February 10, 2016 - New Hampshire Primaries & Marley Dias

  • 02/10/2016

Marley Dias chats about her #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign, and Larry discusses Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders with T.J. Miller, Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra.

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That's whywe're all here tonight.

Welcome to The Nightly Show. I am Larry Wilmore.

Big election, uh, news tonight,

you guys, so let's see what'shappening with The Unblackening.

(humming a tune)

Sorry.It's my favorite song.

All right.

New Hampshire--who lived free and who died?

I wanted to congratulatethe other candidates, okay?

Now that I got that over with...

We are going to startwinning again,

and we're gonna win so much,

you are gonna be so happy.

Thank you. Thank you,New Hampshire. Thank you.

We are going nowto South Carolina.

Oh, my God, Donald,are you okay? I mean...

Jesus Christ.Your face is getting so dark,

if you're not careful,

you're gonna get deportedby Donald Trump.

It's gonna happen.

You better be careful.

But seriously...

seriously, congratulations,New Hampshire,

you done lost your damn mind.

You've selected a guywith no experience,

no tolerance, no substance,

and whose policy ideasare as underdeveloped

as his microscopic,Lilliputian hands.

Google it.The man has tiny hands.


Trump wasn't the only big winnerout of New Hampshire.

The other big winnerwas this loser.

CHARLIE ROSE: A big surprise was John Kasich

finishing second with 16%.

REPORTER: John Kasich used a relentlessly upbeat message

to outdistance better funded, better known opponents.

Tonight, the lightovercame the darkness

of negative campaigning.

No, it didn't.

You lost to a guy

who called his closestcompetitor a pussy

the day before the primary.


I mean, the lightis curled up on the ground

and the darkness is currentlykicking it in the nuts.


I mean, there wasan opening for Kasich

because of Marco Rubio'sawful performance

at Saturday's debate.But don't worry,

Rubio has heard your notes.

I'm disappointed with tonight.

Our disappointment tonightis not on you.

-It's on me. It's on me.-(crowd clamors)

I did not... I did not do well

on Saturday night,so listen to this:

that will never happen again.

Fun fact--

um... guys, that's true.

Uh, that sound biteis ten times more fun

if you imaginehe's sitting up in bed

saying the exact same thing.Watch.

RUBIO: I'm disappointed with tonight.

Our disappointment tonight is not on you.

It's on me. I did not...

I did not do well on Saturday night,

so listen to this: that will never happen again.

True, that's true.

All right, speakingof a campaign with E.D.,

Jeb-sclamation pointonly got 11% of the vote,

so he's now spent $84 million,

including his super pac,for three delegates.

That's $28 million a delegate.

I'm sure Jeb never thoughthe'd have a harder time

finding voters thanhis brother did finding WMDs.

Please clap.

-Oh. Oh.-(applause)

Yeah. Very good.

Well, thanks for putting thatin there, Jeb.

That's what she said.


That-that actuallyis what she said,

yeah, thank you.

All right, so what happenedon the Democratic side?

ROSE: Bernie Sanders swamped Hillary Clinton

in the Democratic primary.

Sanders got 60% of the vote, Clinton received 38%.


Man, wow.

New Hampshireis feeling the Bern,

and for once, it's not causedby the needles they're sharing

as part of the state'sheroin epidemic.

-(audience groans)-Yeah.

Yeah, like I did that (bleep).Yeah. Yeah.

I didn't put thatin people's arms.

That is a clearand decisive victory, you guys.

I mean, Hillary, oh, my God,

she must have been...she must have been pretty bummed

in her concession speech.

My goodness.

This is a pretty exciting,uh, event.

And I'm very gratefulto all of you.


That doesn't sound likea speech from someone

who lost New Hampshire.

Oh... I just remembered why.

She actually didn't lose.

Um, you see, the Democrats--

it's so great--

they ha... Guys, this is socool.

No, really, they havethis cool system--

you're gonna love this,New Hampshire, okay--

where votes get turned intodelegates and these delegates

go on to the Democraticnational convention

and votefor the actual candidate.

And based on the system... Okay,here's what actually happened

last night in New Hampshire.

Okay, so Bernie won 60%of the popular vote,

which translatesinto him receiving 15 delegates.


And Hillary's 38% finish

gets her nine delegates.


Okay, that mathmakes sense, right?

Winner gets the most.

