Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt. 3

  • Season 0, Ep 15
  • 08/30/2009

Leela and the Feministas clash with Leo Wong over the destruction of the Violet Dwarf Star.

Hey, Bender,check it out.(grunts)

I'm Leo Wong'snew security guard.

I got an I.D. badgeand a flashlight,

and I orderedthis mustache.Neat!

Say, speaking of whateverthe hell you just said,

I need to make a cellphone telephone call.

Can I borrow yourcell phone telephone?

Okay, but don'trestart my Tetris.

I was finally about toget one of those pieces

that looks likea backwards "L."

Okay, super stud.

Looking good, security.

No Feministasgetting past you.

No, sir.

Not on my mustache's watch.

Fry, I can't believeyou're working

with my dad against Leela.

How can you claimto be her friend

and stillwant her in jail?

Eh, don't mindcranky-pants here.

She been cranky ever sinceshe was a fat little girl.


Can I be brutallyhonest, Fry?

I always wanted a son.

That hurt, butI can take it.

(growls)I knew you wanted a son.

Why do you think I becamea miniature golf champion?

Why do you think I wearthese stupid boy sweat suits?

To hide your big fat butt,that's why.


Now, sir,in fairness,

Amy's butt isactually pretty hot.

What is it with you men?

Why does everything revolvearound my butt?

'Cause it so bigand massive.

(both laughing)


That's it!


(Amy grunts angrily)

Whoa, what's with Big Butt?

Eh, she just hungry.

Here you go, Fry.


Oh, FYI, I droppedthat Tetris piece

in the wrong placeand ended the game.


Ten minutes late.

Ain't that just likea womanista.

Psst! Are you alone?

Of course.Don't you trust me?

(Leela yelling)

ZAPP (over speakers):There's no escape, Leela.

If you surrender,wave your shirt in the air.

Fry, you traitor!

AMY (over speakers):Hop onto the magnet, Leela.

Okay, one, two...




I can't believeyou ratted me out, Fry!

I'm not a rat, I swear.

If I'm any rodent,it's the loyal capybara,

king of the rats.

(explosion thunders)No, wait...

Stay strong, ladies!

We can lose them inthe giant miniature golf course.

But the course isn't finished.

And there's no girls allowed.


(engines thrust, men gasp)

So they want to playmini-golf, eh?

Two can play at that game.

Or even four, depending on thenumber of ball colors available.

(both sigh)

I choose pink.

That's their color, sir.

The hell it is.

They're gaining on us!

We need a birdieon the windmill hole!

Wait... wait...

Drop the boot!

(Feministas cheering)