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Terrible People

Season 1 - Episode 109   |   Aired: 06/25/2013   |   Views: 129,822   |   Comments:

Amy lies to get out of a charity event, wears a catsuit and conjures Dave Attell.


Clips from the episode (4): Cat Park , Psychic feat. Dave Attell , Ashley Magdalene , 5-K

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A Chick Who Can Hang

Season 2 - Episode 203  |   Aired: 04/15/2014  |   Views: 16,041

Amy gets in touch with her masculine side, has a meltdown while on the phone with the cable company and interviews a former phone sex operator.

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I'm So Bad

Season 2 - Episode 202  |   Aired: 04/08/2014  |   Views: 52,042

Amy promotes a spicy new snack for teens, shares binge-eating shame stories with her friends and tries to have pity sex with a prom loser.

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You Would Bang Her?

Season 2 - Episode 201  |   Aired: 04/01/2014  |   Views: 83,296

A focus group of guys weighs in on the show, God helps Amy through a herpes scare, and a new secretary struggles to keep people from barging into her boss's office.

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Sex Tips

Season 1 - Episode 110  |   Aired: 07/02/2013  |   Views: 277,346

Amy wakes up in bed with two guys, tries to discover the perfect sex tip and competes on a reality show.

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Terrible People

Season 1 - Episode 109  |   Aired: 06/25/2013  |   Views: 129,822

Amy lies to get out of a charity event, wears a catsuit and conjures Dave Attell.