Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

  • Season 6, Ep 11
  • 08/26/2010

After a bungled Earth invasion, alien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis.

So he just showed upunannounced,

raided the liquor cabinet,

sprayed urine on the ceiling,and passed out?

And the walls.

Yeah, leave me alone!

My wife hates me and planetaryconquest has become a chore.

There, there.

You're just havinga midlife crisis.

Midlife crisis, eh?

Lrrr demands the comfort ofpop-psychological platitudes!

Look, hoss,your wife threw you out.

That's your licenseto be a jerk.

Do whatever the hell you want,

then walk awayand light a cigar.

Don't listen to him, Lrrr.

Bender may seem happy...

(Bender laughs)

...but long-term,

you need to reinvest inyour relationship with Ndnd.

Yes, it's clearwhat I must do.

(engine revving)

I like it.

(electrical crackling)

I'm thinking we need

to downplay thosehideous growths on your head.

Horns are a signof virility.

Also, they housemy testes.

I'm thinking horn extensions.

You needsome arm candy.

It's the perfect accessory

for out-of-shape middle-agedcreeps like you.

Yeah, I said it!

What's your type,Borgnine?

Big and angry.

Look, brah,you're just not gonna find

a lot of hot, giganticOmicronian babes

in this solar system.

There's one!

Hey, cool cape.

Where'd you get that?

What, this old thing?

Ah, I murdered my father.

My name's Lrrr, rulerof the planet Omicron Persei 8.

I am called Grrl.

Of the planet Omicron Persei 8?

That is a pretty name!

like a house of soufflé cards.

Got it. Peace with honor.

Well, I resign again.

Come, Nixon.

Introduce me tothe kitchen staff.

I must lay down the lawabout Lrrr's low-sodium diet.

You've gotto tell her the truth.

And lay offthe salted peanuts.

I'm just trying to get theleg taste out of my mouth.

Lrrr, I'm in here now,not out there!

Give me alittle time.

With a lady like Ndnd,one must use finesse.

Uh, coming, gigantums.

(whip cracks)

(power tools buzzingand whirring)

Mmm. That's crisp.

Yes, but no more sothan your

squamous dorsal platesin the moonlight.


I am experiencingarousal.

My organs are movinginto position.


(both moaning and giggling)

Ndnd, there's somethingI've got to tell you.

What is it? Isthere someone else?

What? Oh, no, no, it's aboutthis takeover of Earth.

It's, it's...

The spark thatreignited our marriage?

Yes, exactly.

Good night.