March 2, 2016 - Super Tuesday & "Fresh Water for Flint"

  • 03/02/2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton emerge as victors on Super Tuesday, and Keke Palmer joins rapper Jon Connor for a performance of the song "Fresh Water for Flint."

Ooh!Thank you very much.

Oh, thank you so much.Please have a seat.

AUDIENCE (chanting):Larry! Larry! Larry!

Oh, so kind. So kind.Thank you so much.

Welcome to The Nightly Show. Such a great...

-(chanting stops) -MAN: Larry...-I know. Thank you so much.

No, no, the after-Larrysare very nice.

I really appreciate that.

But I am Larry Wilmore.Hey, man,

Jon Connor and Keke Palmerare on the show tonight

performing a special songabout Flint, Michigan.

-It's gonna be fantastic.-(cheering, applause)

Stick around for that.

We have not forgottenabout you, Flint.

We have not forgottenabout you. Okay.

So Black History Month is overand the 12 states celebrated

last night by trying to get abrother out of the White House.


that's right, it's time onceagain to see what's happening

with the Unblackening.

Oh, that's right.Yeah, it's Hangover Wednesday.

Yup, it's the morning afterSuper Tuesday.

Ooh, man, ooh.

America got drunklast night, man.

Oh, God, I hope we didn'tdo anything stupid.

REPORTER: The Donald, winning seven of the 11 states,

tightening his grip on the Republican nomination

and claiming victory all over the map,

winning from Arkansas to Massachusetts.

Sorry, guys.

I think I'm gonna be nauseatedfor a while.

That's right, I said "nauseated"

for all you nerdsthat know the difference

between "nauseous"and "nauseated".

I did that...

All right,but before I throw up,

let's take a moment

to, um, acknowledgepresidential candidate

and Grandpa Munsterlook-alike Ted Cruz.

For the candidateswho have not yet won a state--

who have not racked upsignificant delegates--

I ask youto prayerfully consider

our coming together.Uniting.

Prayerfully consider?

You know...

I hate the way this (bleep)...He just...

he just slyly throws outreligious references

to suggest Godis on his side, right?

I mean, Cruz,your slogan is "TrusTed."

But you haven't been anointed.

You're not consecrated.

I know you're exhilarated

because you won more statesthan you anticipated.

But your chances of winningare exaggerated.



because your opinionof yourself is inflated.

Most of the time you look likeyou're constipa... ted.

And the thought of itmakes me nausea... ted.

See, I did it again.I did it again.

Stuck it in there.Did it.

And instead of having you,

your dad should havemasturba... ted.

That's horrible.Don't laugh at it.

So give it up, Ted--no one's dropping out for you,

because Democrats andRepublicans agree you're hated.

Bam. All right, anyhow, uh,

back to the orange-tinted,Lilliputian-handed front-runner.

Sorry, guys, between his,uh, tan and his pygmy hands,

it looks like you...

like he stuck five golf pencils

in an unripe clementine, right?

There you go, there you go.

Now, last night,instead of a victory speech,

Trump decided to holda press conference. Ooh.

Ooh, man. So what wasthe big announcement?

I have a bigger heartthan anybody.

What?Trump got a big heart?

I love that everything Trump has

has to be biggerthan everybody's,

not even realizing thatan enlarged heart

is a sign of heart disease.

And what's... I got the biggestprostate of anybody I know.


My prostate's huge.

It's insane.All right, Trump, okay, Trump.

I'll take you at your word--you have a big heart.

I mean, just lookhow big your heart was

when you had this black girlkicked out of, uh, your rally.

(indistinct shouting)

TRUMP:Get out.


I guess those are Trump'sbig lungs yelling "get out".

What is this, guys-- Alabamain the '60s fantasy camp?

I mean, the onesilver lining, though--

no one touched her hair.

Just looking outfor you black women.

But I honestly haven't seen thismuch unchecked profiling

of black people since, uh...

uh, well, since the Trump rallyheld the day before.

I also wanted to ask youabout a group

of Valdosta University students.

They were escortedout of a Trump event

even though they were notactively protesting.

They weren't saying anything.

Small hands, large heart,

big asshole.All right.

Huge. Huge.

Now, things are much sunnieron the Democratic side.

Hillary Clinton is the winnerin, uh, Georgia

and Virginia as well.

Hillary Clinton is the winner.

Hillary Clinton will bethe winner in both Alabama

and Tennessee.

What a super Tuesday.

What a clever play on words.

