Night at the Dudeseum

  • Season 6, Ep 7
  • 02/25/2016

The guys celebrate Ders Day at a Viking Museum, and Adam and Blake become obsessed with trying to pull off a heist.

- All right, okay.

Look how good I am at this.- Get it, get it, get it.

- I can do itwith my eyes closed.

- [shouting]Open your eyes and get it!

- Okay, Ders, you almostscared the fart out of me.

I wish.That'd be awesome.

I've been looking forwardto that fart.

- Yeah, open it please.- Go, please.

- Come on.- All right, got it.

- Here you go.- Give me the phone.

- Okay, look, now you haveyour phone, Ders.

Please, will you justsquash the beef?

- Hey, what in the Dark Agesare you doing?

- Run.- Run!

- Go!- Run, run, run!

- Not running.Not running.

- Come on!

- Where--whereare we going, Ders?

- I don't know.- Stop!

Get them!They're bad boys!

- Oh, my God!


[all screaming]

Go, go, go!

- Let me in! Let me in!

- Ah!

[Adam whimpering]

- Shh!

[both screaming]

- Lock it! Lock it!Lock it! Lock it!

[all laughing]

- All right!

- Will you guys please come out?

- Never!

- Oh, come on.

We're in the middleof a rehearsal,

and we need to finish

so we can get overto the children's hospital.

We're supposed to do

a puppet showfor the sick kids.

- Just come out.We'll let you go.

We don't even workfor the museum.

- How do we knowit's not a trick?

- I swear on Jim Henson's life.

Come on, please!

We'll let you try onthe dinosaur suits.

- We get to try on the suits.- Okay, that's cool.

Jim Henson's life.- Are they safe?

- Are they hot?Are they breathable?

- Are you serious?- Okay, okay.

We're coming out.

- Okay, how do you makethe eyes blink?

- Ah, yeah, this isgonna be cool.

- That's like a really cool--

- Heck, yeah.- What the [bleep]?

- Hello.- That's what you get

for ruining our rehearsal,you idiots.

What kind ofchildren's hospital

has a dinosaur partyat 8:00 p.m.?

- Okay, don't you throwlogic in my face.

You gave us your word.

- I swore on Jim Henson's life.

- Right.- Exactly.

- Jim Henson has been deadfor years!

We are all studentsof Brian Henson's.

- I should've known that.

- Brian Henson.- Enough.

- Watch the teeth, buster.

I'll sue you.

both:Brian Henson! Brian Henson!

Brian Henson!

- Okay.- Are we ready?

- Yup. Ready.- All right.

- Oh, my God,Ders, come out here!

- Ders! Help!- Hurry! Hurry!

- What are you guysdoing up there?

Come on, we got to go.We're gonna be late.

- Okay, just give ustwo secs.

Blake, will you do me the honor

of pulling my finger?

- Sure, Adam.

I'd love to.

- It's a marble.- Yeah.

- Watch this.- What's gonna happen?

- Kerplunk.

[dramatic music]

[muffled voices from roof]

[water chugging]

- Is there something out hereI'm supposed to see?

- It's a--it'sa roof Goldberg.

- 'Cause we're on the roof.

Like Rube Goldberg,but it's "roof."

We should have probably done itin the front yard.

- Yeah.- This is kind of a poor plan.

- There's the guy!- Oh!

- Oh!- Oh, it worked!

- Oh!- It worked!

[strained]Hold on.

Hold on.Hold on.

Hold on.

Nope. It went back up.

It went back upin the deep butt.