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Little Ship of Horrors

Season 2 - Episode 209   |   Aired: 08/18/2011   |   Views: 16,071   |   Comments:

Twayne throws a cruise ship party, and Mark Lilly is the only one who can save his friend Randall from a horrific plant species infection.


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Callie and Her Sister

Season 2 - Episode 202  |   Aired: 07/07/2011  |   Views: 30,820

After her parents get back together, Callie is forced to care for her younger, hotter demon sister. Her arranged marriage to Twayne only exacerbates Callie's problems.

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Wet Hot Demonic Summer

Season 2 - Episode 203  |   Aired: 06/30/2011  |   Views: 33,454

Twayne and Callie build a summer camp to cover up their raid on a wizard training ground. Mark Lilly does it "Meatballs" style as the camp's head counselor.

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The Manbirds

Season 1 - Episode 114  |   Aired: 11/17/2010  |   Views: 30,909

Manbird season hits New York City, and Mark finds himself the guardian of a fledgling separated from its flock. Grimes settles his blood-feud with the Manbird champion.

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Soul Sucker

Season 1 - Episode 110  |   Aired: 11/10/2010  |   Views: 5,460

Mark and Randall teach a sexed up robot self-control after it invades the United Nations. Mark goes too far for love after Callie includes him in an ancient demonic ritual.

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Trolling for Terror

Season 1 - Episode 113  |   Aired: 11/03/2010  |   Views: 4,624

Randall shambles his way onto "Night Terrors," the all-creature reality TV show, but the producer only has eyes for Mark. Plus: a troll wrestles with riddle addiction.