Three weeks ago, when she lost,

she was all like,"What an Ash Wednesday."

Now, look, now,Bernie won some states also,

but Hillary was the big winner,and now she has 40%

of what she needsto become the nominee.

Hillary's alreadymade it clear that she's now

turning her attentionto the national campaign.

And we got nothing but emptybluster from Trump.

Okay, Hillary,give us some substance.

What do we need in America?

What we need in America today

is more love and kindness.

Love and kind...

Is she giving this speechat Burning Man?

Or at Woodstock?

Actually, to clarify--love and kindness

is what she calls her biceps.


Kiss 'em, uh... (chuckles)

And Hillary even sent somelove and kindness Bernie's way.

Well, not so muchlove and kindness

as passive and aggressive.

REPORTER (reading):

"He needs to start winning everywhere

"and by large margins. This is why it is very difficult

for him to close the large gap in delegates."

Man. That was the nicest wayto tell Bernie Sanders,

"You have no (bleep) chance."

Ouch. All right,for more on this,

let's do a post-Super Tuesdaycheck-in

at Clinton campaignheadquarters.

Please welcome back to the show,campaign staffer

-Carlos Jordanson, everybody.-Shh! -(cheering and applause)

(hushed):Larry, please, quiet!

What? What? What?What... uh, what's going on?

-She's asleep, Larry.-Oh.

Yeah. I never thoughtI'd live to see the day.

Oh, wow.Uh, she must be relieved

by her good showing yesterday.Catching up on some z's

-after a long night, right?-Well, actually,

she's gone into hibernation,Larry.

We've been instructednot to wake her up till June.

June? But she hasn't locked downthe nomination yet.

Bernie can still win this thing,Carlos.

Who's that now?

Bernie Sanders! Come on!

Oh! Oh, right, right! Sorry. I'ma little behind on my reading.

I haven't gotten toyesterday's news yet. (chuckles)

Sure, Bernie Sandersshould continue his campaign.

Let him give his speechesand have some fun.

Have some fun, I say. Yeah.

-Yay for fun. -Wait, hold on.You seem to be mocking

this whole thing. You'renot taking this very seriously.

Oh, no, we're takingDonald Trump very seriously.

-Donald Trump?-That's why she's resting up.

Big fight ahead. Yeah.

So the Hillary campis suggesting

that Bernie should drop out?I-Is that what you're saying?

-You-you guys thinkit's all over? -No, no.

That is the exact oppositeof what I'm saying.

We want Bernie andhis supporters to feel the burn

or whateverfor-for as long as they want

until the overwhelming powerof democratic delegate math

brings them back into the realworld where the rest of us live.

-I don't believea word you're saying. -What?

No, it soundslike you're just saying that

to placate Bernie supportersso they don't turn

against Hillary inthe general election. Be honest.

No, no, we have nothingbut love and kindness

for-for Bernie supporters.

-You are so full of (bleep).You're saying that, -What?

but your tone is sayingsomething completely different.

-Really? No.-Yes.

Secretary Clintonisn't Bernie's enemy here.

-His enemy is math.-Math?

-Yes. Yes.-How is his enemy math?

Leave us out of this.If Bernie has complaints,

he can take it upwith René Descartes,

the fatherof modern mathematics.

-Yeah. Yeah.-René Descartes?

-Yes. -How are we gonna take itup with him? He's dead.

Well, you know, he's dead.

Certain people's campaignsare dead. But, uh...

-See? No, there you go.You're doing it again. -Yeah.

Sick burn. But the point is...

Hillary has nothing but loveand kindness for Bernie.

-(roaring) -(gasping)-I don't believe... Whoa, whoa.

-Hey, hey, what's that sound?-It's her.

-She has awoken.-(roaring)

-Wait, Hillary?-Oh, God.

(wood cracking)

Oh, my God.That sounded like a bed frame

being snapped in two. Sleephas only made her stronger.

-I have to hide.-Okay.

Carlos Jordanson, everybody.We'll be right back.

-Be safe. -That is my hidingspot, you son of a bitch!

-Oh, my God. Yeah, be safe,Carlos. Get out. -That's mine!

Welcome back! I'm herewith my panel. First up,

-Nightly Show ContributorJordan Carlos. -Yes.

-(cheering and applause)-And Nightly Show Contributor

-Francesca Ramsey.-(cheering and applause)

And he's a rapper and activist,as well as a resident

-of Flint, Michigan, Jon Connor.-(cheering and applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter, @NightlyShow,using the hashtag, #Tonightly.

