Bender's Big Score Pt. 2

  • Season 0, Ep 2
  • 03/23/2008

Alien scam artists task Bender with time-traveling thievery and the ultimate betrayal.

Okay, Fry.

Come to Papa.

Man, I'm bored.



Hey, there you are.

Oh, wait.

That's Fry before he goesto the future.

I'm waiting for the onewho comes back from the future.

Sheesh, this is confusing.

And I bet it's goingto get a lot more confusing.

[liquid sloshing]

Ooh, that cheap beerreally goes right through you.

For the first time ever,I got to use the bathroom,

but if I leave,I might miss Fry.


[speaking code rapidly]

And I bet it's goingto get a lot more confusing.

[startled grunting]

Hi, I'm you from 19 secondsin the future.

Uh, stay here and wait for Frywhile I go to the bathroom.

Okay, boss.

[muttering]After I killFry, you're next.


What the...Who are you?

I'm Bender from way at the end.

I came back to put thisrub-on time code on Fry's ass.

So what areou now,a butler?

Pfft. Spot of tea,please, jerkwad.

It's calledclass, you yokel.

Now, if you'll excuse me,I have a buttocks to tattoo.

and steal the Liberty Bellbefore it cracked.

Or is the crackthe valuable part?

I don't know,you naked crook!

We havea problem, Nudar.

It's a one-way time code.

It can take us to the past,

but it can't bring us backto the present!

[eagerly]Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!Oh! Oh! Oh!

Let me do the stealing.

I'll go to the past

and snatch everythingI can get my greasy mitts on.

Then, as a robot, I can justwait it out for a few centuries

in the limestone cavernbeneath this building.

Oh, it'll beever so much fun!

Hey, that's perfect.

We sit back and let dum-dumhere do the stealing!

Dum-dum away!

[antenna clicks, whooshes]Zero-zero-one-one...

[speaking coderapidly][gasps]

Yup![sphere whooshes]

[door creaks open]

[gasps]The Mona Lisa!

Sorry, it'snot quite finished.

Da Vinci give youany trouble?

Let's just say he may notmake it to the Last Supper.



Time travel isimpossible.

But, Professor,you time-traveled yourself.

Remember, when wewent back to Roswell?

That proves nothing.

And, furthermore, you'd thinkI'd remember a thing like that.

Plus, who areyou, anyway?

Man, this is fun on a bun!

Here I go again!

Oh, no, you don't![speaking code rapidly]

[time sphere whooshes]

[wind howling]

[whooshes][confused murmurs]

Scarab, forearm, bird-bird-bird!


[door creaks]Boo!

[Bender cackles]

Nah, it's just me, Bender.