Bend Her

  • Season 5, Ep 13
  • 02/29/2008

Bender becomes an Olympic fembot and wins the love of a famous robot.

for my next guest,winner of five Olympic medals,

Coilette, from Robonia.

( cheering and applause )

So, Coilette, manyyoung fembots

wish to emulate you.

Any advice for them?

Yes, Humorbot-- if you ask me,women today are too stuck up

to go outand jiggle their Jell-O

like everybody wants them to.

In fact, should I do it now?

( lecherous hooting )

All right, then.

( disco music playing )

Whoo! Look out, baby.Work it out.

Oh, shake that thing.

You got to use it, lady.

Shake it up a little.

That's right. Come on.

Break it out.

( thunderous applause )

Madam, I am oneimpressed celebrity.

Oh, I bet yousay that to all

the five-Olympic-gold-medal-winning fembots.

From this day forth, I shalldo so whenever possible.



Coilette, this maybe presumptuous...

That's my favoritekind of "this."

But I wouldbe honored

if you would join mefor dinner sometime.


Calculon, you'd be fulfilling

this naive Robonianfarm girl's fantasy.

Of course I would.

the fembot bending competition.


( evil laughter )

Methinks a clever manbot,suitably disguised

might win those events,

but the charade would requiresubtlety, nuance... grace.

What do you mean,I'm not registered?!

My name is Coilette

and I'm from,uh... Robonia!

Coilette's a chick's name.

Yes, but Roboniasounds like something

somebody made upon the spot.

Ever been beaten up

by a guy dressedlike a chick?

And it's straight!

Coilette wins!

Another gold medal forthe spunky maid from Robonia.

A perfect bendand a flawless entry.

No splash at all.

Perfect scores.

A record five gold medalsfor Coilette.

I'm great!

Everybody else sucks!

Except that guy Bender.

He's really something.

( long hoot )

All medalists reportfor gender testing.

( choked cry )

You actually thoughtthey'd let you