Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

  • Season 5, Ep 7
  • 02/22/2008

The Planet Express crew revert into teenagers after falling into aging tar.

And then, and thena giant tapeworm

tried to play us for chumps.

But we, like,totally dissed Moose.

Yes, I'd liketo meet this "Moose."

But, in the meantime,I have good news.

I may have solvedour age problem.

( voice cracking ):Yay!

( beeping )

It seems the youth-a-sizingtar was saturated

with time-altering chronitons.

A thin layer is stillstuck to our DNA,

as well as Bender's"Robo," or "RNA."


You stink.

Yes, yes.

Anyhow, I've designedan oil-eating bacterium

that should takethe tar right off.

C'mon, let's gotell Leela

so we can growup together.

( kissing noises )

LEELA: Thanks, Professor,

but I don't wantthe treatment.

Don't you understand,you little nitwit?

Unless you're treated soon,the only way

to restore your true agewill be to grow into it...

just as God intended.

He has a point,honey.

What about your joband your friends?

Do you really want toabandon your old life?

My old lifewasn't as glamorous

as my web-pagemade it look.

All I ever wanted

was to grow up here, with you.


Well, if it's whatyou really want...

It is. I know it is.

( voice cracking ):I'll miss you, Leela.

I'll come back and visitwhen I'm all grown up.

( whispers ):Bring beer.

No beer till you finishyour tequila.

The age-restoring microbes

we'll have to try ourstrongest treatment--

a soothing,full-body bath

in searing hot tar.

( tar bubbling )

Sir, it's not necessary,or wise, to be naked.

( sputtering ):You sound just likemy tennis instructor.

( gasping and flinching )

The tar blistersthe age right outof the body

in what top scientistssuspect is a miracle.

( lever squeaking )

( bubbling increases )

Oh, I don't have time for this!

I have to go buy a single pieceof fruit with a coupon,

and then return it,

making people wait behind mewhile I complain!

He still soundssort of old.

Sort of real old.

Step aside, lady.

Like everything else in life,

pumping is just a primitive,degenerate form of bending.

( grunting )

Whoa! Whoo!

Oh! Whoa!

( lever squeaking )

Come on, Bender, pump harder!Harder!

( weakly ):I'm trying as hard as I can.

Harder, damn you!

( splashing and rumbling )

( grunting )

( rumbling intensifies )

( yelling )

( yelling stops )

( gurgling, coughing, gasping, sputtering )

Well, that was an utter wasteof time.

( startled gasps )

Professor, it worked!

You look younger enoughto be my father.

Poodle spit!

( device whirring )

( gasps ):53 years old?

( groans )

Now I'll need a fake I.D.to rent ultraporn.

This is cool,Professor.

We should go outand celebrate.


Dear Lord, you've all revertedto your childhood forms.

Hooray! I'm a teenageheartthrob again!