The Late Philip J. Fry

  • Season 6, Ep 7
  • 07/29/2010

The Professor's one-way time machine takes the crew further into the future, with no hope of return.

(panting)Sorry I'm late.

Well, well, well.

Look who decidedto show up.

I've had itwith your tardiness, Fry.

I expect you to arrive the sametime as everyone else.

Well, wait a second.Leela's not here yet.

She left a while ago.She said some idiot

was taking her to lunchfor her birthday.

Oh, no, I'm late!(panting)

(indistinct chattering,fingers drumming on table)

(noisemaker bleats)

Since you got stood up,

I thought this mightcheer you up a notch.

That's not necessary.

♪ What day is today?

♪ It's Leela's birthday Please stop.

♪ What a day fora birthday ♪

I really would like youto stop singing.

♪ Let's all have some cake!

You want to buy a slice

of birthday cakefor $11.95?

Yes, please.

(panting):Sorry I'm late.

Sorry I'm late.

Where have you...?!

Uh! It's fine.

You're not mad?

I was. But then I realized

it's actually my faultfor thinking

you might be on time for once.

Anyhow, I ateboth our lunches.

You orderedthe lobster pileup.

It wasn't cheap.


Okay, amigos, one teensy drinkto help Amy relax.

ALL:Hear, hear!

Hmm... I guessI'm still kind of nervous.

One more teensy drinkto help Amy relax.

Stilla littlenervous?


She's a nervous wreck!

(both laughing)

Well, I may not have a man,

but at least I'vegot you, poopsie-doodle.

Leela, it's timeyou and I had a talk.

A talk?!You can't break up with me.

You're my pet.

As much as I enjoy being

the objectof your misplaced affections,

I am alsoa highly sophisticated being

who longsfor intelligent conversation.

Aw, is shnookumsnot feeling "shtimuwated"?

An understatementto say the least.

It's time you treatedme with respect.

If you want to be treated likea fellow crew member, fine,

but no more purse rides

and no more dressing you up inyour cute little sailor suit.

I keep telling you,that's my real naval uniform.