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Zapped & It's a Wonderful Chest

Season 1 - Episode 103   |   Aired: 02/03/2003   |   Views: 1,643   |   Comments:

Dave takes reality TV to a new level, shows a girl who curses her breasts the error of her ways and shares outtakes from "Roots"; musical guest Talib Kweli.


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Show Business & Lil Jon in Love!

Season 3 - Episode 303  |   Aired: 07/23/2006  |   Views: 43,777

Dave finally meets the great and powerful Show Business, and introduces a group of monsters victimized by discrimination.

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Black Howard Dean & Stereotype Pixies

Season 3 - Episode 302  |   Aired: 07/16/2006  |   Views: 16,547

Dave screams his way across the campaign trail as Howard Dean, gets into a fight as Gary Coleman and tries to ignore the racial stereotype pixies.

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$55 Million & Getting Revenge

Season 3 - Episode 301  |   Aired: 07/09/2006  |   Views: 10,000

Dave's big contract inspires a revenge streak on all who have wronged him, while business associates decide to charge him more for services.

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Lil Jon on Lil Jon & Black Bush

Season 2 - Episode 213  |   Aired: 04/14/2004  |   Views: 4,299

Jamie Foxx, Lil Jon and Big Boi stop by, and President Black Bush makes the case for war with Iraq.

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Wayne Brady & Tyrone Biggums's Fear Factor

Season 2 - Episode 212  |   Aired: 04/07/2004  |   Views: 6,013

Dave gives up his show to Wayne Brady, and Tyrone Biggums returns as a guest on "Fear Factor."