August 9, 2016 - Abdullah Saeed

  • 08/09/2016

Michigan's water crisis quietly rages on, and Larry discusses sexual harassment claims against Fox News's Roger Ailes with Abdullah Saeed, Holly Walker and Franchesca Ramsey.

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Welcome to The Nightly Show!

I am Larry Wilmore!Oh, thank you. Have a seat.

(scattered chanting of "Larry!")

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

I appreciate how long the onebrother took to sit down.

"No, I'm finishing."

Thanks, brother,I appreciate it.

Okay, all right.Welcome to The Nightly Show.

I am Larry Wilmore.I have to bring this up.

Before we start,at a Hillary rally last night--

this is amazing-- there was aninteresting person in the crowd.

REPORTER: What's the father of the man responsible

for the Orlando massacre doing at a Hillary Clinton rally?

REPORTER 2: There he is tonight in Kissimmee,

just 30 minutes from the Pulse nightclub.

Clinton is good for United Stateversus, uh, Donald Trump.

Oh, my God. He's with her?


I mean, I knowthis election has been weird,

but this isjust horrible optics.

I-I mean, even-even LensCrafterswas like, "Ouch."

All right? In fact,I haven't seen optics this bad

since LBJ's inauguration,when Lee's dad,

Greg Harvey Oswald,was standing behind him.

No, Greg,you were not Number One Dad!

All right, now, look,we made a promise on this show

not to forget about the peoplein Flint, Michigan,

and their ongoing water crisis.

So let's check inwith the Larry People vs. Flint.

(water dripping)

Almost sounds too happy,that intro.

So, a few months ago,everyone cared

about the poisoningof a U.S. city.

And now when you search"Flint, Michigan" on Google,

the first hit you get isan article from Elle magazine.

Now, I'm not knocking Elle,

but it is the same magazinethat just posted,

"Mariah Carey sat in a chairmade from shirtless men."


Now, look, donations of moneyand water are down

as the story has fadedfrom the headlines,

and the city still needs$40 million

to help kids battlethe effects of lead exposure.

Hey, look,I know people aren't excited

about the Flint story anymore,but think of it this way:

the sooner this water situationis fixed,

the sooner Orlando Bloomand Katy Perry

can go naked paddleboardingin the Flint River.

All right?

It's true.Let me tell you something,

let me tell you something,that's one pipe

that's not corroded.Am I right, ladies?

-Am I right? Am I right?-(cheering)

This is a sick crowd--I can tell.

And since we live in a countrythat operates

on a $4 trillion budget,

surely Congress will help Flint

pull through this catastrophe,right?

Uh-uh. Not so fast.

A few weeks ago,Senators urged Mitch McConnell

to bring up legislationthat contained

a $220 million aid package.

But instead of helpingthe people of Flint,

Congress went on vacation,

presumably so Mitch McConnellcould go to Busch Gardens.

"Uh, d-does this thingloop-the-loop? Uh...

I just want...I just want to know."

At least things couldn't getmuch worse in Flint, right?

Well, as residents of Michigan'sseventh largest city know,

every aging water pipehas a lead lining.

REPORTER: In Flint's First Ward, Monday is trash day,

but, this week, these trash bags aren't going anywhere,

the latest in the ongoing battle

between the mayor's administration and city council

over who should pick up the trash.

Jesus Christ.(sighs)

So Flint has no clean water,and now, because of wrangling

over contracts and budgets,no trash pickup?

But, upside,with so much going wrong,

Flint is now the frontrunner toland the 2024 Summer Olympics.

I'm just saying.

Looking at the silver lining.

This is a toilet.

Oh. It is a toilet.

Thank you, Olympics Toilet Man.

Great timing on that.

So my question is,

why isn't this still oneof the biggest news stories?

I mean, it's notas if news outlets are so packed

with vital storiesthat there's no room for Flint.

Take a look at this chart,which shows the number

of Google News searchesfor "Flint" over the past year.

You can actually trace people'sapathy along the chart.

