Justin Willman: Sleight of Mouth

  • Season 1, Ep 101
  • 04/06/2015

Justin Willman explores the intersection of magic, comedy and technology, blowing the minds of stoners and roboticists alike.

Technology might makemagic harder,

but, man, living in a statewith legal marijuana

makes it much easier.

To prove my point,I went to a local pot dispensary

with my buddy Doug Benson.

Check it out.

We're here with Doug Benson,aka High-dini.


Inhale this.


[upbeat music]

(Justin)Technology has changedthe way people get high.

Now, Doug, when wasthe last time you smoked weed?

Like, including now?



This is a cloud vape.

It vaporizes it.What makes this unique?

Well, that one there, um,gets you really high.

This isanother smaller vape.

It actually plugs into a USBto charge.

You know what else it does?It gets you really high.

And I imagine, really, what setsthis one apart is, uh...

- Oh, that right there?- Mm-hmm.

There's one thing.

[both chuckle]- Yeah?

Get you really high.

Get you really high.

Man, technology's amazing.


(Justin)Truth be told, I know there'sno better audience for magic

than high people.






One, two.Right or left?

That's too easy.

Okay, that is too easy.


Um...I don't know.


Right or left?

It's not in either one.

No, it's here!Come on, watch.

I didn't do it yet.I didn't do it yet.


Oh, still--no.

Wait a minute.

- [laughs]- Where the hell--

Damn it.How did you--

(Justin)Imagine a deck of cards.

Pluck one outas your favorite card.

What's your favorite card?

I don't have one.7 of clubs.

7 of clubs?You want that one?

Imagine the 7 of clubsjust kind of--

just kind of emergingfrom your brain

as a thought into reality,okay?

[exhales]Just watch.

Imagine, just--

Keep your eyes open now.

Keep your eyes open.Here we go.

Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God!- Right?

- How's that possible?- Isn't that amazing?

- Isn't that weird?- How'd he do that?

When you said7 of clubs, like,

you were thinkingof another card first, like--

What was the card you originallywere going for in your mind?

- I mean, how could you--- What was the other card?

There was another cardyou were thinking.

- Okay, okay.- What was it?

- It was also a 7, maybe.- 7 of what?

Maybe it was, like,a 7 of diamonds.

Oh, no, I don't want to--

No, no, no,watch, watch, watch.

Oh, no, no, no, no,no, no, no, no, no.

- [exhales]- Okay.

It goes right backwhere it came.

- All right. Okay.- Here, it's right here.

- Right here, right there.- Okay.

Imagine the thought.Imagine the thought.

- And go.- Ahh!

- Boom.- [screams]

What the hell?How'd he move--

That's--I mean, that can't--

- I'm the devil, Doug.- You're the devil.

- The devil!- Oh, my God.

All of us saw that!All of us saw that!

(woman)I don't know what's going on.


Well, Doug, thank you.

Yes, thank you.

I've learned a lot today.

Aw, I'm so high today.

I don't knowif I'll remember any of it.


- That's the great things.- It was great seeing--

We'll have to watch this segmentover and over again

from the right state of mindlike our friend Carla here.


She's happy to be in there.

(Justin)So you say 3-D printersare the wave of the future?

Yeah, I think so.

Jack, I proposethat I can produce

more objects in 15 minutes

than you can 3-D printin 15 minutes.

Highly doubt that.

Let's do it.

- All right.- Tell me when.

[exhales deeply]I'm just getting limbered up.

Let me go change this.

All right, almost done.

- Ready?- Yeah, I'm ready.

You better 3-D printyour nanny, okay?

'Cause you'regonna be crying.


[printer whirring]

- What's it doing?- Loading up.

Oh, yeah?

One object down.

Two silks, two canes.

Whoa.No silks, two canes.

36 cards, 37 cards...

45 cards.

Fake dove...

another fake dove.

Tissue, tissue, tissue...

You're just wasting tissues.

[exhales sharply]

Real dove.

Perfect.Real dove poo.


45-foot snake.

[snaps fingers, claps hands]That's a female.

Bowling ball, yeah?




Four, three, two, one.

[air horn blows]- Time.

An air horn.

[printer whirring]

So I made 542 cards,several canes,

a whole bunch of scarves,

40-foot spring snake,

two live doves,five live fish,

and a female woman appear.

What'd you do?

- Built this shark.- Built this shark.

That's pretty good.

- Can I have this?- Sure.

You're a worthy competitor.