Law & Oracle

  • Season 6, Ep 17
  • 07/07/2011

Fry quits his job and becomes a police officer assigned to the Future Crimes Division.

Hello. I'd like to enrollin Police Academy.

You think you canjust waltz in here

with no pants and become a cop?

That's the plan.I like you, kid.

I got no pants on, either.

I can see that. You'requite a bit taller than me.

Welcome toPolice Academy.

Hi, I'm Fry.

I'm a Sound Effects 5000.

(siren noise)

(machine gun firing,explosion noises)

(helicopter blades rotating)

Weep, wop, beep!

Wow. That would be impressiveif you were a human.


On your feet forChief O'Manahan.

At ease, cadets.

I'll make this short and sweet,

'cause I'm PMSinglike a lumberjack.

Police Academyis not for everybody.

You're gonna getyour boob scuffed.

But if you've gotthe vulva to stick it out,

I'll be proudto call you ladies policemen.

Sir! Yes, ma'am!

(engine starting)

(engine roaring,tires squealing)

(woman screams, gunfire,siren wailing)

Yeah. That's great.

Now, can you actuallyturn on the ignition?

I don't have any hands.


(trigger clicking)

(lightsaber humming)

Well, it's thattime of the month.

Graduation day.

So grow a pair and put themtogether for our new officers!


(cheering)Good job!

Hooray for the pigs!

Graduates, you are herebyofficially cops.

Now move it along,nothing to see here.


Hooray! Free sky sticks!


Police brutality!

(tires screeching)

Whoa. 15 miles overthe speed of light.

That's a violation of the lawof Lorentz's invariants, baby.

Light 'em up.

(siren wails, engines rev)

Look out for thatparticular individual!

An electric wall, eh?

I can't see the harmin peeing on that.


(electrical zap)

Whoa! Where'd my man learn that?

Sunny D commercial.

Let's refract this sucker.


(tires screeching)

(six overlapping screams)

(metal crunching)


DNA and career chip, please.

(scanner beeps)

EARL:Erwin Schrodinger, huh?

What's in the box,Schrodinger?

Um... a cat, some poison,and a cesium atom.

The cat: is italive or dead?

Alive or dead?

Answer him, fool.

It's a superpositionof both states

until you open it andcollapse the wave function.

Says you.


There's alsoa lot of drugs in there.