"Wow, we haveto help the people in Flint!"

"Whatever happenedto those people in Flint?"

(yawning):"I'm starting not to care

about the people in Flint."

"Didn't Suicide Squad suck?"



All right, one of the effectsof lead exposure is memory loss,

but it seems like the peopleof Flint aren't the ones

who need their memory joggedabout this crisis.

They're reminded of itevery damn day.

In fact, for more on the currentsituation in Flint,

we go live to a localyouth activity organizer

at the Flint Youth Council.

So please welcome Glenda Jones,everybody.

(cheers and applause)

Hey, Glenda.

Uh, I really... I really wantto thank you for joining us.

-Sure.-Oh, so how's your summer going?

How's my summer going?

It's hot as (bleep),and the water's poison.

How's your summer going,asshole?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It was justan innocent question, all right?

You know what?I'm-I'm sorry, Larry.

I'm-I'm just a little cranky.

I've been showeringwith wet naps

for the last two years, so...

-Oh.-You know.

I understand. I understand,and look, hey,

I think it's terrible thatcongress has been ignoring you

and not doing the right thingby Flint.

Um, you know, you've beenignoring us too, Larry.

When was the last time you did astory about Flint on your show?

Uh, uh, I'm doing one right now!

Look, hey,we talk about Flint a lot.

DRE:Uh, Larry, uh, actually,

last time we did a storyon Flint was May 11.


It's Dre, our director.

Not now, Dre!

What the hell, man?

-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.-(laughter)

And how many times

in the last three monthshave you talked about Trump?

Well, I mean,not all that much really.

-I mean, it... -DRE: Uh,almost every day, Larry.

-Shut up, Dre!-(laughter)

-God. (bleep)-(cheers and applause)

Why don't you do the interview?

Look, Glenda, I'm sorry.

-We're complicit in this, too.I apologize. -All right.

But I just wanted to see,

you know,how you guys were getting by.

Oh, great. We're aboutto have a water balloon fight.

You ever throw a water balloon

filled with toxic leadat somebody, Larry?


(laughter, applause)

No, um...

I assumethat would not be very safe.

Oh, yeah, you can kill a (bleep)with one of those.

(laughter, applause)

-But you know when it getsreally hot... -Uh-huh.

...the only thing we have

to cool these kids downare homemade Popsicles.

-Oh, that's good. That's good.-Yeah, yeah.

All you need is a stick,and anything can be a Popsicle.

-Uh-huh.-Yeah, like potatoes.

-(laughter, applause)-Potatoes?

Yeah, this one's strawberry,this one's butter pecan.


-Yeah.-Mmm. Butter pecan.


Or... or a bar of soap.


I use Irish Springand tell the kids it's mint.

-(laughter)-Mint? You can't do that.

-That's awful.-Oh, don't worry.

All the lead in the water hassinged off all their taste buds.

-They can't tell the difference.-(laughter)

Well, look, I mean, I guessI have to give you credit.

At least you're making the bestof a tough situation.

Oh, yeah,like I tell the kids, Larry.

When life gives you lemons,don't you dare make lemonade

'cause that (bleep)will kill you.

-(laughter, applause & cheering)-Very good point. -Mm-hmm.

-That's a very good point.-Mm.

-Now that makes a lot of sense.That make.... Oh. -Mm-hmm.

Hey, that actuallylooks refreshing.

-What is that?-Mayonnaise.

-Oh.-(laughter, applause) -Mm.

See? I'm making it work.

Yes, you are making it work.

Glenda Jones,ladies and gentlemen.

-(cheers and applause)-We'll be right back. That's it.

-(cheering, applause)-All right, welcome back.

Now, the water crisis in Flintisn't the only national epidemic

we're covering tonight,because, well...

Yet another bombshell in theRoger Ailes Fox News scandal.

Yep, more bad newsfor the former CEO of Fox News

and mortal descendantof Humpty Dumpty.


You'll rememberthat Ailes resigned last month

after not one,but two female hosts accused him

of sexual harassment.

