March 21, 2016 - Obama's Cuba Visit & Hulk Hogan's Legal Win

  • 03/21/2016

President Obama pays a historic visit to Cuba, and Larry discusses Hulk Hogan's $140 million legal victory against Gawker with Scott Aukerman, Grace Parra and Bobby Gaylor.



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Okay. Oh, oh, big news, guys.

Today marksthe most consequential day

in U.S.-Cuba relationssince Bill Clinton took a cigar

-and, um...-(laughter)

You know, he'll makea wonderful First Gentleman.

NEWSWOMAN: For the first time in nearly nine decades

a sitting American presidentis waking up in Cuba.

President Obama's historic arrival in Havana yesterday

ends decades of isolation between the U.S. and Cuba.

You know, according to Fox News,Obama's sit-down with Castro

marks the first timean evil Communist dictator

has met with the leader of Cuba.


Fox News, man.

Fox News tellin' the truth!



Hold on.

Yeah, I know.

They think that (bleep) is true.

Brother up in the stands,

you know whatI'm talking about, right?

Now, there was a bitof an awkward moment

when Castro was finishedducking a question

on human rights violations.Check this out.

(Castro speaks Spanish)


What... what was that, Obama?

What was... Like, like thismakes your arm invisible.

Oh, I don't want you to do that.(mock whimpering)

Uh, let me give you some advice,Mr. President.


if you don't want Fox Newsto call you Cuba's puppet...


-(applause) -you might not want to act

like a marionette, you know.

(humming a tune)

Human rights?They went thataway.


Of course, many are criticizingObama for going to Cuba

when the nation still hasa horrendous record

on human rights.

When President Obama is therewith Hollywood celebrities

and rock musicians drinkingmojitos at the embassy...

the political prisonerswho are languishing...

are left behindby this president.

Okay, speakingof political prisoners...

how about thatmiddle school class

having to listento your speech there? Um...

(laughter, whooping, applause)

Yes, the Walking Ted Cruz sayshe's offended.

He's offended by allthe political prisoners in Cuba,

except when he's callingfor more prisoners in Cuba

for political reasons.


The big picture.

Opening up relations will result

in pumping moneyinto the region,

which will help people, right?

You know, the fear amonganybody who's ever been there

or cares at all about the Cubanpeople, as so many of us do,

the last thing they needis a Taco Bell and a Lowe's.

Are we about to get up in thereand ruin that place?


"Get up in thereand ruin that place"?

Wait. Is this reporting or isShep Smith live sexting, man?

Yeah. I'm about to get upin there and ruin that place.


(whooping, applause)

That's insane. Okay.

But this...this line of thinking

really gets to me, you guys,because it totally discounts

the poverty and quality of lifethat the Cuban people

have dealt with.

Yes, Cubans have old carsand no Wi-Fi,

and that's very cool...

unless you're Cuban!

Is capitalist influencegoing to make Cuba different?

Yes. But, guys,it's not a poor zoo...

here for our benefit,where we can go to gawk

at the authentic poor peoplein their natural habitat.

Don't change it,don't change it.

Cubans are people, too,and they're our neighbors,

and if they want an Applebee's,

I say let them eat goodin the neighborhood.

-(laughter)-All right?

All right, to find out moreabout how the locals

are reacting to the president'svisit to Cuba,

we checked in withour very own Grace Parra.

-Hi, Larry! Hello!-(cheering, applause)

-Hi, hi, hi!-Hey, Grace.

Hi. I'm here in hot, hot Havana

where everybody's talkingabout one thing: Cuba!

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

No, okay, Grace...

I know you love doingthe "Nightly! Nightly!"

but we sent you to Cubato offer your unique perspective

as a a Latina American.

-Oh, okay, I'm sorry, let me tryagain. (clears throat) -Okay.

-Hola, Larry...(speaking Spanish) -No.

(continues in Spanish)


♪ Noche! Noche!

(laughter, applause, whooping)


Grace, English, please!

-Now, please focus on the story.Please. -Oh, don't worry, Larry.

