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Thomas Lennon & Marc Maron

Season 2 - Episode 207   |   Aired: 08/20/2013   |   Views: 4,837   |   Comments:

Anthony learns about plastic surgery, live comedy on an airplane sounds insufferable, and dogs train to detect ovarian cancer. Panel guests: Thomas Lennon & Marc Maron.


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Kristen Schaal & Billy Eichner

Season 1 - Episode 103  |   Aired: 03/05/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony finds the funny side of child abduction, shames the elderly and investigates Obama's sexuality. Panel guests: Kristen Schaal & Billy Eichner.

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Patton Oswalt & Nick Kroll

Season 1 - Episode 102  |   Aired: 02/26/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony shares some child mortality stats and explores what happens when group sex gets violent. Panel guests: Patton Oswalt & Nick Kroll.

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Amy Schumer & Aziz Ansari

Season 1 - Episode 101  |   Aired: 02/19/2013  |   Views: 0

Anthony reveals the best part of being pope, explores the funny side of cancer and asks an expert about d**k pics. Panel guests: Amy Schumer & Aziz Ansari.