Now, Ailes himself deniesall the allegations,

but reports suggest thatthis nasty man-- I'm sorry.


...alleged nasty man...


-(applause)-Just Keep It 100, Keep It 100.

Uh, that he got even nastier.


NEWSWOMAN: New York magazine reports that Roger Ailes

spent money from the Fox News budget

to target his enemies.

Sources tell the magazine that he hired operatives

to spy on or smear his foes.


He spied on his enemies?

Well, who areRoger Ailes's enemies

besides decency,direct exposure to sunlight

and Han Solo?



I'm asking.I'm asking the question.

All right, okay, so how exactly

did his wholesurveillance operation work?

NEWSWOMAN: They reportedly worked from an office

Fox insiders call the "black room."


I'm sorry, the black room?

I mean, it's Fox-- shouldn'tthey really be calling it

the "all lives" room?

-(groans, laughter)-Come on.

Am I right?

-(whooping, applause)-Right? What am I... Am I right?

Who am I?

Stop it. Okay.

But I digress. Okay.

Who are these foes thatthey claim Ailes was spying on?

Private investigators tailingsome of his opponents,

as you mentioned, includingjournalists and others.

God... man!

This stinks to high heaven.

The guy running a news networkis spying on journalists.

There's no bigger sin.

And "others"?What do "others" entail?

What, like peoplewho have criticized him?

I mean, I've criticized him.

Oh, (bleep)!


Uh, no, man, come on.

There's no way Roger Ailesis spying on me.


Wait. Has that giant shrubalways been there?

(eerie music playing)


That's weird.

Anyway, Ailes couldn't payto have me followed,

given the amount of money

he's about to chalk overto Gretchen Carlson.

Now we know there aresettlement talks underway.

We're talkingmore than $10 million,

some of it possibly to be paidby Roger Ailes.

Gretchen Carlsonmay have been recording Ailes,

may have recordedtheir conversations

to prove that he wassexually harassing her.

Jesus Christ.

So these reports claim thatwhile Ailes was secretly spying

on his enemies, Carlson may havebeen secretly spying on Ailes?

Well, it makes sense.There's plenty of room

to hide the recording devicein Roger's jowl pouch.


Don't you think?

Right here?

Wait. Hold on a second.

What happenedto that giant shrub?

(eerie music playing)

(laughter, applause)


Hmm. I don't know.

Anyway, the news for Aileshas gotten worse,

as there continue to be mountingclaims about Jabba's mounting.

NEWSMAN: Fox News host Andrea Tantaros

said that she was demoted and taken off the air in April

after reporting former network boss Roger Ailes

for sexual harassment.

Okay, so she reported her bossand was fired.

So to be clear, as soonas you do real reporting at Fox,

you don't fit in.

(laughter, applause, whooping)

That's pretty much how...

pretty much how it works.

But Fox...Fox obviously can't admit

she was let gobecause of the allegations,

especially because that doesn'tjibe with their timeline.

NEWSMAN: That contradicts senior Fox executives

who say they were unaware of any claims against Ailes

until former anchor Gretchen Carlson

filed a lawsuit against him in July.

Fox News told a lie?


(mimics explosion)

I can't believe that.

Okay, look,we pick on Fox News a lot.


You know, for being dishonestand fearmongering

and beating up on the underdogsin America,

but don't tell methat's not justified

when Fox is being dishonest andfearmongering and beating up

on the underdogs in their owncompany, because right now,

I'm not focusingon right-wing politics

or climate change denialor the fact that Bill O'Reilly

thinks all black peoplehave forehead tattoos, uh-uh.


I'm focusing on allegationsthat a company... a-a company

allowed its bossto harass employees,

then spent moneyto keep it secret,

and then, when those samevictims of harassment

tried to do the right thing andspeak out, punished them for it.

That's not fair and balanced.

That's evil and(bleep) disgusting.

(cheers and applause)

All right?

