Where the Buggalo Roam

  • Season 3, Ep 10
  • 03/25/2001

Kif does everything possible to win Amy's parents' approval.

And even though the computerwas off and unplugged

an image stayed on the screen.

It was...

the Windows logo!

Pss! That's not scary.

It is if you're a laser printer.

Okay, my turnto tell a ghost story.

Once, there wasthis woman driving...

Hook in the hand.

Okay, I've got one.

This family...

Man in the attic.

Fine, Mr. Know-It-All-About-Something-Finally,

you tell a story.

With pleasure.

Once, not far from here,

four people set outon a cattle drive...

Robot gets boredand kills Fry with a hammer!

Sorry. Go on.

And then, while they sathelplessly around the campfire,

a demented, knife-wielding,escaped, lunatic, Libertarian,

zombie mutant snuck up and...


( screaming )

( whimpering )

Amy, what are you doing here?

I forgot to give you somethingbefore you left.

Oh. What?


Is thatyour camouflage reflex,

or are you just happyto see me?

I love it out here, Amy.

I feel so manly.

I have blister,I-I spit,

and-and, of course,I tell no one my feelings.

But you still have them, right?

Oh, yes,but I keep them inside

until I can write themin my diary.

Ah... it's awonderful night.

It sure is.

I could just lie here beside youstaring at the sky all night.

I can't.



( both moaning )

( loud rumbling )

( gasps )

What's that?!

Maybe we just made love.

( rumbling stops )

( mandibles clicking )

The buggalo!

They're in the crater!

The rustlers musthave seen me coming

and run off scared.

Oh, Kif, you're so brave.

Shh. They'll hear us.