The Farnsworth Parabox

  • Season 5, Ep 10
  • 02/27/2008

The crew ventures into a parallel universe accidentally created by the Professor.

Get him.

Hold it.

You have this all wrong.

I just fell into the box

and then I fell out somehow.

You shut up, sir.

No, wait. I've got it.

I know what's in the box.

Oh, I've been as dumb as Fry.

Am not.

It contains

a parallel universe

and when you create

a parallel universe,

it's almost alwayspopulated by evil twins.

Now look, I am not evil.

My loan officer said so.

Oh, you'd like usto believe that

wouldn't you, Leela?

Or should I say,Evilla?!

Aw, this is awful.

Somewhere there'sa more evil Bender than me.

I do my best, damn it!

Leela-- thegood Leela--

I want youto snoop

around the other universe

and find outhow evil they are.


I tell you, they're not evil

but don't be confused--they are jerks.

( grunts )


( martial arts yell )

Come out of your universewith your hands up.

( grunting, groaning )

Oh, wow, it's likethat drug trip

I saw in that movie

when I was onthat drug trip.


I must have createda parallel universe.


I created your universe.

All you created wasmy fist parallelto your face.


Look, it doesn't matterwho created what.

The important thing is...

( martial arts yell )

We're exactlythe same.

I know all her moves.

Therefore, I've gotthe upper hand.


it's the only thingI've ever wanted.

In my experience,boxes are usually empty

or maybe with a little cheesestuck to the top

and one time, pepperoni.

What a day that was!

( warbling scream )

Give me the box!

Scram, you lousygreen snakes!

( all yelling )

Here, Leela, take this

and use it to shootthose guys.

Right.If they try to look in the box.


Let's just forget about the box.

The Professor saidto stay away.

Fry, how can yoube so naive?

He was joking.Get it?


That's whatmakes it so funny.

( laughs )

Okay, he wasn't joking.

Now shut up and follow me.

( hissing )

FRY:Oh, it's hot.

The butter in my pocketis melting.

( whirring )

( whirring )

( snoring )

( chuckles )

( whirring )

We thank you, Bender

for the giftwe're about to receive.

( both gasp )

Tangled-upChristmas lights.

We can take shiftsuntangling them.

And unlabeled booze.

Wide mouth, too.

( grunting )