Now, let me also say,

there are plentyof sexist people out there

liberal and conservative,who think Gretchen Carlson

and Megyn Kellyand Andrea Tantaros

are nothing morethan a few pairs of long legs.

Shame on their employersfor being among them.

We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)

Hey, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Franchesca Ramsey.

(cheers and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorHolly Walker.

(cheers and applause)

And he's the hostof Vice Does America,

airing Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. on VICELAND,

Abdullah Saeed.

(cheers and applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @nightlyshowusing the hashtag #tonightly.

Okay, so, this week,Fox News host

Andrea, uh, Tantaros, uh, was added to the growing list

of I think at least 20 women accusing former CEO Roger Ailes

of sexual harassment, including Gretchen Carlson

and Megyn Kelly.

Now, so my question is,

do the Fox women coming out

give sexual harassment claimsmore credibility now?

Yeah, I think, you know,at a place where

there's obviously reallypowerful people trying to keep

this kind of scandal down,you know, at a place like

Fox News, if it's coming outthere, you know, I think that

it shows that it's probablyhappening a lot more places

-than we expected.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

And that, you know,

we should believethat it's happening.

It shouldn't take,like, you know,

-20 different people coming out.-WILMORE: Right.

It should just take a coupleof instances before we know

that something's fishy, right?


Yeah, I definitely thinkthat because it's Fox News,

-it's getting more attention,-WILMORE: Yeah.

but it should get attentionno matter where it happens,

unless it's on Mad Men and wejust give it lots of Emmys.


It sounded like a Mad Men type situation, too, right?

-Yes.-I know.

It's weird, 'cause Mad Men get lots of Emmys;

mad women don't get much.

-(laughing)-Yeah. Yeah.

-Right.-About it, you know.


Do you think because of all theattention it's gotten

with Roger Ailes and, you know,that (bleep) Bill Cosby,


and all this, are we ata turning point right now

with how we're dealingwith the issue of harassment

and abuse and that,or does it feel like we're going

to slip back and, you know?

Well, if you mean,if "turning point," you mean

"starting line," then yes.

-WILMORE: Starting line.-Yeah.

I think we're just now startingto talk about it.

It's happenedsince Adam and Eve.

Like, it's been going onfor a very long time, I'm sure.

WILMORE:Adam and Eve?

Yeah, I'm sure that snakewas like,

"Ooh, Eve, let me-- twirl.

Let me seewhat you're working with."

SAEED: These guys,these guys are totally like...

They're-they're dinosaurs.

WILMORE: He wanted to seewhat Eve was working with?

WALKER: "Let me see what you'reworking with, girl."

SAEED: Yeah, these guysare totally dinosaurs.

I think, you know,if you look at this

from, like,Roger Ailes' perspective,

or any other executivewho's sexually harassing

his female coworkers,

it must be such a weird time forthem, like it was, you know,

for the peoplefrom the Mad Men era.

They're like, "Oh, my God,like, I've been doing--

"behaving like this,this entire time,

and it was totally okay,"but now, you know,

they're having to answer for it,

and that does representa turning point,

but, yeah, it shouldn't takeso much evidence,

you know, for one personto be overturned.

Obviously,this guy got away with it.

"Damn it. Normally a horrible,ugly troll like me

"can get away with this stuff.

Why is the world changing?"


Do you think this issueneeds more men

coming out against it as allies?

Men are as scared, I think,as women-- as the victims...

-In the workplace?-Right, yeah.

Like, you know, everybody isscared of losing their job.

I think when it comes down...

WILMORE: I think women are moreafraid than men, though,

of losing their jobsover this issue.

Yeah. Perhaps.I mean, because it's, like,

you have to be subjected to it,

then if you complain,you'll get fired,

whereas if you... I mean, if aman reports something like this,

-isn't he as likely to getfired? -RAMSEY: Yeah.

Well, yes.I also think that men,

like if a mansexually harasses a woman

or tells a horrible jokein front of another guy,

-then that guy, if he is...-Needs to step up.

-Well, yeah, that-that guyneeds to step up. -Yeah.