Uh, so, Jon, I'm so gladyou're here tonight

to talk about this issue.We really wanted to catch up

with the water crisis in Flint.Now, the most recent update

is the string of, like,these damning e-mails, uh,

from last year-- I don't knowif you guys have heard this--

which have now resurfaced.Let me just read one.

And I'm paraphrasing here. We'll show it onscreen.

Oh, there you go. Uh, from Communications Director

Meegan Holland. "It won't do any good to invest more

"in water infrastructure if we're finding window sills

-with teeth marks." Teeth marks? Like -Yeah.

people are animalsor something? I mean,

how do thoughts like thiseven get formulated?

I-I don't know. I mean,are the houses in Flint,

like, made out of delicious,delicious gingerbread

-or something? I don't...-I don't think so.

I mean, outside of that,I think it's... I mean,

I think that's justso stereotypical and terrible

and just shows how out of touchpoliticians are

with the actual people of Flint,you know?

That they would just supposethe worst like that.

Yeah. I was gonna say, you know,for me, I don't care

where teeth marks are.I don't care.

It's likeeverybody deserves clean water.

Everybody deserves... I mean...You know what I mean?

It's like, you know,there's-there's nothing...

there's nothing that they couldsay to make me understand

to rationalize not treatinghuman beings as human beings.

-So that's the way I feel aboutit. -Yeah. Well, ironically,

-they would probably treatanimals better. -Yeah.

I feel like... I feel like theway that they could spin this

is to... You know, people don'twant to care about poor people,

let alone poor black people, butmaybe if we, you know, spin it

as, like, "Well, the animals.What about the dogs?

-Oh, my God. -"There-there aredogs that are drinking

this water." And it's sad thatthat's what people care about.

-We got to get Sarah McLachlaninto Michigan. -(laughter)

-Basically.-Is that who said that?

-Yes. You know, with me,I'm just a humanitarian. -Sure.

I'm all about humans.That's the message that I...

that I portray. So it's like Idon't know how many poor people

as opposed to rich people werein the Trade buildings on 9/11.

-I didn't care. It was... Theywere humans. -Right. Absolutely.

You know what I'm saying? Idon't care how many poor people

or rich people are in Fergusonor, uh, Hurricane Katrina

in New Orleans.It's like there's nothing

that should make us forgetthat these are people,

these are human lives.And Flint, Michigan could be

-any city across the countryor the world. -But the...

-but the other point isthough... Right. -(cheering)

But... but if this did happenin another city

-like Beverly Hills,wouldn't last a week. -Right.

That's my point, you know?(bleep) would get done fast.

Those pipeswould be changed immediately.

-CARLOS: Right. -RAMSEY: Yeah.-Yeah.

WILMORE:Rodeo Drive would have

sparkling water in the gutters.

-CARLOS: Yeah. Absolutely.-I mean, that's what I mean.

-It's the powerless, you know.-Yeah.

That's the thing,though, is that this is

not just an anomaly.

It's kind of a previewbecause there's actually, like,

ten million businesses and homes

that have pipesthat have, like,

lead contaminants in there,or are made of actual lead.

You think we're gonna see moreof this around the country?

I think this could actuallyhappen later on,

-and we need to look at thisand have a national plan. -Yeah.

Because it's... This is notgonna be a one-time thing.

It's gonna happen later on ifwe don't do something about it.

-WILMORE: Right. -CARLOS: We areseeing more of it.

Jackson, Mississippi,in fact, which is, like,

you know,it's where my mom's from.

Shout outto Jackson, Mississippi.

Uh, but, like, yeah, theyswitched their water, as well.

And when they did that in 2014,two years later, what?

They found lead in the water.

It was to save a couple bucks,just like they did in Flint.

But my question to you is like,I mean, what more...?

Do you thinkenough is being done?

What more can we do?

I mean, people are like,"Oh, man, that's too bad."

But, like, what can we doin our every day

to make peoples lives...?

WILMORE:Like the average person?

CARLOS: Yeah, what canthe average person do?

Well, first of all,I want to say

that I do appreciate platformslike this,

and all of the otherentertainers

that are bringing awarenessto it,

because it starts with that,you know what I'm saying?

-(applause & cheering) -CARLOS:Exactly. -You know, it starts

with people caring, you know,

about what's going on.-WILMORE: Absolutely.

And I think that, you know,

just, uh, make a fuss about it,you know. -CARLOS: Okay.

