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There's No Place Like Homeless

Season 2 - Episode 209   |   Aired: 11/06/2008   |   Views: 4,411   |   Comments:

Sarah loses her keys, forcing her to live on the streets. Steve's faith is called into question after a series of unlikely events.


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Episode 309  |   Aired: 04/15/2010  |   Views: 18

Laura and Sarah host dueling Holocaust memorials. Brian and Steve mistake a police officer for Jay, steal his gun and replace it with a banana.

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A Good Van Is Hard to Find

Episode 308  |   Aired: 04/08/2010  |   Views: 2

Brian and Steve argue over whose turn it is to do laundry. Sarah realizes that the guys driving vans aren't creepy, but the vans are.

Just Breve

Episode 305  |   Aired: 04/01/2010  |   Views: 11

The story of "Breve," Steve's baby robot, gets narrated by Sarah, and Laura and Jay open up to each other about their risque sexual interests.

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Songs in the Key of Yuck

Episode 302  |   Aired: 03/25/2010  |   Views: 2

Sarah convinces jam band fans that drugs make them like their favorite music. Meanwhile, Laura finds a way to cope with Officer Jay's "laughmares."

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A Fairly Attractive Mind

Episode 310  |   Aired: 03/18/2010  |   Views: 2

A magical dragon phone causes Brian and Steve to switch bodies. Sarah mistakenly diagnoses herself as retarded and tries to inspire people with her disability.