The Duh-Vinci Code

  • Season 6, Ep 5
  • 07/15/2010

The crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.

Euclid, Copernicus, Braino--

and my personal role model,Leonardo da Vinci.

What turned them to stone?

(groans): Oh...

Da Vinci was history's greatestartist and inventor.



VoilĂ !

He invented flying machines,

war engines, submarines...

Uh-oh. Nibbler died in the wall.

That's not Nibbler. That's mymost precious possession.

Leonardo's beard!

I paid a fortune for it at anauction of historic body parts.

Oh, I suppose if I have anAchilles' heel,

it's because I bought it atthat same auction.

Indeed so.

Most indeededly.

Careful withthat, you fool!




But possibly yes.

What is it Professor?

Oh, my!

It's da Vinci's fabledlost invention.

Even the scholars who wrote

of this device had noidea what it was for.

And now, at last, neither do I!

Maybe we can figure it out.

We? (laughs)

Well, I may not havebrain smarts,


It's the Pantheon!

LEELA:This place is 3,000 years old.

What could possiblybe left to discover?

Maybe somethingabout ourselves, Leela.

Wait! What's underthat blanket?

My God!Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man!

It's trulya masterpiece.

Note how the perspective linesdraw the eye right to his dong.

Say, what's this?

Anyone hear something?

It's a coin slot.

Bender, insertthat giant nickel.





Hush, Bender!

What's your game,Vitruvian Man?


PROFESSOR: I withdraw thequestion, Vitruvian Man.

Da Vinci's lost workshop.

At the risk of sounding stupid,

do these things actually work?

Of course not, stupid!

I mean-- that flying machine'sas aerodynamic as a sofa!

How could it possibly get offthe ground?

In a way thou shaltne'er discover!

(all gasping)

Hi, Animatronio.

I feign ath and stalk thee,

that I might preserve thegreatest of Leonardo's secrets.


All right, buddy,we want secrets.

And they better be ancient!

Porco metallico!

Ne'er shall I reveal how thesewondrous machines fit together!

PROFESSOR:They fit together?!

I said no such thing.

And then I died!

(raspy screech)

You're right, Professor.

This thing doesn't fly.

Don't sit in there,you idiot!

That's dangerous!


(clicking, ratcheting)


No wonder this contraptionisn't aerodynamic!

It's not an aircraft,it's a spacecraft!

Basta! As I live, thou shan'tdiscover the great secret!