February 1, 2016 - Timbaland Flint Controversy & Iowa Caucus

  • 02/01/2016

Rapper Timbaland bails on a benefit concert for Flint, MI, and Larry discusses voter outrage in America with Gad Elmaleh, Mike Yard and Jordan Carlos.

Yes. Look at this crowd.Please, please.

You're too kind.

Please have a seat.

Thank you.You're so kind.

You know, peopleshaved their heads tonight.

You know...

I feel you, though, man.I do feel you.

No, I feel you, I really do.I really do.

Welcome to The Nightly Show. I am Larry Wilmore.

February 1, you guys.

For weeks, the media,presidential candidates,

the people of Iowa have all beenwaiting for this day--

the startof Black History Month. Yes.

-(cheering, applause)-Yes.


Oh, wow.

A... a rebel yellfor Black History Month?

Is that what that was?Very good.

And you know what that means,guys-- for the next 29 days,

the Google home pagewill feature a cartoon

of a black personyou've never heard of before.

Mm. Nice.

I like that.It's fun.

Thank you, Google.

Well, here's a blackhistorical figure

you have heard of.Rosa Parks.

As you know, Rosa parks famouslyrefused to give up her seat.

Next thing you know, boom--black president.


Nothing happened in between.

It's like, boom, bam.Right?

So today, we celebrate herlegacy

with our first everRosa Parks Awards.

(jazzy fanfare plays)

That's right.Here it is, guys.

Now, if you can see rightthere... Oh, there you go.


Got a little bus seatthere, yeah.

That's right, that is the-theRosa Parks Awards, you guys,

for people who needto have a seat.

All right?

Now... I'll tell you, e...

everyone who gets this award

needs to justsit down and shut up,

'cause they'redoing dumb (bleep).

(jazzy fanfare plays)

Nice, I like it.

Now, you may be saying,"Larry, this award

doesn't seem to celebrateRosa Parks' legacy at all."

To which I say, "You're right."

(jazzy fanfare plays)

Okay. Now...

That music is insane.Okay.

Tonight's recipient is...Oh, this is exciting.

Okay, uh, here we go.Ooh, Rosa, very nice.

Very nice.

The fetching young Ms. Parks.

Okay, who is it?I'm so exci... (gasps)

It's Timbaland.

(jazzy fanfare plays)


Rapper-producer Timbaland,you guys,

needs to have a seatfor refusing to perform

at a charity concertfor the residents

of Flint, Michiganover the weekend.

Why did he refuse to perform?

Because concert organizers gavehim the wrong kind of champagne.

(jazzy fanfare plays)

Now the music'smaking me sad, you know?

But you heard me.This is true.

At a fundraiser for people whodon't have clean water to drink,

Timberland wouldn't performbecause they gave him

Dom Pérignon insteadof the Ace of Spades champagne

that was in his contract.

By the way, guys,we are not making this up.

This is absolutely true.

So Timbaland,sit down and shut up.

All right.

This has beenthe Rosa Parks Awards

for people who needto have a seat.

(jazzy fanfare plays)

That's just a horrible...

But footwear-themedhip-hop artists

aren't Flint's biggest problemright now, you guys,

which is why it's time to checkback with our ongoing coverage

of the water crisis,the Larry People vs. Flint.

-♪ -(water drips)

Okay. Um...

we like to have sad thingsjust sound happy,

is what we do on the show.

But Flint's water supplycontinues to be undrinkable

due to toxic lead poisoning.

In fact, there is so much leadin the water

that poisoned Flint residentsare now eligible

to be used as number twopencils for the S.A.T.

I'm not making this up.I'm not making it up.

That's right,

Wilmore's got standardizedtesting jokes, y'all.

Yeah. Yeah.


Governor Rick Snyder releasedhis e-mails about the crisis,

prompting Hillary Clintonto say, "Wow, you're stupid."

Documents have bubbled upin Flint, Michigan

that show state workerswere provided bottled water

long before the residents were.

REPORTER: A year ago, whileFlint residents were told

their water was safe to drink

despite the taste and foul odor,

water coolers were delivered

to Flint'sstate office building.

Water coolers?

So let me justget this straight--

these state officialsstood around

and did nothingabout the water crisis,

and then provided the symbol

for standing aroundand doing nothing.

Thank you, Flint.

This just keepsgetting worse and worse.

All right, so theygot water coolers there,

but the residents of Flintat least got water filters.

That's almost as goodas water coolers, right?

I mean, that's what I heardat the water cooler earlier.

REPORTER 2: Residents saythe water filters given to them

by the state are not working.