But this is 'Merica math, right?

You see, the Democrats havetwo classes of delegates,

and the second classis called superdelegates.


Now, these badass delegatesare political party insiders

who can vote for anyonethey want, at any time.

It's like the differencebetween a funk railroad

and a Grand Funk Railroad.

One is just better.

And so, if you add inthe super delegates,

the final tally looks like this.

Hillary got six.


And Bernie got none.


So now that gives38% vote-count Hillary

a grand total of 15 delegates.


While 60% vote-getter Bernienow gets...

Oh. 15.

Yeah, mm-hmm.

He stays at 15.

Which essentially makeslast night's loser

the American voters.

Come on, everybody--USA! USA!

-AUDIENCE (chanting): USA! USA!-Yeah.

-(chanting stops)-So despite getting trounced

in the popular vote,Hillary walks out even closer

to winning the nomination.

That's like sayingthe Carolina Panthers

really tied the Super Bowl

because that field goalthey kicked

was actually a super field goalworth 14 extra points.

You can go (bleep) yourself.

That's what she said.

-(cheering)-USA! USA!

Denver Broncos.

So congratulations, Bernie.

Because even though

you technically tied the statethat you technically won,

you actually did win something,

because while not winningwhile winning,

you've proven your campaign'scentral thesis--

that the entireAmerican system is rigged.

So d... what do we do?

Listen, the only wayto break this system

is if the people stand upand say enough is enough.

So go out there and vote,because your vote matters.

(whispers):Your vote doesn't matter.

We'll be right back.

Hi, I'm Jordan Carloskeeping black history 100

for The Nightly Show.

Renowned architectPaul R. Williams

was the first black man inducted

into the AmericanInstitute of Architects,

and due to segregation,black people were barred

from buying most of his homes.

Thanks a lot, Jim Crow.

And happy Black History Month.

Welcome back.

There's been a lot of talkthe last few weeks

about, uh, #OscarsSoWhite,

but recently a girlfrom New Jersey

noticed something elsewas so white as well.

REPORTER: Her name is Marley Dias.

When this special little girl from New Jersey

noticed that none of the books she was assigned to

in her fifth grade reading class--

they ever featured little girls who actually looked like her.

Wow. I don't know which is more surprising,

that there weren't bookswith girls that looked like her

or that there are booksin New Jersey.

I mean, I have...

Kidding, New Jersey!I'm kidding!


Now, this is the kind of storywe love to cover on our show,

because this underdog tackledthis real problem

in an incredible way.Get this-- Marley told her mom

she was "sick of readingabout white boys and dogs."

Welcome to my world, Marley.

Welcome to my world.

But to fix the problem,Marley started a book drive

called 1,000 Black Girl Books,

and her goal was to collect1,000 books about black girls.

And she did it.And now she's donating the books

to her school,as well as a school in Jamaica,

so that black girls everywherecan enjoy books

about themselves, too.And because the campaign

was such a success,she's not stopping there.

The more books she gets,the more she'll give

to schools all over New Jersey.

She's like the Johnny Appleseedof books

not about Johnny Appleseed.

But this girlis so inspirational

that we couldn't thinkof a better ending to this story

than to talk to Marley herself.

So please welcome Marley Dias,everybody!

-♪ -(cheering and applause)


-Hey, Marley!-Nice to meet you.

Have a seat right here.

I know. Awesome.

Uh, so great to have you here.

-Thank you.-Such a cool story.

So, you were reading, uh,stories about white boys

-and their dogs. Right?-Yes.

So explain that to me,how that inspired you.

So, it really did,because I was reading, um,

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls,

I was reading the Shiloh series,and I read Old Yeller,

-and, basically, Where the... -Right. Old Yeller,

-really, really sad. Yeah, yeah.-Yeah, it is.

But I read, um, Where the Red Fern Grows, and that's about

a boy who saves his moneyto buy a dog to help him hunt.

And then the Shiloh seriesis about a boy who finds a dog

-and uses him on a farm. And Old Yeller is about a boy -Right.

-who finds a dog andthen uses him on a farm. -Yeah.

So they were all reallythe same.

-But I noticed that when I wenthome and read the books -Yeah.

that I wanted to, like,about black girls,

they were all different. Like,sometimes I was reading about

student council. SometimesI was reading about a girl

who went to Africa.So it was always different.

