The Bots and the Bees

  • Season 7, Ep 1
  • 06/20/2012

Bender fathers a child with the office soda machine

(both laughing)

Hang on.It's too bright in here.

Call me old-fashioned,

but I like a little romancein an orgy.

Let me switch offthis weird light.


Fry, it's 2:00 a.m.

What are you doing hereglowing on my skanks?

Just sitting here turningquarters into urine.

We don't gotta put up with this.

We got Poli Sci degrees.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on.

I'll just politely escort himto the gutter.

Scram, shiny!


All right, how we feelin'?

Hot. I could bake apotato in my cleavage.

Yeah, I need a seltzer.

(sighs) I'd be honored topurchase you some refreshment.

Uh, hey, drink machine,you got anything classy

for thesedelicate flowers?

I ain't makin' drinksfor no trashy robo-sluts.

Trashy? At leastI don't put out for quarters.


(both gasping)


Hey. Stop that, drink machine.

Stop it, I say.

That's it,we're out of here.

Come on.We'll split a blintz.

Wait, give me a chanceto defend your honor.

And then sully iton the couch.

All right, I've been waiting allday for an excuse to hit a lady.

You try it,and I'll bash your face in.

Ooh, I'm so scared,No-Arms.


(groans, blubbers)

(both grunting)

You want someof this?

(both grunting)

(both moaning)

Ee! Ah!

after the first halfof me-- Bender.


That's my bastard!

(wheel squeaking)

(grunting and panting)


(alarm sounds)


(both laughing)

(gunshots)Uh, oh!


Bend it, Daddy!

Bend it like it called youpoo-poo-face!

It called me what?!

(intense grunting)

Yay! You bended itlike a"petzel."

Okay, now you.


I can't do it!