The latest water tests showlead levels in some homes

are ten times the federal limit,

much too high for filtering.

Ten times the federal limit?

Do you... do you knowhow dangerous that is?

I mean, not even Nick Noltewas ten times the federal limit.

Are there more recent referencesthan Nick Nolte? Yes.

Are there funnier mug shots?No.

So calm down,outdated reference police.

Mm? Mm? Mm?

Mm. All right.

Now, while the lead levelsexposed to children

are shockingly high, the careprovided to them in schools

is shockingly nonexistent.

Flint community schools do nothave school nurses right now?

-No. -We do not.-One for the entire district.

6,000 kids,nine elementary schools,

one nurse, total.

Gosh, guys...

one nurse for 6,000 students?

This is the grimmest statisticI've ever heard.

Either that or the mostintriguing porn title.

-I mean, it's one or the other.-(audience groans)

Oh... like-likeyou haven't seen that one.

And the people of Flintaren't even getting relief

from the non-school nurses.

In governor Snyder'sinbox of terribles,

one e-mail mentions "a residentwho said she was told

by a state nurse in January2015, regarding her son's

elevated blood level,"It's just a few IQ points...

It's not the end of the world."

Just a few IQ points?

How dare you?Everyone knows those kids

are gonna needevery IQ point they can muster

if they ever want to getthe (bleep) out of Flint.

They're gonna need it all.


I mean, I'm afraid this leadpoisoning will make kids so dim,

they'll end up being, like,

the governor of Michiganor something.

That could happen.


Look, guys, poor peopleare usually made fun of

when they talk aboutgovernment conspiracies, right?

The man tryingto keep 'em down.

But in this case, the governmentknowingly let the population

of Flint get poisonedand were cavalier

about the possibility

of children's IQsbecoming lower.

I mean, I can see how this leadmay have caused the poisoning

of these citizens,but I have no idea

what led to the poisoningof the minds of these officials.

But it makes me sick.

We'll be right back.

Hi, I'm Mike Yard,keeping black history 100

for The Nightly Sho Fun fact,

after slavery officially ended, laws in the South still allowed

for black people to be imprisoned indefinitely

for minor offenses

and worked to death.

Now, that kind of slaverydidn't end until 1942.

That's right, folks.The death of slavery

is younger than Harrison Ford.Happy Black History Month!

Welcome back!

Yes, the eyes of the nationare on Iowa.

Every four years,Iowa becomes super relevant

and trends heavier thanthe Kanye West ass play scandal.

Look it up. Trust me.

Look it up.


All right. So let's check inwith the efforts

to de-Negrofy the White House

and see what's happeningwith the Unblackening.

(dramatic music playing)


All right.In the closing days of Iowa,

you see lots of energyand enormous crowds.

Well, unless you'reat a Martin O'Malley rally.

Hey, look, to those of youwho've been working so hard

on this campaign,I want to say thank you.

So thank you for everythingyou've done

to, uh, get us to this point.

To get you to this point?

Dude, you're-you're standingon a chair in a supply closet.

I mean, no offense,

but I don't knowhow it could get much worse.

♪ Iowa, Iowa

♪ Winter, spring,summer, or fall ♪

Okay, it got much worse.

Well, with so much panderinggoing on towards Iowans,

we thought we'd getsome perspective

from Iowa voter Holly Walker.

Holly Walker, everybody.

(cheering and applause)

Hey, uh, Holly,

this is cool, but I didn't knowyou were from Iowa.

Oh, I'm not, Larry.

I bought a house here years ago

when I saw how much attentionIowans get during the primaries.

Oh, wow. I understand.You want to make sure

the candidates, uh, address yourissues during this crucial...

Wait, is someone giving youa massage?

Yeah, it's a Bush staffer.

A Bush staffer?

Yeah. Larry, if Jeb wantsto talk me into easing

my tax burdens, he's got to easemy shoulder burdens first.

Holly, are...

are you making candidates giveyou massages to get your vote?

Oh, it's not just massages.

I also got my hair did.

-Ooh, yeah. -Oh, my God.

-It was real nice. -Is that...

-Yeah. -is that Rand Paul?

Yeah. Rand Paul worked wonderswith my split ends

while he blabbedabout some libertarian (bleep).

-Wow. -He's got an organic curlactivator that is everything.

-Whew.-Hold up, Holly.

I don't think that's ethical.

Uh, but we're talking issues.

To prove he really thinksblack lives matter,

Martin O'Malley shoveledmy driveway shirtless.

Ooh, it was real nice.

WILMORE: No, no, no.

