Menergy.

- Let's get menergized!

- Whoo!

[New wave music]

- ♪ When you need me,I'll be there ♪

♪ 'Cause we're best friends

- ♪ When you see me,there's no fear ♪

♪ 'Cause we're best friends

both: ♪ Do you trust melike I trust you? ♪

♪ I don't care who overhearsour conversation ♪

[music stops][both stammer]

[recording]- He doesn't understand.

I'm the brains of the operation.- Wait, what?

[recording]There is no band

without me, Adam.

- What the hell is that?What are you saying?

- You just said something first.

[recording]- He's just a diva.

- I'm the diva?

Look how hard your hair isright now.

I'm the diva?

- Hey, I wake up like this.

You want to get real?

We both know Menergywouldn't exist

without me, the brains.

- Okay, I'm the talentof the operation.

- I thoughtyou guys were friends.

Like how every line of your songis about being friends?

- Yeah, we're friends, Bill.- We're friends, okay?

- This is a spatbetween friends.

[recording]Kind of like the band Everclear.

I'm Art Alexakis.

He's Craig Montoyaand Greg Eklund.

- Okay, let me beever so clear about this.

You are no Art Alexakis.

- I'm totally Art Alexakis,and I told Blake that--okay.

- [clapping]