The Beast with a Billion Backs Pt. 3

  • Season 0, Ep 7
  • 10/19/2008

The people of Earth cope with a tentacle-monster invasion that emanates from the Anomaly.

WERNSTROM:I declare my impenetrablediamondillium sphere complete!


Now look here, Wernstrom.

You're making it soundas if the sphere was your idea

when we both know...

(shattering) was!

All credit to my colleague,Ogden Wernstrom!


It's horrible!

(Leela screams,Zoidberg whoops)

I can't make it!Go on without me!

I'm trying!

Go on without me faster!


(all gasping)

HERMES:Sweet squid of Madrid!

The tentacle got Fry!

Quick, hand me my machete!

We can still save his legs!

(crowd screaming)

(booming voice):Silence!

(crowd quiets)

I have traveled farand seen deep,

and I have come to knowthe purpose of our existence.


Thou shalt love the tentacle!

Well, at least we don't haveto love one another.

They're coming!

Those horrible, horriblethings are coming!


As the universe falls preyto the revolting alien,

only a few isolated pocketsof resistance remain.


Those pockets sureare missing out

on a great thing.

(chuckles and grunts)


(all snoring)




I thought I sawa tentacle,

but it was justa harmless land squid.



I better have some cocoffee.


When I gave up diapers,

my parents promised exactly thiswould never happen!

Nobody panic!

Just getto the panic room!

Well done, people!

We had a great first week.

We got 90% of world leaders,

everyone who boughta Hanes undershirt,

and this year's most promisingnew R&B group,

give it up for theGrammy-nominated Funkalistics!

♪ Woo-ooo ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout the tentacle. ♪