Holly, come on, what does thathave to do with black lives?

It doesn't matter.

Oh, but don't tell Bernie that.

He's out there shoveling, too.

WILMORE: Oh, my God.

Holly! Holly!

No! You shouldn't havean old man out there in weather

like this. That's horrible.

Hey, if you wantto get me to the caucuses,

help a sister get her Maximaout of the garage. Okay?

-Wow. This is amazing, Holly.-Mm-hmm.

Well... Wait, have you beendoing this the whole time?

Oh, yeah.

-Really?-But that's nothing, Larry.

Carly Fiorina was awesome.

Uh, what did you have her do?

Well, since she's so excitedabout getting rid

of Planned Parenthood,I made her give me a Pap smear.

WILMORE: Oh, my God.

-Holly. -Yep.

-Holly, that's terrible!-Yep.

Uh, my Pap's not gonna smearitself, Larry.

Okay. All right. Oh...

Holly, I-I just... I just...I just don't think

-this is how our electionsshould work. -Hey,

I did not make the system.I'm just using it.

-Okay?-Okay. All right. Okay.

Anyhow, I got to getto my New Hampshire house.

I got that stupid Trumpbuilding me a luxurious fence

in my backyard.

WILMORE: Really?

WALKER: Yes! And he got

my Mexican neighborsto pay for it!

-You're kidding me.-Seriously.

-Really?-It's crazy. Yeah.

I mean, Trump's an asshole,but he is a man of his word.

All right.

Holly Walker, everyone.We'll be right back.

Welcome back!I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

(cheering and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorJordan Carlos.

-(cheering and applause)-Hello. Yes.

And he's performing through Juneat Joe's Pub at the Public

in New York City, very funnyFrench comedian Gad Elmaleh.

(cheering and applause)

Yeah. And for everyone at home,

join our conversation right nowon Twitter, @NightlyShow,

using the hashtag #Tonightly.

Um, so as I mentioned earlier,um, Iowa caucus is tonight.

-Yes. -Exciting. -So I thinkthat probably as we're here,

I'm sure the results are-are in.What was that?

-It's exciting times.-It's exciting. -Yeah.

-Can you feel it? -We're gonnafind out. We're gonna find out.

-Ooh. -Entertaining. Yeah.Entertaining. -Yeah, I know.

I do want to talk about oneof the issues of the election.

Uh, how people keep saying angeris driving this election.

So let's accept thatas a premise.

What are people so angry about?

-What are people so angry aboutin this? -Mm-hmm.

Uh, I-I think Americans loveto be outraged anyway.

I mean, they're outraged...Right?

That the McRib only comes oncea year, you know? That's...

-that's... -I thought...I thought French people

-would be like this. -Yeah? TheFrench... the French hate this

-as well? -Complaining and...-French people are

-always outraged though.Sacre bleu. -Yeah. Yeah.

-Come on. That's-that's why-(mocking laugh)

-I'm not surprised, right?-Mmm. -Yeah.

-That's just normal to me.-Absolutely.

I mean, I-I think also what itis is some... you know...

whatever you want to call it,the silent majority is losing

certain ground, culturallyspeaking, in the culture war.

I mean, in essence, they'vebeen, like, manspreading, right,

for a long time and puttingtheir balls here and there

-and...-I don't know.

The silent majorityis manspreading?

I'm just trying to break it downso everybody can understand,

you know what I'm saying? Icould stay up here, you know...

-I like that analogy.-Thank you. Thank you. I just...

I just tucked my legs in,by the way.

-You just stopped manspreading?-The silent majority's balls

-are spreading out over... -Yes.Well, no, they have spread

-far and wide over a lot of...a lot of people, -Okay.

in their eyes and stuff.And it's like, "Hey, enough."

-You know? Um... -Wheredo you think that anger's from?

I think if people are angry now,wait till they see

Trump-Trump presidency.They'll be angry as (bleep).

-(audience reacting)-See? They mad already. -Wow.

-He didn't even win yet andthey're mad. -It's becoming...

I thinkthat might produce sadness.

-I don't know if it'll produceanger. -People are gonna be

-like, "What?!" -How-howdoes it feel like to the rest

of the world? D-Do... When-whenyou hear Americans are angry,

does it seem like we'rejust petulant children or...

No, no, no, no. I have to say,when I... I got here,

-and it was the beginningof the campaign, right? -Mm-hmm.

And you know what, one day,I was watching television

and it was on muteand I saw the debate.

And I swear, I thoughtit was a game show.


-And, you know, there's guys-It does kind of feel like that.

