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Dry Guys

Season 2 - Episode 201   |   Aired: 09/27/2011   |   Views: 665,341   |   Comments:

After a hard night of partying the guys try to go sober for a week.


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Dry Guys

Season 2 - Episode 201  |   Aired: 09/27/2011  |   Views: 665,341

After a hard night of partying the guys try to go sober for a week.

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Heist School

Season 2 - Episode 203  |   Aired: 09/20/2011  |   Views: 352,891

When something they love is taken from them, the guys go undercover at a high school to investigate.

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Muscle I'd Like to Flex

Season 1 - Episode 109  |   Aired: 06/01/2011  |   Views: 180,602

Blake and Ders's world turns upside down when they lose Adam to a super-rich MILF.

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To Friend a Predator

Season 1 - Episode 108  |   Aired: 05/25/2011  |   Views: 195,839

When the guys try to "To Catch a Predator" a local child molester, he turns out to be the coolest guy ever.

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Straight Up Juggahos

Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 05/18/2011  |   Views: 223,206

To prevent Jillian from attending an important business function, the guys send her on a blind date, resulting in a rescue operation at an Insane Clown Posse concert.