The Honking

  • Season 3, Ep 1
  • 01/16/2008

Bender's inheritance in the Old Country forces the Planet Express crew to solve an age-old curse.

( teeth chattering )

No doubt about it,this place is haunted.

Don't be silly, mon.

The last ghost diedover 200 years ago.

The last human ghost,but robot ghosts...

( shudders )

( spooky organ glissando )

( gasps )

( eerie crackling )0-1-0-1-1-0-0-1-0-1.

What does it mean?

It's just gibberish.

( gasps )


( screams )

( gasping, gibbering )

Uncle Vladimir!

Come, Bender.

You'll like being dead.

That's what they saidabout being alive.

( moaning )

Join us.Join us.

Join us, Bender.

Oh, oh, my God!

( stammering )

( screaming )

( crying )

( electrical crackling )

Just as I suspected.

These robots were buriedin improperly shielded coffins.

Their programming leakedinto the castle's wiring

through this old abandoned modem

allowing them to projectthemselves as holograms.

Of course!It was so obvious!

Yes, that sequence of wordsI said made perfect sense.

We really shouldtell Bender

there's nothingto be afraid of.

( screaming )

( panting )


( gasps )


( howling )

Honk! Honk!

( groans )

( moaning )

Bender, you look awful.

I prescribe makeup.

Here. It just so happensI have my Mary Kay sample case.

Ah, I just need sleep.

I had nightmares all nightabout cars running people over.

Many people dreamof a fresh new look

and Mary Kay can makethose dreams come true.

Look at this!

They found thosesame rubbery tracks

right here in New New York.

There was a hit-and-run bythe Robot Porno Theater.

( gasps )

Robot Porno Theater?

I was in that...general area last night.

Whoever ran me downout on the moors

must've followed me back here.

Bender, mon, no one'strying to run you over.

Stop being a bighallucinating baby.


Well, could a big

hallucinatingbaby do this?

( crying )

I scared.

( tires squealing )

( laughing )

I don't knowwhich I like more--

smashing carsor smashing faces.

Well, lucky you don'tgot to decide tonight.

Now, come on, we gotchurch tomorrow.

( engine idling )

( clanks )

( engine revs )

Did you hear something?

Eh, it was probablyjust a golden marmoset.

( engine revs )

That don't sound like

no golden marmosetI ever heard.

( whimpering, screaming )

( panting )


Made it.

So, anyway, uh,what are youwearing tomorrow?

( screaming )

CAR:Honk, honk, honk!

( howling )