-behind the podiums-Right.

and, you know, just one minutefor the answer. Like, just...

And that's too short.It's, uh...

You know what I...Okay, you know what I would do

if I was a candidate andthey would give me one minute

to say something importantto a big country like America?

I would take this minute andoffer it to another candidate

and tell him, "This is for you.

Use it to think, really thinkabout what you just said."

(laughter, applause & cheering)-WOMAN: Yeah!

You know, it's interesting,but it-it...

ELMALEH: Because it's going toofast even on Twitter. -Yes.

-I know. -Even on Twitter, wehave more characters than that.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-YARD: Yeah. -CARLOS: Yeah.

It's so interesting, Gad,is that

what started the whole thrustof the campaign

was just the small thingthat Trump said,

-when he trashed Megyn Kelly...-Mm-hmm.

and, like, Rosie O'Donnellin one sentence,

-race was over at that point.-Yeah. -YARD: Right.

The trashing of womenlaunched him into first place

-from the beginning.-YARD: Wow. -CARLOS: Yeah, yeah.

-Yes. Yeah. -From the beginningwhere he called Rosie O'Donnell

"a disgusting pig,"

and pretty muchthrew Megyn Kelly under the bus.

-Yeah. -That shows you angerright there.

-Yeah.-Why would you get mad...?

Why would you support a guywho trashes women like that?

People got to be losing theirmind in this country right now.

WILMORE:But what do you think...?

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah, all right, tell me.

So what do you thinkis fueling it?

Do you think it's jobs?Do you think it's, uh, taxes?

I mean, when Clinton ran in '92,he said... he said,

-"It's the economy, stupid."-CARLOS: Right. -YARD: Mm.

I mean, is Trump saying"It's the Muslim, stupid"?

I mean, what is his thing?Is it...?

Trump is saying it's everybodyelse except white people

-in America is stupid.That's what he... -CARLOS: Yeah.

That's what he soundslike he's saying.

'Cause I said it before.

Trump came out, and his campaignbasically assaulted everybody

-that wasn't Trumpor like Trump. -(laughter)

-"It's the Mexicans! It's theChinese!" -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

"It's the...it's Middle Easterners

that are coming hereand ruining it."

Ain't got nothingto do with the people

that have been runningthe country forever.

-Yeah. Yeah. -I feel bad. I justgot here. I... you know...

(applause and cheering)

YARD: Ain't got nothing to dowith that. -I...

WILMORE:Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

I feel bad because I justarrived, you know, in America.


And so, I don't knowwhat to think, really.

But it's very interestingand funny

because I've always thinkAmerica is great.

-Mm-hmm.-That's why I came here.

And I come here,and I hear this guy.

-He said he's gonna make itgreat again. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-CARLOS: Right.-So...

-I'm confused, so...-(laughter)

-You know, I get that. I getthat. -ELMALEH: No, no, I mean,

-if it's not great...-YARD: Yeah.

-...I want my money back!-YARD: Exactly!

-ELMALEH: Because...-Exactly. -(applause)

What about the the energythat's around Bernie Sanders?

Do you think that's angryenergy? Is it restless energy?

-What is it? -CARLOS:I think it's dissatisfaction.

-People feel...-YARD: Yes.

-It's crazy. -WILMORE:It's not anger? Mm-hmm.

It's not anger.It's anger with...

In some ways,it is anger with Obama

-that he hasn't gone far enoughto the left. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

He hasn't beenprogressive enough

for some people's tastes.You know what I mean?

Like, Guantanamo's still there.

And, uh... and people thought

that was gonna be closedwithin the first 100 days.

-WILMORE: Right.-You know?

I mean, just for example.Just for example.

YARD: Yeah, I think with Bernie,people are just sick

and tired of watchingthe top two percent

-keep getting more richerand richer. -Yeah.

I'm angry about that.I can't speak for other people.

-(applause and cheering)-WILMORE: Well, there is anger.

But I am very angry about that.I am very angry.

I think there is an angerabout the divide in the economy.

YARD: Yeah, definitely.I'm sick of that.

The people at the bottomkeep getting further

and further on the bottom.

YARD:Not even on the bottom.

Like, people in the middle.Look, I...

WILMORE: Well, the middleis disappearing.

I got to watch these peopleshow off their new yachts

and all this stuff on TV.

-ELMALEH: I show you my yacht?-In the meantime,

I'm sitting on the train.You know what I'm saying?

I'm sitting... I'm on TV, andI got to ride the train to work.

-WILMORE: Right.-CARLOS: Right.

Next...You know what I'm saying?

