The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again

  • Season 1, Ep 3
  • 09/30/2015

Chrysalis leads a task force to catch a mysterious serial killer, and Dazzle is torn when his favorite artist becomes the prime suspect.


Come on, come on.One more minute,

and I can retire already.

No more cop crap.

I can't believe they put youon a dangerous stakeout

- on your last night.- Yeah. This is really cutting

into my drinking time.

- Yeah, I'm out of here.- Flash, wait.

The Moonbeam Maniacis still out there.

Unless he's a beer,

I don't care.

Dazzle, get up.Flash is leaving.



I hear a beer with my name,

and it's calling me.Boo, boo, boo, boop.

I hope being a cop doesn't rotmy brain like that clown.

So what if he hasa clown's brain?

You've got red hair.

Have you been tested?

What's that?

What the f--

- Oh, my god.- Wow.

He was zero daysaway from retirement.

Canadian hockey megastarand prime minister

Rad Cunningham,the man everyone is jealous of.

He shoots.

- He scores.- Stop it!

You're ruining the crime scene.

It's a crime scene.

It was already ruined.

Rad, get serious.

This task force actuallymight be able to catch

the Moonbeam Maniacif we all just work together.

Guys, we got to move.

There's a 241 in progresson Saturn Lane Avenue. Let's go.

A 241?What's a 241?

Rad, let's go.

[Rad screaming, thuds]

Oh, Rad, not again.

It's not what it looks like.