The Luck of the Fryrish

  • Season 3, Ep 10
  • 01/25/2008

Fry travels to Old New York to retrieve his lucky clover.

Kareem's gotthe "skyhook",

but Philip J. Fry's gotthe "space hook."

Yancy drives.

He goes up with hispatented "space hook."

Hey, that's mypatented space hook.

You stole it!

You're not thepresident of it.

Holy Kamoley!

A seven-leaf clover.

I'm dyingof old age!

Game over!

Phil wins!

Yancy's fans are stunned!

They'll be nocelebration

at the Yancy Dome!


( whistling )

Well, someone'sin a good mode.

Let's just say

I lucked outat the track.

Also, I riggedone race.

Huh! I'd have wona lot of money, too,

if I still had mylucky seven-leaf clover.

Plus, I'd stillhave my hair.

I got your page,Mr. Fry.

Your new hair is ready.

So, whatever happenedto this seven-leaf clover?

I hid it in a secrethiding place

whose locationI never told anyone--

not even Scruffy.

So the cloveris still in thehiding place, maybe?

Hey, yeah.

Maybe it is still there,

underground in the ruinsof Old New York,

helping some antdefeat another ant

or helping some piece of dirtturn its luck around.

Dirt doesn't need luck.

I'm going down thereto get my clover back.

Some of the tunnelshave metal bars,

so I'll need someonewho's good at bending.

Leela, how about you?

Sure. I'll do it.

Like hell you will!

Bending's my middle name.

It is?


My full name is

Bender Bending R-R-Rodriguez.

So, you openedthe record vault,

and the clover was gone?

Yep. Nothing in there but

all the best music of the 1980sin one amazing collection.

Survivor, Pat Benatar,the Scorpions...

the list goes on.

That clover helpedmy rat fink brother

steal my dreamof going into space.

Now I'll never there.

You went therethis morningfor doughnuts.

"First Person on Mars."

Oh, so your brother was that Philip J. Fry?

I'm Philip J. Fry.

He stolmy nameafter I got frozen.

Shut up, friends!

My Internet browser heard ussaying the word "Fry",

and it found a movieabout Philip J. Fry for us.

It also openedmy calendar to Friday

and ordered mesome French fries.

COMPUTER VOICE:Philip J. Fry, astronaut,

philanthropist, entrepreneur,

was a great man,truly worthy of narration.

Fry was the first man on Mars

a feat that has never sincebeen equaled.

That should have been me!

COMPUTER:The ever-lucky Frymade his fortune

after striking oilin the bathroom

of the mansionhe had won in a lottery.

That's my clover--Yancy stole it!

COMPUTER:After a whirlwind fling

with Icelandic supermodel Noord,

Fry scored a string of top-tenhits with his rock band

Leaf Seven, known fortheir hypnotic rhythms

driving bass linesand memorable hooks.

That's what I'm known for.

Phil came in, right,strummed out this tune, yeah

and I said, "That'sa number one record."

COMPUTER:Today, Fry spends mostof his time in his grave

at Orbiting MeadowsNational Cemetery

buried with the trademarkseven-leaf clover

that will bring him luckin the next life, perhaps

some Egyptians believe.

So that's where my clover is.

Hey, is that orbitingcemetery near here?

It will bein a couple hours.

Good. Leela, Bender,we're going grave robbing.

I'll get my kit.