The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

  • Season 3, Ep 7
  • 01/23/2008

Only Fry's superior inferior brain can save the day when knowledge-sucking alien brains invade.

( muttering anxiously )

Leela back yet?

Fry, help me!My heart stopped beating!

You don't have a heart.You're a robot.

Sure, right... robot.

Oh, Fry, my skin's all dryand clanky.

Well, yeah.Robots are madeof metal.

Am I a robot?

Bender, if this is some kindof scam, I don't get it.

You already havemy power of attorney.


( stammering )

My skin!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I'm a genius.

Ow! Ow!

Dr. Zoidberg, why iseveryone acting so weird?

Zoidby want balloon.

Want balloon now!

Zoidby want go outside!

Aw, I just let you back in.

This is unbelievable.

I thought you werea furry little moron,

but here you are flyingan adorable spaceship.

If only you could talk.

( babbles )

Wait! I understood that!

( babbles )

You say you'retransmittingyour thoughts

directly to my brain?

( babbles affirmatively )

You say those awfulflying brains are

making everyoneon Earth stupid?

( babbling )

Oh. Stupid-er.

And you go on to say that we'reheaded for your home planet

where your race has lived

since the beginningof the universe?

( affirms )

So, how did the universe begin?

( inflected babbling )

Then the meaningof existence...

So, every religion is wrong.

( gurgling )

( door creaking )

Welcome back,Lord Nibbler,Ambassador to Earth--

Home World ofthe Pizza Bagel.

Thank you.

I bear many receiptsfor reimbursement.

The four welcomes of friendshipto you as well, Leela.

We shall manipulateyour mind

so we appearto be speaking your language.

Do not be afraid,my child.

I'm not afraid.

Uh, good, good.

So, you're real name isLord Nibbler?

That's a coincidence.

That name isfor your sake.

In the time it would take

to pronounce one letterof my true name,

a trillion cosmoses would flareinto existence

and sink into eternal night.

( laughing ):Oh, you're all so cute.

No, we're not.

We Nibblonians are an ancientand powerful race.


When the universe was forged in the crucible of the Big Bang

our mighty race was already 17 years old.

( chuckling ):Aw...

NIBBLONIAN: For the first millisecond

of time, things were okay,

but, then, there arose a terrible enemy--

the Brain Spawn.

( chattering excitedly )

Ever since,we have waged unceasing war

against these dreadful...

Lunch is ready.

Then, let the Feastof 1,000 Hams begin.

( gobbling ravenously )

( belching )

( purring )So, why are these Brain Spawnattacking Earth, Nibbler?

The Brain Spawn hateall consciousness.

The thoughts of othersscreech at them

like the forced laughs

of a billionart-house movie patrons.

Thus, they travelfrom world to world,

making everyone stupid

in order to wipe outall thought in the universe.

Wipe out all thought?

My God, they're likeflying televisions!

And even we arepowerless to stop them,

fearsome though we are.

( purring )