Bender's Game Pt. 2

  • Season 0, Ep 10
  • 04/26/2009

The team embarks on a mission to destroy the corporation controlling all of the world's dark matter.


Morbo The Annihilator here,

sitting downto a delightful tea

in this fakeliving room set.

Thank youfor joining us, Mom!

My pleasure,sugar plum.

Mom, you control the world'sonly dark matter mine.

Why are fuel prices so high?

Oh, it's terrible, isn't it?

Dark matter is justso rare nowadays.

But we'll keep pinchingloaf after loaf

from the bowels of the Earth,

even if I lose moneyon every log.

If you are losing money,how did you post

record profits last quarter?

(clears throat)

You look thin.

Care for oneof my famous pecan clusters?

Hmm, Morbo shouldn't.

It will go straight toMorbo's gargantuan forehead.

Oh, what the heck?

I guess I could destroyone or two of them.


Do people care enoughto drill for dark matter

even in an Alaskanwildlife refuge?

People do.

Greedy old hag.

Taste the wrathof my fuzzy slipper.

(grunts weakly)

Professor, why are youso hot and dusty

over this dark mattershortage?

Oh... I bet you'd like to know.(mysterious music playing)

I bet you'd like to know indeed.

You perfecteddog mascara?

Far from it.

If you ask me, they looklike a bunch of hookers.

But what I have invented

is a means of locatingthe missing crystal.

(all gasp)

When I push this button,

the crystal will emita high-frequency stink.



Now, with any luck,

I'll detect itwith my smelling aid.

I just prayto all-powerful Atheismo

that we find itbefore Mom does.


Do you smell the crystal,Professor?

No, damn it,

just the alluring scentof Obsession for Spaniels.



Dude, whoripped an egger?

He who smelt it, dealt it.

Yeah, well,he who denied it, supplied it.

Well, he who articulated it,particulated it.

Well, he whorefuted it, tooted it.



Jesus craps.

The anti-backwards crystal.


Uh... sorry?

Relax, it'snot your fault.


I can't believeit still exists.

Google the hell outof that skanker.

Planet SuckingExpress?!

Of course.

How could I have been so dumb?


With that crystal,

Farnsworth could completelydestroy my dark matter empire.

I underestimated that saggingold bag of bones and gonads.

Is that man bad?

Very bad, Igner.

That's why I needyou three

to go steal the anti-crystalaway from him.

But be careful.

You'll needall your stoogely cunning.