Love and Rocket

  • Season 4, Ep 4
  • 02/06/2008

Bender and the Planet Express ship fall in love.

we come to the "heart"of our operation.

Pun definitely intended.

( laughing )

( groans, gasps )


My family has beenmaking these hearts

since the 1900s.

Tastes mayhave changed,

but our secretrecipe sure hasn't.

( chugging noisily )

Whoa! Letterslike U and R

can mean words like"you" and "are."

Here, Leela.

"U-R-2 cute."

Perhaps.What's your point?

I've never been ableto put into words

how I feel about you

but, somewhere among thesetrillions of hearts,

those words must already exist,

and I'm going to find them.

( muffled grunting )

( gunshots )

( panicked gasps )

( electrical buzzing )

( moaning )

So, do we havethe contract?

PROFESSOR: With that big new Romanticorp contract,

I've been able to make

those government-mandated upgrades

you've all beensuing me about.

Ooh, look.

You taped up the cracksin the dark matter reactor.

And you got a cage for the lion.

( snarling )

♪ If you wantto call me baby... ♪

Hey, who's been messingwith the radio?

This isn't alternative rock,it's college rock.

Oh, it must have beenthe new improved

ship's personality softwareI installed.

Yeah, it was me.

It's a cute song.

Listen, ship!

No one changesmy stations!

I hope you have a good mechanic!

It even comeswith an adjustable voice.

We each get oneof the four buttons...

FEMALE VOICE:...remember, Bender?

That was the deal.

( giggling )


Did you just say...( giggling )?

FEMALE VOICE:If you don't like the stations,

you could with my buttons

till you find somethingwe both enjoy.

( lusty purring )

Oh, gosh,that came out all wrong.

Too late, baby.

You said it!

Well, I'm sick of her.

The ship?

But you juststarted dating.

With my mighty robot powers,I can get sick of things

much quicker than you humans.

Well, just remember

we all still haveto work together.

so try and lether down easy.

In due time, Leela.

But for now, I'lljust resume dating

cheap floozieson the side.

You have much to teach us.

( scoffs )

Doesn't it bother you,even a little

to be taking advantageof your girlfriend's trust?

( laughing )

Oh, wait,you're serious.

Let me laugheven harder.

( hysterical laughter )

( floozies giggling )

What's it likebeing a lawyer

for the mayor's office

and also the world'sstrongest millionaire?

Well, baby, for starters,you need to be honest

all the time.

Good evening, Bender.

And to your lady friends,may I say, bam.

( giggling )

You know Elzar?

( giggling )


( snoring )

( doorbell rings )

( snorts )


( yawns )

Planet Express Ship?

Is that you?

Oh, hi, Fry.

Is Bender home?

( stammering )

No, um...I think he's at his parents.

Oh. I see.

He didn't fly there in anotherspaceship, did he?

Bender? No.

He's an old-fashioned,one-spaceship robot.

Look, I'll tell himyou stopped by, okay?


( doorbell rings )

Oh, hi, Fry.

Is he home now?