• Season 1, Ep 3
  • 04/08/2015

Jack comes up with a plan to get himself into rehab, Alan has a hard time buying a car, and Diana hires a private investigator to tail Del.

JACK (V.O.) Dear Ben...



JACK (V.O.) I can't believe how fast life moves on the outside.

It's hard not to feel lost out here in all this chaos.


I got an apartment...

and a job bagging groceries.

I do the best I can, but it's too much for me sometimes.

[WOMAN]Tell your man to double bag.

Last time he didn't double-bagand the bottom near came out.

Make sure you double bag likethe lady says, you understand?

Yes, sir, I sure will.

JACK (V.O.) I have a hard time sleeping at night.

I wake up thinking I'm seeing you in the shadows...

hoping you're watching over me.

But you never are.

I'm just not happy here...

and I'm tired of being scared all the time.

I've decided not to stay...

but I doubt they'll kick up any fuss.

Not for a nobody like me.


JACK (V.O.) Love, your brother...


JACK (V.O.) Steve.



Excuse me, um, I'm waiting fora letter from my brother Steve.

Uh, my name is Ben Mitchell.

No.All right, well,thank you so much.

Oh, hey, buddy,what do you got there?

You got a little letter?

[DIANA] I'm Diana Dolfe,we spoke on the phone last week.

[SCOLES] Sure, have a seat.Thank you.

Oh, is that your doggy?

Oh, yeah, he's uh, Wolfie.


Man's best friend.( GIGGLES )

He's dead now.

So what's on your mind?

Uh, well, I've neverdone this before.

I don't even quite knowwhat I'm expecting, so--

Why don't we startfrom the beginning?


Yes, so my son has been hangingout with this Del friend of hissince he was a child...

and you know I never thoughtmuch of it, but um--

Turns out that Del...

got my older sonhooked on drugs...

and he might have beenworking with a drug dealer.

So I was thinking that maybeyou could, um, you know--

Send him on a vacation.


You know, like--

One of those.

Oh, no, no, no.

I'm just kidding.

Oh! Ah--It's a joke! I'm just joking.

I don't kill people any more.

So he's about 6'7",about 340 pounds, yeah?

No, I think he's about 5'5",maybe 180.

Really? Well, that's-- must bethe perspective on the photo.


An Asian thing.

I don't think he's Asian.Listen...

I'm gonna find outeverything I can...

and believe me, if this guyso much as sneezes...

you're gonna know about it.

Well, that's wonderful.Thank you.

And just one more thing,Mr. Scoles...

could we keep this businessjust between us?

Because, you know,my husband, um--

really doesn't understand.Say no more, Mrs. Dolfe.

Discreet's my middle name.

Well... good.

Thank you, Mr. Scoles.

Well, call me Harvey.

Okay, well, we'll--we'll talk again soon, Harvey.

I gotta get into that rehab,so here's the plan.

Step one, you go buy me drugs.

What kind? I don't care.Ugh... drugs.

Step two, I take allof those drugs.

Oh, Jack...

Step three, after I pass out,you check me into Ben's rehab.

It's pretty freakin' simple,my friend.

Where do I get the drugs?

I don't know! Does it looklike I have a map...

with all the locationsof the drug lords?

Just go to a bad partof town...

find the most dangerous-lookingguy and say...

"Hey, do you have any drugs?I'm Del, look at me.Check me out."

What the [BLEEP] do you want,you little [BLEEP]-ass,fat piece of [BLEEP] [BLEEP]!

Do you have any drugs?I'm Del. Look at me.

Check me out.

How much you got?


Aight... I got somethingfor you, little bitch.

Somethin' to let thatbeast out the cage.

You know what I'm saying?

Thank you.Don't do it all at once.

I got you now, you fat,piece of [BLEEP].

Oh, excuse me,have you seen Ricky?

Listen to me, Del.

When you come in in the morningand I am passed out...

you take me to that addressand you give them thisinsurance card.

It's right here.

And one more thing,and this is very important.

Del, this is important.Del!

Lock the door behind you,and do not let me out...

no matter what sound you hear,do you understand me?

I understand.

Here we come!

Whoa! That is good!