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Monday Morning Meltdown

Season 1 - Episode 106   |   Aired: 11/16/2010   |   Views: 3,223   |   Comments:

Nick discovers a horrifying James Cameron-inspired STD, the Critter Gitters have trouble wrangling a Viagra-fueled bear, and Superman takes advantage of grateful citizens.


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Relapse into Refreshment

Season 1 - Episode 103  |   Aired: 11/09/2010  |   Views: 2,621

SWAT's best sniper demonstrates his one-handed method, a lost hiker survives two days in the wild, and pirates find the wrinkliest treasure map ever.

Mudslide Junction

Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 11/02/2010  |   Views: 107

Simeon Saramandi, the world's smoothest DJ, struggles to report tragic news, a breakfast mascot gets overzealous selling his cereal, and a vibrator saves the day.

I Just Got Voodoo'd

Season 1 - Episode 104  |   Aired: 10/26/2010  |   Views: 212

Three cooks battle to break baddest on "Top Meth," and the Royal Ballet Academy loses its star pupil. Featuring Nick Kroll & Paul F. Tompkins.

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The Leather Swingset with the Monkey and the Gun

Season 1 - Episode 102  |   Aired: 10/19/2010  |   Views: 2,456

Gay Robot protects himself from a creepy neighbor, paramedics don't respect personal boundaries, and Nick overindulges in jungle plants.

Powdered Doughnuts Make Me Go Nuts

Season 1 - Episode 101  |   Aired: 10/12/2010  |   Views: 183

A wheelchair-bound cat likes to party, a car runs on "human fuel," and Lady Gaga's brother Garry shares his sister's fashion sense. Featuring Ryan Phillipe & Natasha Leggero.