Welcome to the Gun Show

  • Season 4, Ep 2
  • 04/28/2016

Amy hosts a home shopping show for gun enthusiasts, faces the wrath of a new Twitter feature and lands a role on "Game of Thrones."

(Amy)Roy had the kids,so me and Trev--

Oh, great.

We hit the road.Fun.



Oh!Welcome back, home shoppers.

Over the break, we sold 600Steve Irwin commemorative coins.


Now, this is the perfectgift for someone

who does not havea Steve Irwin coin.

God, I miss Steve,you know?

Yeah, oh yeah.

You know what'sgreat about him?

He, he--Everything.

Everything and...Yeah?

He had the kind of bodywhere he didn't work out,

but it looked likehe worked out.


Got one of thesefor my wife.

Your what!?


Oh, next up,what do we have?

Oh!Oh, boy.

Okay, okay.Stop.

Now, speaking ofperfect gifts,

now, this is ano brainer, all right?

Now, this is a gun.

Just your regular,run of the mill,

meat and potatoeshandgun.

Now, how cute is that?

I love that.

How cute-- we can pick it up?Look at this.

Oh, heavy, oh...Ooh, can I see this?

You can hold it, sure.Oh, wow!

Look at that.Wow, look at that.(imitates gun firing)

Wow!Bam-bam, bam-bam!

It's like a toy,but it's extremely real.

Yeah, and now here iswhat's great about this.

Now, pretty much anyonecan purchase this.


Oh, my God, this is so fun,I love this.It's fun.

Hey, lady, give me all yourmoney and your makeup!


(laughing)Oh, my God, so fun,

and it's on sale now.

Call in.

Oh, we got a caller.Oh, caller!

(man on phone) Hey, did I miss the Steve Irwin coins?

Uh, yeah, you did.You sure did, honey.

I'm sorry.But that's okay.

You want a gun?

Oh, no, I could never get a gun.

I have several violent felonies.

(both chuckling)

Oh, no.

Caller, you bite your tongue,you silly goose.

You can absolutelyget a gun

if you haveseveral felonies,

as long as you buyit on the Internet...

Right....or at a gun show,

and caller, guess whereyou are right now?

(siren blaring)

Bam! You're at a gun show!

You're at a gun show.

Yes, if you go to a gun show youcan get an unlicensed seller

to sell you a gun,no questiones asked.

That's right, not one questionfor you, caller.

Great, I'll get one for me and my mouthy cunt wife.

Ooh, one's foryour wife.

In a way.


You know the guns my wifecan't get enough of?


You are really committingto the whole wife thing.

She's real.

What's her name?


...ita, Benita.

(with Spanish accent)From EspaƱa.

That's fantastic,

and just a reminderto all the parents at home,

these make perfectstocking stuffers.

Oh, yeah.Right?

For-- for as young as--Beautiful.

It doesn't matter,okay?

These are greatfor any age group.

It's like the bottomof the stocking.

It is, it's shaped...It's like the foot.

...very stocking-like.

It's like a metal foot.

Very stocking-like shape, okay?Fantastic.

My wife's in the states,by the way.

I said she's Spanish,but she is from the states.

Let's keep thesecalls coming.

We only have65 million left.

And here's some good news.

Even a blind person can seewhat a great deal this is

and take advantage of thisdeal by buying a gun.

Totally legal!

So, if you're Stevie Wonder,you don't have to wonder

if you can get a gun.

Uh, caller, I, I hope youjust called to say

you want a gun.

Stevie Wonder reference.(chuckling)

My wife's favorite band.

(man with accent on phone) Hi, I wanted to buy

a lot of these

but I am suspected terrorist on the no-fly list.



You're fine, sweet potato fries.You're fine.

The no-fly list.

No one can tell you thatyou don't have a right

to buy a gun in this countryyou're trying to destroy.

(bell ringing)

You're funny today.Uh-oh, uh-oh!

Whoa! What is that?You know what that means.

Mass shooting.

We've hada mass shooting.

Which means the governmentcould be coming

for your guns soon,

like they never have,but always might.


Now, we're gonna goto commercial.

When we come back-- ooh,you're gonna like this--

we'll be selling United StatesCongressmen and Senators

whose influencecan be purchased

for much cheaperthan you think.

Yes, and they'reselling out fast,

ranging from $1,000 to--

(gunshot, screaming)




Ah, ah,(fuck, fuck)!

Oh! Shit!

It was his foot's time.

Welcome to "Chip Chat,"here on Geekview,"

YouTube Channelof the tech blog Dorkist--

a divisionof Gawker media.

Recently,Twitter made waves

when they replaced their"fave" button with a heart.

Here to discuss yet anotheraddition to their interface

is Twitter's VP ofCommunications, Cathy O'Doherty.

Thank you for having me.

So, Cathy, tell meabout this new feature.

Well, Jared, whether it's"thumbs up" or "LOL,"

people appreciatehaving a shortcut

for something theyfrequently communicate,

and there is one sentiment thatis constantly expressed online

but has never hadits own button.

Hmm.That is why we are proudto present this...

Our new "I'm going to rapeand kill you" button.

Interesting,I love this.

Did you know that over 120%of tweets directed at women

refer to rapingand/or killing them?

Well, I never reallythought about it,

but it's whatI would guess.

Our new button will allow youto express that notion,

but still free up30 precious characters

for other commentsabout that woman.

Like what uglysluts they are?


Let me show youhow it works.

Okay, so right now we'relooking at basic cable

and clickbait sensationAmy Schumer.

Yes. Now, before our "I'm gonnarape and kill you button,"

if you wanted to tellAmy Schumer that you were

going to rapeand kill her,

you would have to hit "reply"and then fully type out

"I'm gonna rapeand kill you."

But now,you can simply click

the "I'm gonna rapeand kill you" button,

and Amy Schumer willmuch more instantly know

of your threat to rapeand kill her.

Very cool.

Very cool, but who isthe target user?

Uh, it's typicallya guy whose profile pic

is him in a sports jersey withhis child on his shoulders

and a bio that reads,"proud Christian..."

Mm-hmm.But also, everyone.

Oh, everyone.

It's been yearsin the making.

The beta version was simply,"You're fat."


But it turns out peopleprefer to type that one out.

That way they can spell "You're"as incorrectly as they want.

Hmm, it is fun to write.

It is the perfect wayto rob a stranger

of all her confidencebecause you feel powerless

and invisible.Exactly.

But what's the point of usingthe anonymity of the Internet

to just call someone fat whenyou can also make them feel

physically threatened.Physically threatened, yes.

That is what "I'm gonna rapeand kill you" is for.

Here's a fun example.

If you read this tweet froma female video game designer

and you break into cold sweatsof fury and you feel like

someone took a shitin your pool with their period.

You just lightly tapthe button and voila...

"I'm gonna rapeand kill you."


It's so easy.

Now, what's nextfor Twitter?

Any other shortcutswe can look forward to?

Well, nothing thatI can make public yet,

but let's just say there'sa certain racial slur

that's going to be much easierto sling in the near future.

Oh, I think I knowwhat it is.

Well, that's allthe time we have

on this week's episodeof "Chip Chat".

You can follow Cathy on Twitterat the handle below.

(phone tweets)


Someone used the button on me.

That was me.

But I'm not reallygoing to rape and kill you.

Or am I?


I do feel powerful.