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The Branding

Season 1 - Episode 103   |   Aired: 02/21/2012   |   Views: 394,670   |   Comments:

White and black college movies aren't the same, frat boys brand each other, and Luther, Obama's anger translator, reminds everyone who killed bin Laden.


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High on Potenuse

Season 3 - Episode 308  |   Aired: 11/06/2013  |   Views: 0

Two black audience members are outraged by "Othello," Hingle McCringleberry gets a flag for excessive celebration, and a geometry student steals a joke.

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Sexy Vampires

Season 3 - Episode 307  |   Aired: 10/30/2013  |   Views: 0

A new vampire confronts his cohorts on their fashion choices, an amateur zombie tries his best, and a hotel guest goes crazy over a continental breakfast.

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Cunnilingus Class

Season 3 - Episode 306  |   Aired: 10/23/2013  |   Views: 6,426

Wendell complains about his Superman bed, the valets explore their love/hate relationship with Mel Gibson, and Mr. T teaches some kids a lesson.

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Obama Shutdown

Season 3 - Episode 305  |   Aired: 10/16/2013  |   Views: 30,753

Keegan gets too high, a soccer player experiences divine intervention, and an unwitting party guest wanders into an orgy.

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Boarding Group One

Season 3 - Episode 304  |   Aired: 10/09/2013  |   Views: 0

An impatient traveler watches strange groups board his flight, a thug refuses to pour out his 40, and a boxer talks some surprising smack to his opponent.