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Joe Mande

Season 1 - Episode 107   |   Aired: 06/08/2012   |   Views: 11,320   |   Comments:

Joe Mande tells tales of Twitter warfare with Gilbert Arenas, terrifyingly confident girls at his grocery store, and how Minnesota is paradise for Somalis.


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Brody Stevens

Season 2 - Episode 217  |   Aired: 01/05/2014  |   Views: 23,753

Brody Stevens breaks down the fourth wall, reveals the best way to get hits on YouTube and relives the day he spent filming "The Hangover."

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Sean Patton

Season 2 - Episode 216  |   Aired: 06/21/2013  |   Views: 25,945

Ubiquitous a**holes are problematic for self-diagnosed pussy Sean Patton, which is why he wages a psychological war through furious licking.

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Baron Vaughn

Season 2 - Episode 215  |   Aired: 06/21/2013  |   Views: 14,300

Baron Vaughn avoids tumbling into full-blown cat personhood after making eye contact with a vagrant and 70s television viewer Rants Magnusson McGee. Plus: The Blackness Test.

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Ben Kronberg

Season 2 - Episode 214  |   Aired: 06/14/2013  |   Views: 33,685

Ben Kronberg eases into his work day, wondering what kind of McDonald's sandwich his dad would be, then rethinks how to name farts and plans a low-carb Chinese restaurant.

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Andy Haynes

Season 2 - Episode 213  |   Aired: 06/14/2013  |   Views: 13,058

Andy Haynes lacks the funds to be an adult. How can you tell? He sleeps on an air mattress and his friends only call to give him odd jobs. He has great hotel sex, though.