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The Comeback

Season 2 - Episode 203   |   Aired: 09/10/2013   |   Views: 23,177   |   Comments:

Malloy follows his dream of directing an adult film after he and the rangers learn of Woody's pornographic past. Steve educates Denzel on the Brickleberry ghost.


Clips from the episode (2): Rex Erection , Porn Con

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Season 2 - Episode 212  |   Aired: 11/26/2013  |   Views: 29,386

When Mt. Brickleberry reveals itself as a volcano, Denzel becomes convinced that the apocalypse has begun, and Woody tries to find shelter from the impending eruption.

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My Favorite Bear

Season 2 - Episode 211  |   Aired: 11/19/2013  |   Views: 12,684

Steve keeps an eye on his washed-up childhood hero Flamey the Bear, and Woody experiments with plastic surgery.

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Trip to Mars

Season 2 - Episode 213  |   Aired: 11/12/2013  |   Views: 11,811

The rangers accidentally become complicit in a government conspiracy to fake a Mars landing, and Malloy leads a group of displaced Native Americans to conquer a mall.

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Scared Straight

Season 2 - Episode 210  |   Aired: 11/05/2013  |   Views: 14,495

Denzel enlists his Detroit "Cool Friends Gang" to scare straight a misbehaving Malloy.

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The Animals Strike Back

Season 2 - Episode 209  |   Aired: 10/29/2013  |   Views: 14,055

On the anniversary of the death of Malloy's parents, Brickleberry's extremist animals decide to stage a revolt and convince Malloy to lead it.