-It was never, like, the sameplot I was hearing over -Yeah.

-and over. -And these booksweren't in your schools.

-They weren't in my school, no.-Right. Man, interesting.

-And-and your name is Marley.That's such a cool name. -Yes.

-Were you named after BobMarley? Really? -Yes, my mother

is Jamaican, so she named meafter Bob Marley.

Wow, that is amazing,'cause it's-it's ironic...

-(cheering and applause)-Well, they're clapping.

What's ironic to me isthat there's actually a movie

called Marley and Me about a white boy and his dog.

-Yes, I know.-It's kind of ironic, you know?

Have you ever thoughtof collecting 1,000 movies

and giving them out to schools?

Yes. That would be an idea.

So let me ask you a question.So why do you think

it is important to read a bookwith someone who's like you?

Like, what was it that reallymade that important to you?

Well, it really was because whenyou read a story about a person

that you can connect with...So, like, you host a TV show.

-Yeah. -So, if you were to reada book about a black man

who hosts a TV show,then you would remember

-whatever he learned so youcould use it on the show. -What?

-Could you go collect someof those books, maybe? -Yes.

Could the, uh... could the blacklate-night host have a dog?

Maybe, yeah. If you want.

Um, how-how surprised were youthat there were so many books?

'Cause you collected... Howmany books have you collected?

-Uh, about 1,000. -Wereyou surprised how many books

-there were out there?-Yes. I knew that there was

a lot of children's books,because when you're a kid,

they push reading so much,for you to learn all that stuff.

But when you get older, like,books become, like, scarce,

and you only readnormally one type.

So I was like, "Whoa, I didn'tknow that I was missing out

on so many books in my school."But... Because when I get older,

I just kind of have to readbook club books about white boys

and their dogs, and it justkind of... it becomes, like,

-all of my day. So... -I betthere's a book club out there.

"All right, this is the WhiteBoy, Dog Book Club, everybody.

Uh, today's book, White Boy and His Dog."

Have you...What has been the action...

the reaction withyour classmates and everything?

-Well, they've been really proudof me. -Oh, cool.

So they've been, like,high-fiving me and saying,

"Congrats on your 1,000.I hope you get 1,000 more."

So they've beenreally supportive for me.

Have any white boys with dogscongratulated you?

-Yes, actually, they have.-Really?

Because sometimes they're sickof reading those stories, too.

That's hilarious.

They're like, "Finally!

-Finally, a different story!"-Yeah.

That's great. Um...

Uh, now, it's interesting,'cause, uh,

I love the selflessnessof what you're doing.

-Thank you. -You know, you...you're getting all these books

and you're giving them all away,you know,

-finding homes for them.Have you ever, uh, -Yeah.

found, uh, any booksthat you really wanted to keep

-or hang on to?-Yes. Like, half of them.

You haven't secretly,like, pssh, like,

-put 'em under your bed, thatkind of thing? -May... Maybe.

Really? Seriously?

-Yeah.-It's just between us.

-Yeah. -What-whatwas one of your favorites?

Well, my favorite-- I have readit-- it's Brown Girl Dreaming

-by Jacqueline Woodson.So, it's a... -Oh, nice.

like, a book in poetry formabout a girl who lives

in the 1960s and '70s during JimCrow laws and stuff like that.

And she talks about her lifein South Carolina and New York

-and how it's different and herfamily. -Well, that's awesome.

Look, Marley, we... you know,we love to keep it 100 here

on this show. Or as I liketo say, keep it "a-hunned."

Right? So... And you've kept it100 more than anyone

in the community, sowe're giving you our brand-new

-Keep It 100 Gold Award here.-Oh, my God! Thank you!

Keep It 100.It's our highest honor.

-On behalf of The Nightly Show, I want -Thank you so much.

to give you the first evergolden 100. Right there.

And this is foryour-your school administrators

who didn't have those books.They get a lot of weak tea.

-Right there.You can give that to 'em. -Okay.

On behalf of The Nightly Show, weak tea, okay?

-Thank you.-Please give it to them.

-Marley Dias, everybody!-Thank you!

Marley, thank you so much! Thankyou so much for joining us!

Thanks for being here!We'll be right back, everybody!

Oh, by the way, here's the book Aya. Did you ever see this one?

-Oh! Oh, my God! That's awesome!-This is another book.

