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The Bucket of Truth

Season 1 - Episode 101   |   Aired: 08/19/1998   |   Views: 7,787   |   Comments:

The Upright Citizens Brigade's Bucket of Truth unleashes chaos in suburbia; Cassie befriends the Unibomber while her parents debate having a "hot chicks" room.


Clips from the episode (3): Bucket of Truth , Unabomber , Hot Chicks Room

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Pro Thunderball

Episode 310  |   Aired: 04/03/2000  |   Views: 0

The Upright Citizens Brigade reveals the sport of the future: Pro Thunderball.

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Episode 309  |   Aired: 03/27/2000  |   Views: 0

The Upright Citizens Brigade explores space: NASA creates a space food alternative to edible panties, and an astronaut questions his concept of reality during a vacation.

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Small Town

Episode 308  |   Aired: 03/20/2000  |   Views: 0

A quiet small town deals with earthquake parties, dolphin aliens and Armageddon.

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Episode 307  |   Aired: 03/06/2000  |   Views: 0

To resurrect a fallen agent, the Upright Citizens Brigade invades an orgy.

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Episode 306  |   Aired: 02/28/2000  |   Views: 0

The Upright Citizens Brigade disrupts religion: a Santa Claus peddles a new liqueur, and a demon overruns a Christian basketball game.