• Season 1, Ep 10
  • 05/16/2007

Alan's wife hires a high-powered attorney to exonerate him, and Eulogio meets with a former client.

(woman grunts)

Oh, hi.Hi, honey.

Good news--I got Dick Heller.

You hired Dick Heller?

Yes. In a matter ofhours,

Dick Heller foundone of the jurors

from your trial on his deathbed,

got him to sign something

recanting the verdictjust before he died.

You're clear, baby.

He's going to get you off.Wait...

Wait, wait, wait, wait,that's not possible.

I started the fires.

I know, honey, andit doesn't matter.

All you have to do isbe a good boy

and not screw up yourprobation until Dick andI get back later, okay?

Oh, you're watching Yo! MTV Raps.

EULOGIO:Hey, Alan.

Hi.Oh, look at this.

That's Eulogio,and that's...


You guy, too? Come on!

(overlapping shouting)

He's in your roomright now, man.

Listen, everybody,listen.

He's been a modelcitizen, okay?

And until I see otherwise, hegets the benefit of the doubt.

(Alan grunting)

Almost done.

Your model resident justtook a model dump on your bed.



Hi, Kenny.

What's for lunch?

Are you mad at me?

I wouldn't choose that word.

I'd say "disappointed."

I'm sorry.

You understand why I didwhat I did, though, right?

I had to do something.

I mean, you got toprolong my stay here now.

I mean, I did apoopy on your bed.

That's pretty bad right?

I've seen worse, Alan.



of a crime?

When a person is held backbased on race

and not the contentof character.

Did any of your Internet fraudinvolve black people?

Well, the tricky thingabout Internet is you don't know

the race of the people...

Aha.But I can assume

that most people,if they own a computer,

they're probably white.

Isn't that racist?What do you mean?

Isn't it a racist assumptionthat people who own a computer

are mostly white?

No... Kenny have you ever metany black people?

There's not that many of themthat's real smart.

HELLER:All I can tell you is that wehave an innocent man in there.

Alan Shepherdwas wrongly convicted,

and some may say that thisproves the system is broken.

Au contraire-- I say it provesthe system works.

As long as you are vigilantand you fight for justice,

you are rewarded with victory.

One of the things Itell the residents...

(reporters clamoring)

Mr. Heller,are you confident

that the Tarzana Torturerwill be exonerated today, sir?

Please, Dick...He was calledthe Tarzana Torturer

when he was wronglyaccused of arson.

Thank you.Let's now callhim Freedom Alan.

But to answeryour question,

presented with the evidencethat I have in my car,

any judge in this countrywould have no course of action

but to exonerate my client...(explosion)

proving once againthat the American justice system

may occasionally falter(laughing)

but it never indeed falls.

Let me tell you what makesDick Heller care so much.

And how canyou not care?

How can... howcan you not...

Son of a bitch!

Have you gone crazy?!

SERENITY:What's going on?

Oh, my God.

KENNY:Dick. Dick. No!

Dick! Dick!

Dick, listen to me.

I'll get a hose.

We'll save the letter.

I paid good money

for that evidence, goddamn it!


Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

What I'm doingis wrong!

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Today, I want

to talk about...Yes, Alan?

New business.

I would like to proposetighter restrictions

on our visitationhours.


(confused murmuring)

I just think we shouldconcentrate more

on rehabilitation exercises.

Alan, it's your wife who'sbeen coming all the time lately.

I know.

Guys, I wantto talk about

owning your crimes.

Isn't it amazinghow many felons

are completelyinnocent of the crime

they were convicted for?

(overlapping shouting)

Yeah, I know I'm innocent.

I mean, I may havebeat somebody up...

That was thrown out of court...


I'm sorry, Carly.

That was accidental.

I was going for a fly,

and I'm sayingI'm sorry.

Well, that's okay.

I was probably asking for it.

An apology feels good,doesn't it?

Kind of.See? And...

(screams)Damn, man, what you doing?

I didn't do anything.

You just hithim in the eye.

No, I didn't.Kenny!

I'm innocent.

You see?

That's what you guys are doingto society

when you say you're innocent.

Just what I did toC-Bass, but watchhow it all transforms