Citizen Ship

  • Season 2, Ep 7
  • 02/25/2015

The gang boards a party boat to celebrate Jaime's impending naturalization, Bevers prepares to propose to Melody, and Ilana reconsiders her relationship with Lincoln.

because her law firm's like,really strict and rich,

or whatever,but it should be fine.

Dude, Melody owes you.

Her boyfriend livesin your apartment...

Like, completely free.

I wonder if that Aryan ghostwill even appear tonight.

No, Melody'sgonna be here.

She e-mailed me to tell methere's gonna be like,

all this free boozeand all this free food.

I brought Ziplocs,pass it down.

Okay, have fun.


Hello, I am Abbi Abrams,thank you.


No, no, no, no,I don't see it.

It's Abbiwith an "i".

Uh, nope.

How are you possiblyreading all the names?

You're going so fast.

I-- this is my space,so just, please.Okay.

Oh, there it is, okay.Yes.

Thank you.Thank you so much.

But it's notplus three, so...

Okay, um, I have an assistant,and they called.

Chrissy,did you not call...

to change the confirmationlike I asked you to?

Did you mess upmy plans once again

and not call to change?

I'm so sorry,I forgot.

We're trying to geton the boat.

This is an importantbusiness boat meeting.

Just please don't hit mein front of everybody.

You know what, your mom diedtwo weeks ago, Chrissy!

Get your (bleep) together!I'm so sorry.

No, it's fine.

Just get on the boat,just get on the boat.

I don't care.All right, we'lldeal with this later.

I don't care.Okay, thank you.

I want togive this to you.

Bye-bye, balloons.

Wait up.

♪ Cha-cha cha-chacha cha ♪

♪ Cha-cha cha-cha cha ♪

Yo so wCCt's the vibe going t-DEMObe lCCe

at your naturalizatio-DEMOceremony?

Can I wCCr my American flag tie-DEMOor would tCCt be too gauche?

Hold on, I'm gCCna be wearin-DEMOmy American flag cCCtact lenses.

Yeah, tCCy burn m-DEMOvery badly.

I sCCuld stop-DEMO

Hey, cCCers to you, dude-DEMOfor becoming a cCCizen,

and aCCo to me-- this i-DEMOmy fCCst time ever on a boat.

No, rCClly-DEMO

No, pCCnk, man-DEMO

I'm a wCCl-to-d-DEMOdentist,

of cCCrse I've bee-DEMOon a bCCt before.

Ah, yCC got me-DEMOCheers.

That is hCC we cheer-DEMOin Latin America.

Really-DEMONo, mCC, prank, bitch.

(both lCCghing-DEMO

I'm sCCalin' that one-DEMO

(Ilana)If Lincoln and I are a couple,

it's like, why did my ancestorseven come here?

(Abbi)I don't know.

Why don't you justhave sex with Lincoln?

And then you're backto being friends, right?

You got beauty,you got brains,

you're a (bleep)genius.

Do you want a kiss?

That's okay.Are you sure?

Abbi! Ilana!

Oh...Saved by the bell.

The boys withthe penises!

Where have you been?

Oh, it's coming.

(Lincoln)We were lookingeverywhere for you.

Except, we forgot tolook for you.

Hey, do either of you twohave like, a knife?

Because me and Lincolnwant to become blood brothers.

Blood brothers.

(Abbi)I have an idea.

♪ We should drink more,ooh, whoa... ♪

♪ Oh, oh, whoa-oh ♪

Let's go, I'll goget some drinks.

Not you,you little bois.

We are gonna do it,right now.Yeah?

P to P.P to P?

Pubes to pubes.Pubes...

Come on.

That's a weird wayto say that, but...


Hey! There arepeople (bleep) in here!


(man)Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Oh! Ah, yeah!

Oh, hey,what's up, man?

I remember youfrom earlier.

He's a nice guy.What's up, man?

Y'all have a good one.Enjoy.

Melody, it's Abbi.

I just wanna say firstthat I'm not--

I'm not becoming a man.

That was weirdand confusing.

But I-- I knowthat you're upset,

um, and it's noneof my business,

but I know how muchBevers loves you,

and I know that you--you love him, too,

for some reason,and as much as I hate

that he's alwaysin our apartment,

'cause it's a lot--he's there a lot.

Like, listen, I thinkwe need to actually schedule

a time to talk about that,like, just the two of us,

'cause he just eatsall of my stuff.

He's not my cup of tea,but he really cares about you.

And I just hopethat you know that

even though hedidn't propose,

that doesn't make what youguys have any less special.

It doesn't.

I would love for someoneto love me like that.

I love you like that.

Ilana?What the (bleep).

Don't be mad,please.

Were you havingsex in there?

We were justwiping up.

Where the (bleep)is Melody?