The Nutting Professor

  • Season 6, Ep 10
  • 03/17/2016

After a special adult video the guys order goes missing, they must embark on a quest to find the package before it's too late.

- Man.

You guys ever notice DiDigot a real booty on her?

- I've never noticed that.

- No, I was waiting forthat notification on my phone

about the packagegetting home.

- When we get home, I call dibson watching it first.

- No, no, no, no, no.Let me get it.

- Ders, what's going on?

Is something wrong?

- Okay. I--

It was May 29, 2001.

I was on vaycay with my parents,

and we were stayingin the same room,

so I couldn't stroke my dog.

Believe me, I tried.

One day,they went horseback riding

and dropped me off at a tapingof VH1's "Storytellers."

- Can you tell the story faster?'Cause it's super boring.

- No, no, no.Keep this pace.

Mm-mmm. That's my tempo.

- Anyway, the artistwas Natalie Imbruglia,

and she was singingher song, "Torn."

- And then you ejackedin your little boy pants.

- No. What are you--okay.Yes, I did.

But it was a whole bunch.

I fainted,and I had to go to the doctor.

So I've jacked offevery day since,

and it's been three days, soI think I need first dibs, okay?

- Okay.- Great.

- Yeah. That's fine.

I care so little.- Yeah.

- So you didn't even needto tell that stupid story.

- He's right.That story really fizzled.

- It was bad,and they always are.

That's the thingabout your stories.

- Movie night, baby.I love it.

- Yeah. What are you sitting in?I'm not mad at it.

- You can't be mad at this.- No.

- The real question here

is how not mad are youat this beer mug?

- Oh, very un-mad.It's a lot of fun.

- Thank you.- Okay.

Let's kick things off herewith a foot job comp.

- All right.- Okay. Let's do it.


- Huh.- Hmm.

- You know, not my porno.Mm-mm.

Why don't we go bottom right,right there?

That butt--that butt's just winking at me.

[woman moaning]

- Mmm, nope.

Not my porno.- She's cute.

A little Amy Schumer looking.

[woman moaning]

No.He's rushing. Not my porno.

- Pace yourself, bud.

- Geez.- You know?

- Hey! How are you?

- Howdy.

- Can't see through the sheet,can they?

- No. I wouldn't think so.No.

[hip-hop music]