Welcome back!I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

-Hey.-(cheering and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorGrace Parra.

(cheering and applause)

And he's one of the starsof HBO's sitcom Silicon Valley,

and you can see himin the new movie Deadpool,

which opens this Friday,February 12, comedian and actor,

-T.J. Miller.-(cheering and applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter, @NightlyShow,using the hashtag, #Tonightly.

All right, guys, so theNew Hampshire primary happened

-last night. Let's face it,it was un... it was -Yeah.

an unprecedented election,to say the least. Um...

And, uh, here's what The Daily News ran. Can you show that?

Um... Oh, that's great.

-PARRA: Yes. Uh-huh. -CARLOS:Wow. -That's fantastic.

Uh, what was the biggestsurprise, uh, Trump or Sanders?

I think the biggest surpriseis that he looks better

in that photographthan in real life.

-His face is less redas a clown. -Yeah. -Yeah.

-Yeah. Right. -Not a bad look.-More attractive that way.

-We all thought this was funnyfor so long. -Right.

I remember when he first startedrunning. I was like, "This...

-Yeah, let's watch this show."-(Larry fake laughing)

-And then now it's not funnyanymore. -No.

I think Americais starting to throw up

-in their mouth right now. Uh...-Yeah.

I've never been waterboarded,but I imagine

-it's similar to this.-Right. -Yeah.

But the establishmentdoesn't even care for him,

-the Republican establishment.-It's starting not to matter.

And the-the reason is becausethe fearmongering that he does

is very effective.He's vague. "America's wrong.

"I'm not gonna tell youhow to fix it. Don't worry.

"I know how to do that.Look, look over there,

"it's a building.My name's on it. -Yeah.

Don't worry, don't worry,don't worry."

Um, you know, and-andso he's scaring the country,

but he's saying,"I'm gonna help you.

I'm gonna lower the tax.I'm gonna do this stuff."

And so he's getting the...this brain-dead nation,

-a big section of it, to sortof get behind it. -Mm-hmm.

And our problem nowis if Hillary and Bernie

-don't run together, then c-caneither of them beat... -Oh!

That's Kate's idea. My wife'smuch smarter than I am.

Who has a better at thenomination, Trump or Sanders,

in their own party?Who has the better shot?

I think they both havea good shot. I mean, I think...

Yeah, but-but Bernie havinga good shot makes me want

-to bring childrento this planet. -Mm-hmm.

Trump having a good shotmakes me want to blame it all

-on Zika virus. Sorry, guys.-See, I'm the opposite.

I think for Bernie though...for Bernie, it's like

the Democratic, uh, you know,e-establishment

is-is just tougher on him.

-He's gonna have a harderobstacle there. -Mm-hmm.

How do you think he'll doin the South, Jordan?

-How do I think he'll doin the South? Uh... -Mm-hmm.

Okay. You know, I feel like...

But then again, I don't think

that Donald Trumpwill do a great job,

like, getting Latinos.

-Mm-hmm. -Uh-uh. -You know,like getting their votes.

-He's... he...-Do you think, like...?

-I will... I will...-Uh-uh.

Who do you think hasa better shot at Latinos--

-Trump or Sanders?-You can't... I mean, like...

-PARRA: Sanders! -Trump can't belike... Sanders. -WILMORE: Yeah.

-You can't be, like, near...-WILMORE: I never believe

-this (bleep) until I see it,guys. I'm sorry. -PARRA: I know.

Yeah, I know. I'm scared.I'm, like...

You can't be like Neil Strauss,though. You can't be

like Neil Strauss and,like, nag somebody. -Mm-hmm.

And then, you know, like,be like, "Mexicans are rapists."

Like, "Can I haveyour vote now?" Like...

-(laughter)-Like, that's not gonna work.

It does work on girls, though.

The more a guy's an assholeto us, the more like them.

-(audience groaning)-WILMORE: Oh, my God.

I'm not happy about...I've fallen down that path.

-MILLER: What if that is what'shappening. -I think it is.

American is a woman,Trump is this complete asshole

-Yes. Yes.-and all these Americans

are kind of like,"Ooh, he's dangerous."

-Yes, it's exactlywhat's happening. -(applause)

What's his problem?I want him to like me.

-Yeah. He's...-CARLOS: Yeah. Yeah.

MaybeI should sleep with him sooner.

