Boston Me Party

  • Season 1, Ep 11
  • 01/06/2014

Brody travels to Boston to shoot his episode of The Half Hour and interview the other 16 comedians being featured on the show for a behind-the-scenes web series.

Going back for rehearsalright now.

Gonna check in, wardrobe,find my resting placeat The Royale.

This is a big night for me.

Let's hear how that one sounds.

Crank that music.

That's funny music.Even louder. Come on! Come on!


Steven Brody Stevens!

I think they told me that's apublic song. It's corny.

Hi, there,I'm Steven Brody Stevens...

and you're watching my half-hourspecial on Comedy Central...

with limited commercialinterruption.

Yes! You got it!DVR that!

Carisa.Hi, Carisa.

Hi, nice to meet you.Nice to meet you.

You can call me Steven.

Steven? Okay, awesome.Yeah.

You're from Australia.I am.

I can tell.Let's do a speed round.

Yeah, yeah.Okay.

How am I gonna do on myhalf-hour Comedy Centralspecial?

30 minutes of comedy.


It's my big opportunity.Okay.

I'm normally doingfive-minute sets.

I can feel you vibratingfrom here on that.

You have very good cardson this.


Kind of like power and energycoming in around--


I'm getting power?

It's personal power really.Yeah.

Being in a position of being,I guess, self-in-charge,if that's a term that's usable.

It's usable.

You have basically got rewardsfor work well done.

Nine years of warm-up...

13 years since my last timeon Comedy Central.Okay, so there's like--

Yeah.So you're right on.

The cards around are very good.

How many chicks willI make out with this year?

I don't knowif I'm gonna have any--

You can say, "Brody, you lookgood. You smell good.Your skin's good."

Okay, let me seewhat I get with this.

You're getting a lot of sixesand sevens.

The girls are sixes or sevens?

Or six-- I'm getting sixdifferent girls?

I'm gonna go with anywherebetween six and 19.

You're telling me, there's achance that I may make out--

It's-- it's unlimited.Really?

I'm in Fenway Park.

I sought out permissionto get inside this stadium.

They said, "Brody, we know you.Please, yes.

"We insist that you sitin our bullpen.

"It's the visitor's bullpen,but sit in it."

You know, I didn't makeit as far as I wantedto in baseball...

but I'm doing it in comedy...

and I'm doing my half-hourspecial in Boston.

Tonight could be the biggestnight of my life.

And for me to be right herewhere championships and momentshave taken place.

I feel like Boston deservesto see a championship...

as I celebrate my comedicchampionship.

And I'm gonna take the energyfrom this bullpen to The Royale.

I'm feeling pumped up,put me in the game.

I am ready to takethe stage tonight.

James Earl Jones?

Yes. You got it.

Positive energy.

Do you see that?

Hash tag, Push and believe.

I mean, I took myLamictal last night.

Does Fenway have a pharmacy?I need to double check on it.

I mean, I'm okay.

That looks perfect.

TOM (O.S.):And he recently got a half-hourComedy Central special.


If I was directing it,I would have Brody come out...

and go, "Brody, what bothersyou about the way things lookright now?"

And then have him redothe stage...

and explain why he's redoingwhat he's redoing.

Hello, Boston.

Yes! My beardis perfect for you.

There's nobody like him.

He's-- I hope...

Tom, how do you thinkI'll do tonight?

TOM (O.S.):I think you'll do incredible.

Look at Jeffrey Tambor. I couldbe the next Jeffrey Tambor.

You never know whathe's gonna do...

and he's very interactivewith the crowd.

He just does things thatI've never seen any otherstand-up do.

I'm known as a pope of comedy.

Not for my jokes,but because I don't have sex.

Someone who's more of atraditional comedian...

is just gonna go up thereand do a set...

tell their jokes,please the audience.

Brody's show is always differentand I really respect that.

The fact that he'sin the moment.

A lot of people are gonna sayhe's cutting edge...

he's just pushing new ground.

He is, but he's also, you know,refreshingly old school...

and he's really intoperformance.

Boston references, openings,hello, model in Pakistan,retiring these jokes.

Very hairy, return toComedy Central... 13 years.


Let's go do it.Yes! You got it. Show on.

Positive. Let's do it.Let's have some fun.

Brody, can I do a Vineof you prepping?

You got it.One, two, three.

Yes! Stretching the calves.

I messed it up, I'm sorry.Ready? One, two, three.

Stretching in preparation.

My phone's [BLEEP] up.It keeps going.

One, two, three.


I'm getting 30 minutesof TV time that I haven'tgotten before.

When I've been on TV, it'salways been five minutes here,six minutes there.

Two minutes here,one minute there.

This is 30 minutes,so it's a big deal to me.

Get this on camera, Dave.

Yes! Push and believe.You got it.

You like stole the set notes.

I felt I did very good.I was happy with that.

I didn't like that my voice wasgoing out, but what could I do?

I told Comedy CentralI'd do 17 interviews.

They were nice.They were with me.

I had some fans. I didn'trealize how many fansI had until after.

Hey, Baron.Bring it in, positive energy.

You got it. Yes.We did it.

Incredible.We did it.

A master, I can't believe yougot that much energy out of theaudience this late at night.

I pushed them.

Pushed them? They were with youat every single moment.

You were like a cakethat they kept eating...

and every time they ate somemore cake, appeared lighter.

This is endless cake!

Thanks, Baron,I appreciate it. Yes!

You did it.I can't wait until after--

You got it.You got it.

Quiet, I'm ready and go.

You know, it's excitingto think that 20 years ago...

there was this little cableaccess show...

and here's this guy with his ownComedy Central half hour.

These stories don'thappen, you know?

People try to makethese stories happen.

But this is a real one.

Brody's like surpassed me,I mean, at this moment...

I think if you wantto look at career-wise...

Brody's higher up than I am.

It makes me feel-- I feela little [BLEEP]...

but there's no jealousy.

I got almost nothing going on,you know?

30 Rock is done,not filming that.

I'm not doing any movies,so I'm happy as hell for him.

Brody could be like an A-listcelebrity.

You know, have millions ofdollars and still be like...

Hey, Brody, can you-- we stillwant you to do warm-up.

Yeah, I'm on the coverof Rolling Stone.

What time should I be there?

I'll bring the tambourine.

He just loveswhat he does, you know?

It's kind of whathe was born to do.

He has more amazingprojects to come.

Everyone's just rooting for him.

If I had a network,I'd invest a lot in Brody.

I would, this is on ComedyCentral now, right? All right.