You know, reach outto government officials.

Hashtag it, tweet it,

do everything you can.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

Because, you know, somebodyin, like, Utah,

or something like that--they don't know what exactly...

-WILMORE: Sure.-...what steps to take,

-even if I was to sit hereand tell 'em. -CARLOS: Yeah.

But just bringing the awarenessto it is all the help we need.

Because the more people areoutraged by this situation,

the more people talk about it,

the more peopleit'll make people

get off their assand do something about it.

-Absolutely. I agree.-Yeah.

-(applause and cheering)-Okay, great.

Let me, uh... let me give youa little more outrage then.

Okay, so another e-mailfrom Ari Adler,

now the governor's communicationdirector. He wrote,

"This isa public relations crisis--

because of a real or perceivedproblem is irrelevant."

It's not... it's nota public relations crisis!

-It's a humanitarian crisis.-Oh, my God.

It's not solvedby hiring Don Draper.

-That is not...-No! -(laughter)

-That's not how this is solved!-Right. -CARLOS: Yeah.

I don't think that this is...The best way to describe it

is not a PR disaster.This is a national disaster.

-WILMORE: Right. -It's a tragedybecause we're having kids

that have brain damage...

WILMORE:Yes, it's very serious.

-...from this lead poisoning.-Right.

And to say it's justa PR disaster is minimizing.

Now, Jon, I want to ask.You were there Sunday night

-for the Justice for Flintbenefit, right? -Right. Yes.

What the moodon the ground there?

How are people feeling there?

You know,I compare it to, like, uh,

when somebody triesto cheer you up after a funeral.

-WILMORE: Mm. -CARLOS: Yeah.-You know, it was like,

okay, we had a good time,and we shared some laughs.

-WILMORE: Yeah. Mm-hmm.-But then after, it's just like,

wow, we're still dealingwith the reality

that we have to usebottled water to take a shower.

And just to go backto what you guys were saying

about a PR disaster.

It's, like,it's a little more personal

-for me because...-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. mother's still there.-Right.

You know, my cousins, my aunts,my uncles,

all of that, are still there,and, you know,

just imagine, you know,taking a shower with...

you have to have 34 bottlesof water ready to splash...

-Like, it's crazy. -CARLOS: Arewe talking about, like, Fiji,

-Aquafina? Like,what are we...? Dasani.

Just paint the picture for me.Dasani?

Anything that doesn't have leadin it is what we....

-WILMORE: Yes. -CARLOS:Smartwater? -Right, exactly.

-Yeah, okay, okay, way cool.Yeah. -WILMORE: Dasani.

-(applause)-Yeah. -So...

But you know,just think about that, you know.

For me, it's not a PR disaster.It's real.

-CARLOS: Yes. -You know,we are a city in America.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-You can't just...

Like, there's no publicist,

-there's no cameras in mymother's house. -CARLOS: Right.

You know,when all of these hashtags

and all of these headlinesgo away,

my mother still hasto go through that.

WILMORE:Well, let's keep

talking about it,and you're gonna stick around

-and do a song for us.-Yes.

-We'll be right back, okay?-Yeah!

(applause and cheering)

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Rapper and Flint nativeJon Connor a few weeks ago

released a powerful new songfeaturing artist Keke Palmer

called "Fresh Water for Flint,"

a song that expresses allthe frustrations and emotions

the people of Flint are feelingabout this water crisis.

So here performing the song livefor the first time,

please welcomeJon Connor and Keke Palmer.

-(cheering, applause)-(mid-tempo intro plays)

Nightly Show...

I go by the name Jon Connor.

-♪ Mmm... ♪ -And I'm from alittle bitty city called Flint,

and that's in Michigan,for y'all that don't know.

And we're goingthrough a situation

where there's actually poisonin the water,

and we've experienced deathsbecause of it.

-♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪-My job as a artist--

to help put a face to whaty'all read in the headlines.

♪ Ooh, ooh... ♪

It's to give a voiceto the voiceless.