-So, I mean, right...?-(applause and cheering)

Right, right.

Larry, when I got this job,

I thoughtthose days was over, brah!

-What's going on?-CARLOS: It's true.

WILMORE: Right. Let meask you this question.

Which candidate...?There's a lot of...

I think there's fear out there,too.

Which candidate do you thinkscares America the most?

-YARD: I have a tie.-CARLOS: It's a tie.

-My tie is Ted Cruzand Donald Trump. -(applause)

And I'm gonna take itto another level.

WILMORE:All right.

What's scarierthan those two being pres...

either one of thembeing president

is if they run together!That's even scarier.

-That's not gonna happen.-Could you imagine

if something happened to Trump,Cruz is president,

if something happened to Cruz,Trump is president?

-Yeah. -Y'all thinky'all mad now, do that!

(laughter, applause)

-Do that. Let's seeif you ever smile again! -I...

-We'll be right back!-YARD: Yeah. No...

(cheers and applause)

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-I feel like there's a lot ofAmericans who are afraid -Yeah.

-of socialism.Like, they're afraid -Yeah.

-of Bernie Sanders.-Why?

That's 'cause we don't knowwhat socialism is.

We're scar... We fearwhat we don't understand.

-I mean...-I can tell you about it.

-Yeah. Please. Please.-(laughter)

-Finally, someone's who's livedit! -Please! -Should Amer...

-should Americans be afraid ofsocialism? -Should we be afraid

-of socialism. -Boy, you'rereally enjoying that water.

-Bring me... -(laughter)-I think he switched it!

-I think he switched it!-Bring me a cigarette.

No, I think we just haveto make a... I mean,

it's-it's a difference betweenthe social vision, right?

-And the socialism. Between,like, um, um... -Oh, God.

Yeah. No, really. I mean,uh, between the social vision

-and the ideology andthe-the dogma of it. -Mm-hmm.

Um, you know, socialismis doing great now in France

since our Minister of Economyis a former banker.

-Mm-hmm.-And it's true.

-Really? -And, uh, I think,uh, you guys doing great,

with the social visionand the, you know...

the-the health care andall this. You're getting there.

-You're trying. -We're gettingthere. We're getting there bit

-by bit. I mean, we don't evenknow how much socialism -Yeah.

-we actually have. Yeah. -No.But come on, you, you're scared

about... Don't... This...It sound like a bad, uh, word

-to you guys. But it's...-Mmm. -Yeah. -He sounds

-like he's giving us a drugfor the first time. -No.

-"Just relax, guys."-Yeah, no, relax.

-"No, no, no. Just lie back.-Larry. Larry.

"Jordan, it's okay.It really is. -Larry.

-"It's all right. Just relax.-Hold my hand. Hold my hand!

-Jordan, it's okay." -You'regonna be all right! -Larry,

-try it. Just try it.-All right, I'll try.

-Try it. -But people...but people complain, right?

-I tried. -But-but pure...but... -No, just try it.

-But what if...-A lot of vacation. -Yeah.

People complain about socialism,but they love

-our socialist thingsthat we have. Right? -Yeah.

-We have... we have, um...-Social Security. -Yeah.

-Social Security. Peoplecan't... -Unemployment. -Yeah.

people would not...We will not get rid of that.

Unemployment-- that's socialism,right? You lose your job,

-we'll pay you while you'renot working... -Well, you have

free education also in France.You have free education.

-Exactly. Public schools. Peoplelove it, but, you know, -Yeah.

-the word scares them.-Yeah. -There's a high cost

for our free education rightnow. It's called ignorance.

We'll be right back.

Thanks to my panelistsMike Yard,

Jordan Carlos and Gad Elmaleh.

We're almost out of time,but before we go,

-I'm gonna Keep It 100.-(cheers and applause)

One... hundred.

Tonight's question isfrom @nick_staykov.

They ask, uh, "You're an Iowanin Iowa tonight.

"Do you caucus for Donald Trump,

or do you stay homeand watch Bill Cosby reruns?"


-Come on. No, hold on a second.-Answer.

There is no way in the world

I would ever caucusfor Donald Trump.

(as Bill Cosby):I'm gonna watch some Cosby.

(laughter, Carlos mumbles)

-Come on! I kept it 100!I'm not... -(indistinct chatter)

I'm not gonna go makingcappuccinos with Bill Cosby.

I'm just gonna watch the show.Thanks for watching.

Don't forget to ask me your KeepIt 100 questions on Twitter.

Challenge me, guys!Challenge me.

-Good Nightly, everyone!-(cheers and applause)

MAN: Ooh, sorry.