-I am on top of all of it.The cigars, -All right.

the fashion and the clothing.


That's the same thing, right?

And what does fashion have to dowith visiting Cuba?

Well, Raúl Castro'slooking dictator chic

in his monochromatic two-piece.

I guess he likes his wardrobelike he likes his cafe de Cuba:


♪ Nightly! Nightly!

Grace, please,this is a serious issue!

Please stop that, Grace!

Thank you.

Look, many people are upsetObama's in Cuba

because ofthe human rights violations

plaguing that country.

And the only human rightsviolation I've noticed, Larry,

is no Wi-Fi.

♪ Nightly! Nightly!


I don't even know whatyou're doing right now.

Focus. Grace,focus, focus, okay?

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Focus. Okay.

Cuban-American relations havebeen troubled since the '60s.

Please, just give meone serious insight

about the state of Cuba today.

-Okay.-Thank you.


well, uh...


-Okay, okay, okay.-You can do it.

After mesmerizing Americawith charm and vitality,

Cuba languished for decadesin forced obscurity,

but as of 2016,Cuba is flushed with new money

and opportunities.

See, that's good. See?You can talk...

you c talk about Cuba.


Cuba... Gooding Jr., that is.


(whooping, applause)

Oh, Larry...

will the Jerry Maguire star

say "show me the Emmy"for his turn as O.J.?

A jury of my peers says,"Uh, guilty."

-WILMORE: Yeah...-♪ Nightly! Nightly!

-(Latin music playing)-Grace! What...

what are those dancers doingout there?

-Are you expensing this trip?-Oh, come on, lighten up!

You got to get up in hereand ruin this place, Larry!


This is hopeless.Grace Parra, everybody.

We'll be right back!

(cheering, applause)

Welcome back. Now, there's beenan odd phenomena

happening in the Trump campaign,

and I'm not talking aboutthe Trump campaign.

Uh, it's aboutsome of his followers.

And you have a lot ofblack people supporting Trump.

Um, black peoplesupporting Trump?


So, where arethese black people?

Well, I had some of themin my studio the other day,

uh, where I asked themthe simple question:

what the (bleep)are you thinking?

I just want to aska very straight question

from the beginning. Um,why do you support Donald Trump?

I'm a registered Democrat,let me start first,

and I lost faith

and belief in the current stateof our party right now

with our two candidates.

I'm open to Donald Trumpbecause I feel like,

um, he's a gangster.

-He's a gangster?-He's a gangster.

Is he a gangster or gangsta?

-He's a gangsta.-Okay.

He's going out hereand he's kind of gangstering

the whole situation.He's like,

"If you come up to my mic,you know, I'm taking you out."

-Right. -Coming fromthe hip-hop community,

I understand his language.

Right, becausehe is kind of like a rapper.

-I mean, he's into gold.-That's what I'm saying.

-Right? He has his own vodka.-Absolutely.

-Uh, he's got a private jet.-That's right.

-And he really likeswhite women. -Exactly.

-And his wife was a model.-Correct.

Would that sway anybody else--those qualities?

The way you express it--I-I never thought of it

that way, you know,but he's pretty cool.

Have you told other black peopleyou're voting for Donald Trump?

-Be honest. -Yeah, absolutely.-Absolutely.

Kevin, be honest.Have you told family members?

-I've told family members, I'vetold... -You've told your mama

-that you're voting for...-I told my wife...

-that I'm... We fightevery morning about it. -Mm-hmm.

But I stand on my own, too.

This is America.America is greedy.

America is going to tryto cut corners,

so we have to make a placefor ourselves.

So, Donald Trumpis the president

who can get black peoplethose low-paying jobs again.

No, we don't wantthe low paying jobs.

Lower-paying jobs arethe first rung on the ladder

so you can't-you can'tclimb up the ladder

-till you start someplace.-Donald Trump will get

black people back on thatfirst rung of the ladder.

If you're on the ladder here,you're gonna climb up more.

Should the Mexicansbe allowed to use that ladder

-to climb the wall?-Yes. -Most definitely.