♪ Ooh... ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Uh, uh, uh, uh

♪ Look, they want me to talkabout these fake crimes ♪

♪ And these hate crimes, tellme how I'm supposed to care ♪

♪ About overseas when locally

♪ Everybodyin my city and state crying ♪

♪ They wanna actlike it ain't happening ♪

♪ Or like I'm just rapping,like I'm gonna watch y'all ♪

♪ Kill my city, and y'allwasn't gonna get a reaction ♪

-♪ Ooh... ♪-♪ Oh, no

♪ Every timeI go visit for Christmas ♪

♪ It seems like there'smore houses that's missing ♪

♪ It looks like there'smore houses that's boarded ♪

♪ How I'm supposedto not say nothing ♪

♪ About the fact there's poisonall in our water? ♪

♪ Look like population control

♪ Or they don't really care,that's how I call it, oh! ♪♪ Oh, no! ♪

♪ My city been messed upfor a long time ♪

♪ But we draw the line

♪ It's like they been saying"Forget us" for a long time ♪

♪ More kids go to jailthan to colleges ♪

♪ They act like theydon't see what the problem is ♪

♪ Look at Flint,we were seeing ♪

♪ Reality is, every daywe was living like hostages ♪

♪ For you it's a topicon Twitter ♪

♪ For me, listen,that's where my mama is ♪

♪ It's like an exampleto see if we break ♪

♪ Just to seeto where the bottom is ♪

♪ Oprah probably ain't gonnalike the language ♪

♪ But I'm tired of feelinglike human life don't matter ♪

♪ If you ain't famous,I speak for the people ♪

♪ My people is happyI made it in ♪

♪ They make it seemso complicated ♪

♪ The message you're sending,it's killing us ♪

♪ People are sayingthat we ain't worth saving ♪

♪ My pop put 40 yearsin that shop ♪

♪ My mama put30 years in that shop ♪

♪ You turn your headlike y'all forgot ♪

♪ And now it's like,it's like we don't matter ♪

♪ No, we don't matter

♪ It just got bad, I'm tryingto restore the faith ♪

-♪ Yeah ♪-♪ In my past, but look

♪ You may wonder why,they wonder why we prepare ♪

♪ We ain't never liveda fairy tale ♪

♪ We feel like somebody help us, God help us ♪

-♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ - Or we feellike give 'em hell ♪

♪ Woke up out of my sleeplast night ♪

♪ Trying to figure outwhere we went wrong ♪

-♪ Oh -♪ Let's go

♪ They testin' my faithright now ♪

♪ All I knowis I got to hold on ♪

♪ Let's go, let's go

♪ When it's said and done,I'm gonna get up ♪

-♪ We just got to be -♪ What's up!

♪ We just got to be strong

♪ And I ain't quittin',I ain't giving up ♪

♪ Got to keep my head up

♪ Till the pain is gone

Y'all, make some noise forthe beautiful Ms. Keke Palmer!

-(cheering)-♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Nightly Show, I need twofingers in the sky for peace

-Yeah!-and human life, one time.

No matter what race, creed,color, religion you are,

no life is disposable.

-(whoops) -Somebody,everybody matter to somebody.

So real quick one time,side to side.

Let's do it for Flint, Michigan!Let's go!

♪ Oh, woke up out of my sleeplast night ♪

♪ Trying to figure outwhere we went wrong ♪

-♪ Okay! Let's go, let's go! -♪ Ah

♪ They testin' my faithright now ♪

-♪ All I know is I gotto hold on ♪ - What's up! ♪

-♪ Let's go! -♪ When it's said and done

♪ I won't give up

-♪ We just got to be -♪ Be what?

-♪ We just got to be strong -♪ Okay

-♪ And I ain't quittin',I ain't givin' up ♪ - Nah-ah ♪

-♪ Got to keep my head up -♪ Till what?

♪ Till the pain is gone.

Nightly Show, thank you so much.

Jon Connor, Keke Palmer,Aftermath.

Vehicle City this summer.

(cheering, applause)

Thanks to my guestsJordan Carlos, Franchesca Ramsey

and Jon Connor and Keke Palmer.

-(whooping)-Now, we're almost out of time.

Yes. But before we go,I'm gonna keep it 100.

You guys I knowI always keep it... 100!

Okay, tonight's questionis from @justharryblanks.

They ask: Would you ratherhave dinner with Stacey Dash

or Clarence Thomas?Keep it 100.

Um, this is... okay...

Now, that is a tough one,that is a tough one.

-Come on, man.-No, actually, it's pretty easy.

Um, I would have itwith Clarence Thomas,

'cause that (bleep)ain't talkin' for a long time.


Thanks for watching.Don't forget to ask...

I can't believe I calledClarence Thomas that.

-Uh... don't forget to ask-(laughter)

your Keep It 100 questionson Twitter.

And Flint, Michigan--don't forget,

-keep talking about it,everybody, okay? -Yes. -Yeah.

Good nightly, everyone.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)