He's broken inside,and all we want is

-to coddle him to our boob.-Yeah. -Neil Strauss...

That's horrible, you guys!That's horrible!

-It's not good. It's not good.-That's...

-Wake this woman up quickly!-Yes.

-Can Hillary...?-Get her some help!

Can Hillary get the young votersI think is another problem.

-PARRA: Yes. -WILMORE: Do you...but do you think...?

I think Sanders hasa much better chance

with the Latino vote.

But if Hillary getsthe nomination,

those young voters are gonnarally around her, right?

I hope so. I read todayin the Los Angeles Times

that some people are like,

"Well, I wouldn't votefor Bernie..."

Or "I wouldn't votefor Hillary Clinton,

so I guess I'll vote for Trump."

-CARLOS: Oh, Jesus.-PARRA: Oh, my God.

-There's just so many people...-How is that a choice?

-I don't understand that.-Yeah.

Well, that happenedin New Hampshire.

So, it's scary how fracturedthe Democratic party...

In New Hampshire, people weregoing back and forth

between Sanders and Trump.

I don't understand that at all.

-PARRA: Yeah.-CARLOS: Wow. -MILLER: Yeah.

-No, no, actually...-No, they really were.

Said, "Well,I was thinking about Sanders,

but, uh, ah, I'll votefor Trump." -PARRA: Yeah.

MILLER: I know what it is.They're not worried about policy

-or platform. They're not.-WILMORE: It's just personality.

Because Trump hasn'ttold us what it is.

He hasn't told usthat he happens to have one.

-PARRA: Yeah.-But he knows

that we can make America greatagain, and it's broken now.

-CARLOS: Right. -PARRA: Yeah.-(laughter) -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

But Bernie Sandersand he both do something

that is refreshingand important is,

-they sort of speak from theheart. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-PARRA: Yeah. -Trump's heart isblack and ice cold.

-(laughter)-PARRA: Sure.

And actually, actually,it's probably almost as...

His face is red,his heart is black.

-CARLOS: Right, right, right.-And, um...

WILMORE: I think Trump hasa devil heart.

-Yes. -And he's telling...He really is sort of...

He's speakingand telling it like it is.

-WILMORE & PARRA: Yeah.-And that's refreshing.

And then Sanders isdoing the same thing.

So, some people are like,"I just don't want to vote

for this automatonHillary Clinton."

-Yeah. -Right.-She's not charismatic.

-We don't trust her now.-Right.

-There's all these e-mailsthere. -WILMORE: Right.

We got two fresh faces,

and one face that, like, smileskind of like...

-You know?-(laughter)

So I worry about, like,if Hillary does get the...

If she's the one running,

then she'll alienate enoughyoung voters to go to Trump...

Well, we'll see.

...that he could actually be thepresident of the United States.

-Stop it! -Don't say...-Yes, I know.

Yeah, that's the idea.

-Don't talk about it, it won'thappen. -Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

-But we have to talk about itnow. -But do you think

Trump is resonatingmore out there

in America than Sanders is?

-Like, if you look at the peoplewho are... -PARRA: Mm-hmm.

'Cause these arethe two candidates

-who are resonating the most outthere. -PARRA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Right. Yes.-Trump and Sanders. -They are.

Who...? Of those two,who's resonating the most

with just your normal Americans,

people who don't paythat much attention...?

-Trump is more famous. Trump ismore famous. -Yeah. -Sure.

And fame goes a long way,and... yeah, Trump...

-MILLER: Right.-WILMORE: That's true. A lot

of people vote for himbecause he is famous.

PARRA:But I think Bernie is...

I think that compassion

that he is giving to allof us... -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

Like, every time he speaks,

it's basically for me,

like the final speechon Independence Day

when Bill Pullman is talking...

-is getting all of us togetherand saying... -WILMORE: Right.

-"We will not go lightly intothe night." -(applause)

-CARLOS: Yes.-I love it.

-I get tears every time hespeaks. -WILMORE & CARLOS: Yeah.

I love the compassion!

We'll be right back.

(cheers and applause)

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Grace Parra and T.J. Miller.

And special thanksto Marley Dias for being here.

-(cheers and applause)-Marley!

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Okay, I have to silence him.

God, I can't talk like Trumpforever.

-That would be horrible. Um...-Say it! -Say it!

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-Rubio?-Uh, you know...

Oh, you're taking too much time!

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