I think that whatthey typically do is go,

-(laughs) "That's hilarious."-Mm-hmm.

-Apparently they all laugh likethat. -They're complicit.

-(mimics men laughing)-They're still doing that.

But, yeah, they're complicit.

I definitely think that men needto speak up,

but I think, more importantly,

companies need to put their footdown and say,

"This is not a workplace comedy,

"this is a place of business,

and everyone needs to mindtheir own business."

But, wait. Hold on.

Fox is not a workplace comedy?

Technically, I mean...


-Slow your roll, girl.-He got you on that one.

He got you on that one.

Do you think women...having more women

in these positions of powercan help this at all?

I think everything can help.

I think women in power can help.

I think companies talkingto their employees can help.

I think body-cams could help.

-I think...-(laughing)

-SAEED: Less men.-Yes.

-SAEED: I think, in general,-WILMORE: Body-cams?

the answer is not,

the answer's not more womenin these positions,

it's less men, because obviouslymen have been in charge

of this (bleep)for a long time

and, you know,they're doing a horrible job

and they're sexually harassingpeople, right?

So, you know, there shoulddefinitely be more women,

but more importantly, thereshould probably be less men.

Okay, so... there should be...

WALKER: I will give him applausefor that, I like that.

-Thank you. -That was good,I liked that answer.

Not necessarily more women,there should be less men,

and just create a void or what?

-Yeah, no, I'm saying...-It's not the woman...

What exists in the void?I'm confused.

It's not the women who arethe problem, it's the men

who are the problem,so you have less men,

-you will have more women, so...-SAEED: There you go.

-Hmm. -Thank youfor understand me. -Mm-hmm, yes.

Or people just stop(bleep) harassing.

-Yeah. -How about that?-Yeah, that works too.

-That works out. -That might bethat way to do it.

-That'll work, too.-(cheering, applause)

It might bethe simpler way to go.

Uh, a lot of people...I remember when, uh,

when Obama became president,said, "All right, racism over."


Do you think, uh,if we have Madam President,

if Hillary becomes president,

people will havethat same attitude?

"We don't have to worry aboutsexism anymore. Sexism done."

I mean, I-I think,socially speaking, right,

in America, as a country,

these are twovery different types of,

you know, minorities.They're two different groups

that we're talking about, right?Like, black people and women.

I don't think that you can havethe same reaction against women

that, you know, people hadagainst black people, you know,

as-as a result of Obama,because, like, you know,

they're everywhere. You canlive in a place in America

where you don't see any blackpeople and feel okay about,

like, you know, (bleep) talkingObama when he's on TV or, like,

you know, blaming black peoplefor-for social ills.

But I don't think you can dothat with women in the same way,

you know? Like, everybodyhas a mom, you know what I mean?

-Everybody's like...-And they (bleep) talk her too.

Yeah, I know. Perhaps, right?

But, like, you know... but-butthen again, you know,

I feel like I could be provenwrong. The American public

is a pretty, you know,crazy, volatile thing.

You never knowwhat they'll do, really.

Well, everybody's had a bombfor a very long time.

Yeah. Wait, sorry, what's that?

-Everybody's had a momfor a long time. -Yeah, I know.

Like, since the beginningof time, right? So, I mean,

hopefully, peoplewon't use those same

sort of ridiculous arguments,you know, to generalize

about women. Or, you know,or to-to pin that issue

directly on Hil-Hillary Clintonin the same way.

I hope you're right, 'causeif it... you're right, like,

I hope we're not out of thefrying pan and into the fire.

'Cause we got it with Obama,

we'll get itwith Hillary too, so...

-Yeah. I know.-Oh, yeah, no, seriously.

It's like, you can't win.

-Progress: it's (bleep).-I'm waiting for, like, a...

I'm waiting for a Muslim potheadto end up in the White House.

Then I'll... then I'll feel goodabout everything.

There you go.

Uh, the presidentfor 2068, I guess.

All right, we'll be right back.

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