Wolves of Rancho

  • Season 6, Ep 1
  • 01/14/2016

After the guys run into a former coworker who was transferred to another branch of TelAmeriCorp, they try to get jobs there.

- Listen up.

You crushed it.

200 sales.

- Yes!- Okay!

- Whoo!- Yeah, that's right, man.

- Van Nuys!

- So here's the big surprise.

I want 200 more salesby 8:00 tonight.

[all groan]- What? Is he serious, dude?

I'm, like, exhausted.Now he wants us to work late?

If you want to go homeand you want to rip farts

and watch "The Dome,"the door is right there.

But if you wantto be a phone beast

and you want to be rewarded--that's right, rewarded.

We're gonna have Botox shotsflying around the office,

as well as sushi strippersfor all you boys and girls.

[all cheering]- Whoa!

- Whoo!- Okay. All right.

- It's like"Showdown in Little Tokyo."

- Yes. Yes!- Yeah. Heck, yeah.

- If you guys get to 200 sales,400 total for tonight,

you get to wease the juicewith the Wease-Man himself.

- Oh! Oh, Pauly Shore!Oh, Pauly Shore!

- Encino--Oh, my God, man.

- Hello, TAC.

Van Nuys guys.

Who's readyto mother[bleep] party?

[all cheering]

- Me. I am, Pauly.

- Me and Pauly are old friends,and, uh, he lost a bet.


- This makes us even, JP.

You son of a bitch.- Yeah.

- Well, if you guysstart working the phones

and you start makingthose sales, guess what.

I'll get you on TMZ tonight.

- Yes!- Yeah!

- Go, go, go, go, go!- Okay.

- Yeah.- Sell, sell, sell.

- 200 more!- Let's go.

- I wish I would have hadsome beers in here

or maybe some sake bombsor something

or some of that sushi, man,

or one of those hotlittle stripper bitches.

- Ders,I am the better beatboxer.

- Blake, your beatboxis a weak box.

- Oh, Blake,

you gonna lethim talk to you like that?

You better battle back.

- Yeah.- Now?

- Yep.- No, no. Not now.

I mean, I have to,like, warm up.

- Okay? See?- I would need hot tea.

- Oh.- It's just a whole process.

- Beatbox, Blake!- Let's go.

- Okay, just let meput the record on.

[imitates record scratching]

[beatboxing poorly]

- Ho, ho, ho!

Ders, is it too hot to handle?

Hit us with it.

- All right,here we go, here we go.

- Okay.- [imitates record scratching]

Well, I'm aboutto turn in, kids.

What are you gonna do?

We're gonna party, Daddy!

P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-party.P-party, Daddy.

[beatboxing poorly]Party, Daddy.

[continues beatboxing poorly]

- Whoo! Whoo!

It's too hot in here.

Blake, hit 'em with it!

- Okay.

[imitates electronic musicpoorly]

[both beatboxing poorly]

- Oh, oh, that wasgoddamn loony tunes.

- Adam, we're not that good.

[The Skinny Boys' "Jockbox"]