Not the wall...

Do you have a messagefor other black people out there

telling them why they mightwant to vote for Donald Trump?

I'll just...I would say just know that

Donald Trump is not gonnamake you a slave.

-He's not gonna make youa slave? -He's not gonna

make you a slave,you're not gonna be

-back in the cotton fields. -Andyou're sure about that, Gary?

-I'm pretty sure about that.-Okay.

-Everybody's tryingto enslave you. -Mm-hmm.

But the main important thingis how much I'm gonna get paid

-while I'm enslavement,you know? -Mm-hmm.

So, you're pro-slaverybut with pay.

-That's right, that's right.-You're anti-slavery.

Yeah, anti-slavery. -Okay,anyone else pro-slavery here?

Donald Trump says he has a greatrelationship with the blacks.

Okay, as one of the blacks,

how would you describethat relationship?

-The fact that he says "theblacks"... -"The blacks", right.

...means that his relationshipis a little skewed,

because he wouldn'tcall us "the blacks"

if he really understoodwhere we were coming from.

Does it feel like he'sin an abusive relationship

with the blacks?Are you guys

secretly tryingto get out of this relationship?

-Not at all. -Okay, so how didyou guys feel when Trump said

he wants to ban Muslimsfrom coming into the country?

-We don't have any Muslimshere, right? -I'm Muslim.

-You're kidding me.-No, I'm not kidding you.

-And you're gonna votefor Trump? -Most certainly.


Would you be opposed, uh,to having Trump waterboard you

just to get more informationabout Islam?

-Um... -If Trump came in hereand he had to pick one person

to waterboard,who do you think he would pick?

Rhymes with schmuslim?


Let's pretend likeI'm your father, okay?

You guys are all my kids

and you have to convince me

-that I should vote forDonald Trump, okay? -Absolutely.

Hey, kids, how's it going?Why do you guys...

Why are you guys all here?What's going on?

Dad, we're about to vote forDonald Trump, and we need you...

Jenay, you're so funny.

Jenay is always the funniestmember of this family.

All right, you guys want to goto the movies tonight?

-What do you want to do? I'msorry? -No, we need you to...

we need you to castyour vote as well.

-What are you talking about?-Because we can't just

-be Democrats becausewe're black. -That's right.

Wait, hold on.Winston, you believe this, too?

I believe her 100%.

(bleep), please. Come on,what's going on in here?

Are you voting for Trumpbecause, as an Orange-American,

he's the only remainingcandidate of color?

I'm tired of the jokes.Stop the jokes on Donald Trump.

You guys knowI'm a fake journalist, right?


What kind of disturbs mein some of these rallies is

you guys have seen this,where Trump gets everybody

to make a pledge?Have you seen that?

Where he has thempledge to vote for him?

I just want you guysto raise your hand

and we'll justtake a pledge right now.

Okay. And, um, just say,

I will nevertell black people...

I will never tellblack people...

...that I am votingfor Donald Trump...

...that I amvoting for Donald Trump...

...until after the election.

...until afterthe election.

I love the fact that, uh,

you spoke so freelyand passionately about this.

And, uh, thanks for coming.

-Pleasure having us. -Thank you.-Thank you very much.

I still don't get it.We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Bobby Gaylor.

(cheering, applause)

And Nightly Show contributorGrace Parra.

(cheering, applause)

And his new show Bajillion Dollar Propertie$

is available on Seeso.comand he's the host

of Comedy Bang Bang, comedian Scott Aukerman.

-(cheering, applause)-Hello, America!

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShowusing #Tonightly.

Okay, so, here we go.

So, on Friday-- and you guysmay have heard about this--

a jury in Florida awardedHulk Hogan $115 million

in a lawsuit againstthe gossip news Web site Gawker

for showing a sex tape of him

and the wife of his best friend,Bubba the Love Sponge.

And just today he receivedan additional $25 million

-in damages totaling $140million, okay? -(man whoops)

Now, Hulk... Hulk claims...I know, that is a lot of paper.

Hulk claims he didn't knowhe was being recorded

by his friend...

