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Chris Hardwick & Deon Cole

Season 1 - Episode 101   |   Aired: 10/16/2012   |   Views: 44,117   |   Comments:

Deon Cole confronts the bam-bam, and Chris Hardwick learns too much about Ted Nugent.


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C.J. Sullivan & Reggie Watts

Season 1 - Episode 108  |   Aired: 12/04/2012  |   Views: 45,027

A haunted house denies T.J. Miller's credit card, C.J. Sullivan watches too much TV, and Reggie Watts sings about physical media.

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Jonah Ray & Tom Segura

Season 1 - Episode 107  |   Aired: 11/27/2012  |   Views: 24,415

T.J. Miller reenacts taking acid before a job interview, Jonah Ray loves vodka, and Tom Segura thinks chimps are smarter than lions.

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Nick Vatterott & Jon Dore

Season 1 - Episode 106  |   Aired: 11/20/2012  |   Views: 16,634

T.J. Miller thinks calzones look like butts, Nick Vatterott explains why X is the coolest letter, and Jon Dore is all out of material.

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Chris D'Elia & Erin Foley

Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 11/13/2012  |   Views: 47,882

T.J. Miller imagines a world of specialty brass knuckles, Chris D'Elia flaunts the shiniest jacket in Hollywood, and Erin Foley knows what a real flu feels like.

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Bryan Callen & Sean Flannery

Season 1 - Episode 104  |   Aired: 10/30/2012  |   Views: 33,275

Bryan Callen tells an incredible true story, and Sean Flannery comes up with realistic beer commercials.