Bubba the Love Sponge.


Okay, what's the biggest thingwrong with all this, you guys?

I mean, I thinkthe biggest thing wrong

is that we've all seen HulkHogan having sex at this point.

-Yeah. -Were you ableto find the video?

-I found the video,and I watched... -You saw it?

Yeah, I saw the video.It's not good.

It's... not a thing to watch.

But to his... to his, um, favor,

he does pleasure the lady first.

-But you didn't see it.-That's your takeaway from this?

-I read the transcript! Yes!-(laughter)

-But to me... -Wait, whatdoes it say in the transcript?

-Just "Mmm, mmm, mmm"? -Yeah.That's-that's what it says.

Yeah, it's a lotof "Mmm, mmm, mmm."

-And then "legs spread."-A lot of muffled...

-Yeah. -But to me,I wouldn't even want to see it,

because he's like a big,over-the-top cartoon character.

So to me it would be likewatching a six-foot Yosemite Sam

have sex all of a sudden. Like,"That was some rootin'-tootin'

-sex. I hate rabbits."-Yeah.

I think Hulk Hogan should splitthe money he won

with everyone who had to know,

-watch him actually have sex.-We'd all get a little bit.

You know, 'cause we werethe victims here.

I agree with that. 'Causeit's like I can't unsee that

-in my mind right now. You know?Which is horrible. -Yeah. Yeah.

-He's tagging her out, callingher brother. -Tagging her out.

-You know? "Get in here,brother!" -Yep. Yep.

-He loves saying that. "Hey,brother. Hey, brother." -Yeah.

-"Hulkamania!"-Do you think... This is a huge,

a huge settlement.Do you think he's being rewarded

or Gawker's just being punished?

-Oh...-He's-he's not being rewarded.

I-I... Gawker is being punished.

-And Gawker should be punishedfor this. -I agree with that.

-I mean, this-this is aterrible thing they did. -Yeah.

Uh, a-a total invasionof privacy.

I mean, it's basically...they are airing

-a stolen piece of property.-Mm-hmm.

Uh, and so they should bepunished.

-Unfortunately, it has to goto Hulk Hogan, -Right. -Right.

-who is calling peoplethe N-word on this tape! -Yes!

By the way, he-he only askedfor $100 million,

-and they gave him $115 million.-Yeah. -Yeah. They're like,

"You said the N-wordenough times. It's Florida.

-Let's give you an extra $40million." -"Here's extra money!"

-Yeah. -You know...Wait, this was the tape

-he said the N-word on?-Yeah. He's saying it

-in between having sex. Yes.-He got $115 million for saying

-the N-word and having sex withhis friend's wife, -Yes. Yes.

-Bubba the Love Sponge?-Bubba the Love Sponge. Yeah.

Well, because the trialwas in Florida.

-That's wh... that's why...I'm sure. -Yeah. -Right.

-A lot of old people andrednecks down there. -This is

-the state that determinesour president, you guys. -Yes.

-This state. I know. -Yeah.Yeah. -Hello, President Trump.

Also, Bubba the Love Sponge, howis that not somebody who lives

-in a pineapple under the sea?-Right.

There's also the issue of whatconstitutes a public figure now.

All of us put everything upon-on social media, so...

Anything is n-newsworthyunder their standard of,

"Well, we thought thiswas news." Watching Hulk Hogan

have sex is not newsworthy.It's the opposite of newsworthy.

-Unless the headlines are on hisdick. -That was their argument.

-That-that was their argument.-Right. Right.

So is-is gossip news today?I mean,

-that was their argument though,right? -That is their argument.

I think it is. Because I getmy news from Twitter,

and I get my gossip from CNN.It's like... It's just...

I mean, my news feed is as muchabout ISIS as it is about, like,

-Barb Jackman's fourth kidor whatever. -Right.

-It's all in-intermingled now.-Yeah. -I've heard

people even tuneinto Comedy Central for news.

(cheering and applause)

Um, it's so odd though thatthe guy who did the recording,

this is supposedly his friend,and somehow he wanted

his friend to have sexwith his wife

and then secretly records him,

and he settled with himfor, like, $5,000.

Yeah, Bubba the Love Spongegot $5,000 and had to apologize.

-Yeah, publicly. -How is thatthe lesser crime here though?

And when the tape came out,Heather, Bubba's wife,

said she was actually... Yeah,yeah, her name was Heather.

She wasactually really embarrassed

because she's now seenhaving sex with Hulk Hogan,

and she thought he was cheesy.And it's like, "Really?

"You're married to a guynamed Bubba the Love Sponge.

-Right, right. -You thinkHulk Hogan is cheesy?"

-Yeah. -Do you thinkthey're all in this together?

-Is it a conspiracy? -Oh, 100%.They have to be. Oh, yeah.

I mean, I-I thinkthis is the new paradigm

-for how to release a sex tape.-Yeah.

You know, insteadjust going straight to Vivid

and getting, you know,whatever you... you know,

-$1 or $2 million,-Right.

you know, sell itto some irreputable news outlet

and have them put it upand get $140 million.

I think they all knew. I thinkthey all knew. I think, uh,

-H-Hulk knew that he was beingfilmed. -Yeah. His career's been

-in the (bleep). He needs a bolt-You think so? -Yeah.

of lightning. His friend islike, "Hey! I'll have sex

-with your wife" and...-It might be part of the fetish,

by the way. They might enjoythe fact not only of them

being filmed but that it's gonnabe broadcast publicly.

Hulk Hogan had the biggest bonerduring the trial.

-Yeah! Yeah. -Just like,"Everyone's watching me,

-brother!" -Oh, my God.That's horrible. -Yeah.

You know what's amazing is,like, Erin Andrews,

who was secretly filmedin her hotel room,

-was awarded, like, $55 million,and half of that -Oh, my God.

-was from a guy who hadno money. -Right. Right.

Hulk Hogan-- I just don't getthis, guys-- he's making

a-a porno tape with this womanwho was this guy's...

his friend,and he gets $140 million.

Even in privacy invasion,women are getting (bleep).

-Yeah. Yeah.-Right.

-We still are earning lessthan men, -I mean... -Sucks.

-even when it comes to therelease of sex tapes. -I know.

-Well...-It's a totally... Yeah.

-It's a totally different issuethough. -It-It's true.

-It is. It is a different issue.-The reasons for the lawsuit

-are totally different.-It seems related to me, though.

I mean, they're both invasionsof privacy, but, I mean,

Erin Andrewswas settling the hotel

-that gave up her informationto the weirdo -Right. Sure.

-who-who... Yeah. -Sure.-Idiots. And then the thing is,

the guy that shot Erin-Erin,like, he approached TMZ

with that footageand they said no.

And it's like what kindof (bleep)-up world are we in

if TMZ's the moral compassall of a sudden

-for what we're doing?-Right. -Right, right, right.

-Exactly. -I like how you say,"Shot the video,"

-like you're a DP.-Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

-It was grainy on purpose.-Yeah.

-I think "Florida"sums it all up. -Yeah.

-We'll be right back.-(cheering and applause)

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Thanks to my panelists,Bobby Gaylor, Grace Parra,

and Scott Aukerman.We're almost out of time,

but before I go,I'm gonna keep it 100.

Tonight's question's froman audience member named Adeija.

Let's take a look.

Hey, Larry, who's got ittougher, blacks or Hispanics?

I can ask that 'cause I'm both.Keep it 100.

-Ooh.-(laughing): Oh.

Um, I was gonna sayblack Hispanics.


You know what,I'm sticking with my answer.

-I think black Hispanics.What? Is that... -Uh... -Uh...

-What? I get weak tea? -Weak,weak, weak, weak, -Weak tea!

-weak, weak, weak.-(stammers, laughs)

-I'm sticking with that.Thanks for watching. -Weak.

Don't forget to ask me your KeepIt 100 questions on Twitter.

Good Nightly, everyone!No, black Hispanics!

Unless you play baseball!